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I LOVE this method. I have tried it for a few days and my skin looks great. I only have EVOO so that is all I am using - I'll look for castor oil this weekend.
Does anyone know if you can become sensitized to using the oil? Can it hurt your face over time? Seems silly, just wondering. I usually just use oatmeal and honey. And, evoo seems a bit drying. Any thoughts about how to fix that - other than applying more oil after wiping it off? I use shea butter as a moisturizer and am happy with that. i just dont want to dry out my skin too much. My sis noticed the same thing.
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Do Coconut oil and EVOO clean well? Or is the Coconut oil good for a moiturizer?

Do you use ACV as an astringent after the oils?

Or do you use the ACV when you wash with water only?

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tonight was my first night using castor/olive oil and my face looks incredible. i can't believe how many blackheads are gone already. one question, what do you all do for eye cream? or do you find that the oils are enough? thanks so much in advance.
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any of you new OCM users have any comments?
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I have to say that I do love this method A lot! I like just using organic EVOO, but the best is DHC and Orgins cleansing oils. I know they are not 100% natural, but they are awesome and they rinse off 100% clean!!!

I haven't tried this, but I have read that fractionated coconut oil helps the oil rinse off and so does Olive squalon!
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I started using this principle several years ago and it totally cleared my skin up. However, I didn't "clean" with oil, I just switched from all those products created for oily skin to deep moisturizing products and WOW! My skin cleared up like magic. I didn't even have truly oily skin - in fact its a touch on the dry side. I'd been creating this war zone on my face by trying to dry it out more.

Now I cleanse with either Sanitas Glycolic Cleanser (I get regular alpha peels and this helps the effects hold on longer) or Cetaphil moisturizing soap. I deep moisturize morning and night with Sanita's Topical C or VitaRich Serum for the vitamins and then cover with a thick layer of Cetaphil cream. Also, on the advice of my aethecian, I only cleanse at night to get the days make-up and dirt off. In the morning I simply give my face a good rinse in the shower since all I've done is sleep.
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Oils for acne prone skin

I thought that might be helpful for those of you that are having breakouts with this method. These are the oils that are best for acne prone skin. I am not sure that evoo is the best consideration for acne prone skin. Also adding lavender oil or tea tree oils to your carrier oil mix may also improve results as they have antibacterial properties.


The following list of oils is generally safe for acne prones:

Mineral Oil - inert oil; used in petrolatum products (i.e. baby oil); seems to be a hit or miss with most people. Some people (like me!) can tolerate this just fine while others seem to breakout from mineral oil; clear in color; is a very light liquid

Jojoba Oil - not actually an "oil" but rather a wax that has remarkable similarity to human sebum; moisturizing; slight UV protection; somewhat heavier than mineral oil but spreads easily

Safflower Oil - moisturizing, shouldn't cause breakouts

Sunflower Oil - high in linoleic acid and other vitamins; should be okay for acne prones

Grapeseed Oil - astringent type of oil, has antioxidants; heavier than jojoba oil

Castor oil - this is a common base for homemade cleansing oils; because it causes hair growth, it's used in many lash "grow" treatments
nder oil and tea tree oil are anti bacterial

This site has plenty of info on different oils and teir benefits. I don't think that all oils are created equal. What may work on one persons skin type certainly may nor for another. I hope that this is helpful ;-)
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I think that I want to give this a try.
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I am going to try this-I looked it up last night after seeing this thread. I have been having MAJOR issues with my skin, and feel like it was because of using crappy products. I am waiting to order my oils from Mountain Rose because there are a few things I want from there.

I read about this on Acne.org and one guy claims it has helped his skin so much. I have been in the cycle of using a cleanser, toner, then an oil free expensive moisturizer only to have my skin feel super dry because all the oil is stripped and then breaking out like bad, ugh....I used to have beautiful skin. I must say though I started cleansing with castille soap, and using vitamin e oil for my scaring and it is helping, so I may stick to that. I also have incorperated a regimen of supplements that I read help skin function and within a week my skin is healing. So I may try this when I am feeling more dry and needing moisture. Thanks for the info.
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I seem to be having issues with this oil cleansing method. When I first heard of it, I didn't have any castor oil, so I just used virgin coconut oil, because I love it for so many other things (topically and internally). My face was not oily at all afterwards (even with just one steaming/wipe of the cloth), but I didn't really keep it up enough to see if it would really improve my acne (but it certainly didn't make it worse).

I've just recently tried it again with a combo of castor oil and coconut oil, about 30% castor/70% coconut. I find that the oil does NOT come off all the way. I still feel oily even after several steamings. And I've been breaking out a lot more... getting some deep painful pimples (the kind you can't squeeze) on parts of my face where I almost never break out! I don't get it, especially since castor oil is supposed to be the cleansing/extracting oil. I thought the castor oil would be necessary to draw all the junk out of my pores.

I bought the castor at Wal-Mart, so I suppose it's not the best kind, and maybe that's my problem right there. Or maybe I need to use more castor and less coconut, but I find that hard to believe since I had such good results with the coconut oil alone.

So I dunno, maybe I will just go back to using coconut oil by itself, and maybe try castor oil again if/when I can find some good stuff at my local health food store.

If you all have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them!
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Ok-so I am giving this method another try. I am using the Castor Oil/EVOO mix with a little Tea Tree Oil mixed in. And right after I wash & steam my face it feels heavenly. But I am still getting breakouts and on parts of my face that never broke out before. And they are the little pimples/blemishes that you can't really see, but if when I run my hand over my face I can feel them there. I'm wondering if because my skin tends to be oily that maybe all the steaming is bringing out the deep ground in dirt & such and that is what is causing the breakouts.

Also, I'm only washing with the oil at night, and just water in the morning. What do you all use for a daily moisturizer-if any?
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subbing before I break down and buy crazy acne crap
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I want to try this! I registered over at the site it was linked to and I can't view the dang article! Is it elsewhere where I can read it? Also, I only have EVOO...nothing else in the house. Do I have to mix it or can I use just the EVOO?
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Originally Posted by OtherMother'n'Madre View Post
I want to try this! I registered over at the site it was linked to and I can't view the dang article! Is it elsewhere where I can read it? Also, I only have EVOO...nothing else in the house. Do I have to mix it or can I use just the EVOO?

I think that article has its own website now.

Try this link:


or just google "oil cleansing method" and you should be able to find it.

You can use just plain EVOO. I do. I was mixing grapeseed oil for awhile but have since dropped it. I only OCM once or twice a week, more than that over does it for my skin.

Good luck!
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you don't have to use oil by itself...

I use a scrub made from a mixture of oils, honey, raw sugar and sea salt. It's an expensive tropical boutique thing that I received as a gift, but when I run out, I plan to make my own. It works beautifully, and I really like the combination of exfoliating and oil cleansing. For me, I have to use lots of very warm water before using it, probably to open up pores. (Otherwise I end up with oily patches on my skin.)
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I did a search on OCM and came up with this thread. I read thru the whole thing last night and decided to give it a try. I used only virgin coconut oil, about 1 tbsp, and massaged it on my face for about 2 minutes. It didn't take much to get the oil off, just 2-3 times steaming my face with a very hot wash cloth, and wiping it. It really dried my face, so I put some coconut oil back on my face. By the time I went to bed, I still needed more moisture on my face, so I put on just a touch of a night cream.

This morning, I only used water with a wash cloth to wash my face in the shower. My DH noticed how soft my face is and commented that my skin looked really good this morning. I think I'm going to give this a go for at least a month to see how it works out, although I might try adding in some EVOO or other oil for more moisture.

I'm really pleased, so far!!
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Ok, Im trying this tonight. I went and bought a few different things to experiment with. Wish me luck!
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I just started about three weeks ago using just EVOO, and added in the castor oil today. The first two times I did it I could see and feel all the hard plugs of oil that came out on my hands...it was crazy. I got a couple of zits on my cheeks (which I never get) the first week, but I think it was mainly due to the process pulling all the crud out of my pores. Although the article says to be generous with the oil, I find I have better luck using a smaller amount, that way my fingertips still have enough friction to sort of scrub and help pull the clogs out of my pores. I rub it on, let it set for a couple minutes, then do the massage, keeping my face very relaxed and using very slow circular motions. After I'm done, I usually use a little bit of a witch hazel toner, which I also use in the morning and before bed (I do the OCM in the afternoon when I get a chance to shower). Overall my skin is much less oily, my nose is no longer flaky and my face feels clean, not tight and dry. So far, so good!
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okay,read this whole thread tonight.Off to pull out my evoo,pot of water to steam and some bamboo rags.

Think I'll try it on one side of my face only so if I actually DO break out worse I can tell people I took part in some bizarre "clean your face with oil" to see what oil does to your face experiment
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I use coconut oil or gape seed oil every day following a luffah. I need to try to find the time to steam my face, it sounds rejuvinating!
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