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Olive oil as a cleanser

Okay, FYI

here's another place they discussed using olive oil as a cleanser:

Anyone use olive oil as a 'facewash'?

Might I add there is 42 pages of discussion????
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Itchy skin...

I have never been the type to get break outs, not sure why, but since moving to TX my skin has changed, this winter it is always itchy for some reason. Not the laundry soap, no new cleansers or anything, just so dang dry I think. I might try this as at the UU Church Bazaar I got a bar of EVOO soap. Never seen it before and it is not sented or anything. I have been using it as hand soap actually as I am breastfeeding baby and so my hands are often on my nipples helping baby latch I did not like the idea of his getting chemicals as well.

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Thanks loon13
I have been doing it for about a weeka nd although my skin in no oilier it seems to be getting blocked, I have quite a few new spots. The CO is so thick that it is really hard to get off. I wonder if I am getting enough off or if there is so left blocking my pores. Maybe I should try just EVOO
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another convert

I can't thank you enough for starting this thread. I read some of the other boards linked to in this post and have learned a lot

DH and I have been using this for 2 weeks now. I typically have combo skin...drier in the winter but oilier in the t-zone after a few hours. I get the occasional pimple but my primary problem is uneven skin tone/color....I'm quite blotchy normally. DH is combo as well...he gets a pimple or two a week.

We've been using unrefined coconut oil (just Spectrum since we have it on hand) and organic EVOO in a 50/50 mixture. It is working out wonderfully.
I actually mixed some up and traveled with it while we were away over the holidays because we like it so much.

I can tell today, after doing this for 2 weeks now, that my skin tone has evened out noticeably. I mean, noticeably. I still use mineral makeup foundation, but my skin is *much* better looking. DH isn't breaking out any more, and maybe a bit less in fact. He agrees his face is NOT oily from the cleanser, but is much more moisturized and *feels* better.

I actually looked for castor oil at Whole Foods before Christmas but it was a madhouse and I couldn't find it . I'm happy with the coconut oil/EVOO combo though so for now I'll stick with that.

DH and I feel like we've been duped all of these years LOL. He keeps saying it We are so happy with this routine and I hope we keep seeing good results from it because we it. I feel like I know some secret now or something I have to share with my mom...I bet she'd love it.

Thanks again for the thread!!
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ME too!!

Oh How excited i am... I feel like i have a wonderful night ahead of me, plannign to take anice hot shower, and try this for the first time.. Just got castor oil from the supermarket though I hope it doesn't cause problems... We will see.. I put it in one of the peri-cleanse bottles from when i had DS... Maybe i will keep in int he fridge when i am not using it, as it is about 8 oz. total...
so, i was wondering if anyoen had tried using the microfiber cleaning cloths, like the ones you can use in cloth diapers.. fromt eh automotive section in ***mart??? just a thought, have a bunch of those on hand... or shoudl i be using a new washcloth each time?? I ahve a bunch from when DS was a newborn, used those as wipes... I guess i could use his cloth wipes as well, the bigger ones... ok, can't wait to try this!! thanks for the info!!
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Oookay, need some help here. Tried this for the first time this morning. After reading through the threads, the general consensus seems to be that it won't work as well (or not at all) if you don't have enough oil. But, can you use too much oil? What is the EXACT amount you guys are using??

I filled my palm up with it, about 75% CO and 25% EVOO. I had to wipe my face off about 15 times before I felt like I got most of it off, but I can tell in spots that it's definately still oily...but I can't do anything about it. I tried to use witch hazel to get some of it off afterwards, but no luck.

Yuck. I knew I shouldn't have attempted this the day before mothers day. I'm going to look nasty tomorrow.
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I tried this last night for the first time, too. I think, overall, I am pleased with the results. It does take FOREVER to rinse off. I did it again before my shower this morning. It still took a long time. But my face feels really good. And a big pimple is now very much smaller.

But I don't think I'll be washing with oil regularly. Heck, with a new baby, I'm lucky if I wash my face at all, much less in a time consuming manner.

I will try it again when time allows. For day to day, I like honey better.
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Sorry to resurrect this thread.

I have combo skin that is very prone to breakouts. Would CO and grapeseed oil be appropriate, or should I use CO/EVOO? Or a combo of the three?

And then only EVOO I currently have in the house is a store brand that tastes rancid. I don't think I want to rub that on my face...
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I did OCM for the first time tonight- 3 ox bottle with 1 part EVOO 1 part Grapeseed Oil and 1 part Castor Oil with a little TTO added in as well. I think I might use rosemary next time, I heard it is very good for oily skin.
I loved the feeling. Nothing came out, but I figure it will be a few more times before it does.
My face doesn't feel stretched or parched like it did with my noxema. I talked DH into trying it.
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I just tried this a few minutes ago. All I have is EVOO, but I was too curious to wait until tomorrow. My skin is a little tight, but soft to the touch. A lot of plugs came up on my right nostril and right cheek. ICK. So far, so good.

I'm not sure if I should just stick with the olive oil or add the castor oil. I have very oily, acne-prone skin and I'm scared the CO will be too heavy.
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I'm glad this got bumped up. I got CO and jojoba from a frontier coop and I'm ready to try it this weekend.
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I am going to try this with EVOO as the main carrier oil, CO, and a drop of calendula oil extract. I have had terrible acne since I was 13. I am now 30 and still looking for a way to end the constant battle with my skin. I am taking pictures to document it and will post it on a blog if it goes well.
*fingers crossed*
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SO, i changed my oils:
Jojoba, sweet almond, pomegranate, a wee bit of grapeseed and rosemary oils in place of the CO.

And coconut oil as moisturizer
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This is really helping my skin, yay!!!! For years it was really oily, acne prone, and just recently I was getting horrible cystic acne. Now, I have not had one breakout- even when I eat things I'm allergic too, shhhhhh- and I have less blackheads.

I have a small brown glass bottle with a dropper I premix the oils in- an old TTO bottle.
The measurements are approximate-
75% castor oil
20% jojoba oil
and the rest is a bit of calendula EO, lavender EO, and some rose hip seed oil.

For me, the trick to getting all the oil off is using really hot water, as hot as your face and hands can stand it. My face never feels oily after washing. The castor oil is VERY thick and mixing it with an oil that seeps in your skin well helps too. CO is actually drying.

I'm not sure if this link is in here- I'm admitting I have not read the entire thread but- here it ishttp://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/
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Well, that just went all kinds of wrong
I tried it for 2 weeks or so and at first it was great, but then towards the end of the 2 weeks my acne flared up again. (This is a typical response to new treatments, they work for a week or two and then the skin reverts).
So, there goes another method down the tubes, except this one doesn't simply leave you when you leave it. Since I stopped I have had the worst acne since I was a teenager! It's absolutely horrible! To the point where I'm affraid for people to see me

Ugh..wish I could say this was the one, but it is not. *sigh*

I actually made an appointment with a dermatologist - I'm DONE with my horrible skin and this try at it was the last straw.
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I too suffer from acne, as a teen and now as an adult. It's always been there. I haven't tried the oil cleansing method, but I did try the honey with no luck.

I saw things get better when I started taking a stronger probiotic, but now it's bad again, even though I'm still taking it. I'm planning on trying some digestive enzymes when I get back from vacation. Some research shows that your gut/digestive system plays more of a role in overall balance than most people think. I'm hoping that it will help with my acne as well as scalp dermatits.

topeadpod-have you done anything internally yet?
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I've had terrible problems with my skin all my life. Part of it is diet-related - now I don't eat diary and soy, and that's helped a lot.

I've been using OCM for a month. It's working better than anything else I've ever tried! Haven't had a new big pimple all month!

I use the exact routine from oilcleansingmethod.com.. I have dry skin so I only use about 15% castor oil and the rest EVOO.

I do it morning and night, if I skip one my skin gets very dry and I start to get little bumps again.. I massage for a VERY long time.. 10 or 15 minutes if I have the time. I also find a VERY hot cloth is key, as well as multiple steamings and gentle wipings.
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My results (combo skin). what more can i do?

I am amazed by this method. The pimples and whiteheads on my forehead hav gotten much smaller. The first time I did this was three days ago and it didnt do much but the 2nd time was awesome. : I saw blackheads coming out on my fingers and I didnt even know i had blackheads. In the morning i'll use my neutrogena acne stress control power foam, tone with witch hazel, and moisturize with olive oil. in the evening i do the ocm with olive oil and it feels really good. i learned that the longer i massage the more gunk i get out of my skin. i just wanted to know how can i speed up the process and get even clearer skin before school starts next week (i'm a sophomore in high school)? should i use coconut oil at nite or keep using the olive oil to moisturize at nite?

Also, i made my own exfoliating scrub last nite using olive oil, sugar, and honey. it felt really good so i used it on my body too! the result: silky, smooth skin. YAY!
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