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Reading Reflex

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Hi, does anyone use this with your kids? I just started doing this with DD (5 yrs). We are doing the Fat Cat Sat activities in the first chapter. It seems to be pretty fun for her. We tried 100 Easy Lessons, but hated it. I was just hoping to hear from someone who has used this, and if you did, was this your main approach to learning to read, or did you incorporate other resources?

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I have looked at this but it didn't make sens to me, we use Phonics Pathways- it's very straightforward. We also use the Bob Books first readers.
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Lucy, If you don't get enough replies here on this subject, check out the vegsource homeschooling boards, particularly the "Math and Reading" board. There are lots of people over there using it.
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Thanks Joan, I'm going to go check that out right now.
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well, I found out that read America has a website, and they have a parent supplement they are selling to go along with the book. Does anyone have this? Its 60$ I think, sounds like too much for me.
I thought all you needed was the original book.
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I like the book 'Teach Your Child To Read Using Children's Literature' and it is a Lot cheaper to have. You can find the books listed in it at your public library and it would work with reading r.
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