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Lovin it!

I have to say-WOW! I am loving this! I have used EVOO alone a few times, but added the CO and what a difference that makes. I felt like I had just left a spa-or what I imagine that to feel like-lol!
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I give up My pores got so big and gunk filled, I couldn't take it any more. I took my shower this morning and scrubbed and scrubbed with soap (I make my own so it's very gentle) I got out and did a clay mask and I couldn't believe how oily the mask was when I washed it off. I ended up doing another just to get all the gunk out. I really wish this had worked for me - I love the idea but my face never felt clean and my blackheads were taking over my face. Oh well, it was a fun experiment!
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I went back and tried again last night -- using more oil, and massaging for a lot longer. Bingo! It was great, the blackheads really melted away!

But, I did wash my face with my new cleanser after, because I couldn't get the greasy feeling off (steamed multiple times, with water that was almost burning my fingers).

I think that might have something to do with the humidity. I will definitely keep using the oil for awhile, but I will wash after (and maybe do a clay mask -- good idea amcal ).
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i've been using olive oil mixed with sugar on my face for over a year now and i love it. i don't use it all the time, just when i think my face needs a good cleaning or in the winter when it's extra dry. otherwise, water is good enough. the sugar is a good exfoliate.
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Ok, this is day two for me, and I love it! I can't believe how much less greasy my face is! It's amazing! Thanks for posting the info, girlndocs!
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Just bumping, cuz I found the key is massaging longer. I have had grainy chunks of oil just coming right out of my face. I use half castor oil, half burts bees apricot oil.
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oh boy, oh boy, i have such great skin! :LOL (i feel entitled to brag about it now that i got it, ya see, 'cause right through my teens & up till last year i was breaking out all the time & periodically on retin-a. giving up commercial acne products helped a lot but this is the best my skin's *ever* been!)

I found the key is massaging longer.
i agree. i'd been massaging 1 minute minimum, when i went to 2 minutes, it worked even better. i set the kitchen timer, put the oil on my face in the bathroom, *then* press start, then massage till the timer goes off. then the oil sits on my face a bit more while i wait for the tap water to get hot.

amcal, i can't figure out *why* it didn't work for you! you're, i think, the only person i've heard of that actually broke out from it. there *must* be a reason. i'm going to ask the author of that article about it.
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That would be so wonderful! I'd really appreciate it. I don't know why it didn't work for me either Maybe I need to wash it off with soap afterwards? or try a different oil combination? I don't know but I really want it to work for me!
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I have always used jojoba oil. The castor oil is too heavy for me.
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Isn't hot water bad?

I had always read that you should never use really hot water on your face at all. That it caused drying, and then excess oil production to try to make up for the drying (or something like that) . does anyone else know what I am talking about?
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Originally Posted by SaveTheWild
I had always read that you should never use really hot water on your face at all. That it caused drying, and then excess oil production to try to make up for the drying (or something like that) . does anyone else know what I am talking about?
I've heard this also but if I only use hot water once a day it isn't too much of a problem. It's worse if I use hot water to wash 2x a day.
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i always heard it too. i was nervous about it!

but as i said i can't argue with the results i'm getting.
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Ok I tried again 1/2 EVOO and 1/2 safflower oil because that's what I have in the house. It worked better this time and I massaged longer and crud did come out of my pores and my skin was clearing up and looking good. But then I skipped the treatment one night because I was too tired and the next morning my skin is crappy looking again. So if you are going to do this you might want to stick to it every day. I think what happened was I brought tons of crud up to the surface and by doing it every night that is the crud that comes out of my pores and then more is brought out and that gets washed away the next night. So if I leave it then it looks crappy.
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Ok I went to look for castor oil today. I read that it is in the laxative section of the store. The only thing I found said mineral oil. Is this the same thing or is it different?
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eek! different stuff! castor oil is kinda old-fashioned as laxatives go i guess .. i noticed my local Walgreens does carry it but they way overcharge for it :

i'd recommend looking for a cold-pressed, solvent free variety at the health food store. i've heard of a couple people having reactions to the traces of solvents in the regular kind! their skin got red, puffy & irritated. the solvent free kind is really reasonably priced at my h.f.s ... $3.50 for a bottle that lasts me about 2 months i think. the brand is "home health".

if you just can't find the $#@! stuff, i know some people have success using plain olive oil, or apricot or sweet almond oil or coconut oil or ... you get the picture.
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VCO for Facial Cleanser

I use Virgin Coconut Oil on my face every night.

I add a bit to palm of CLEAN hands, rub to let it warm up, massage on face, then rinse with VERY warm water and wipe excess off with a flannel square. Sometimes I leave a bit of the 'residue' on to soak in and sometimes I use cotton or flannel square with some witch hazel to get it all off.

I think my skin has been the best it ever has been, since I have been doing this! I have used olive oil and a variety of others, but LOVE the VCO the best!

I made up a recipe where I heated the VCO until liquid, then incorporated some filtered water and then whipped it like crazy, then put in freezer for a few minutes, then whipped like crazy, freezer again, then whipped like crazy again, and so on... It was a royal PITA, but when done, I had the most amazing 'soft whipped facial cream' and it not only soaked in great, but looked like a really expensive facial cream! The anti bacterial, viral and fungal properties of VCO kept the cream for a long time at room temp...but it was in the middle of summer and tended to melt into 'oil' pretty fast. I'm sure I could add something to make it 'tougher' but haven't had time to play with it. If I find my notebook with recipes in it, I'll post it if anyone is interested. (It's packed in a box somewhere in my basement...)
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I gave this a shot after reading about it here, and I have to say that I love it. I used 50/50 EVO & CO, and it feels great. I've been doing it once a day and my skin's been happy. All of my fine lines are softened and my coloring has improved.

Heather (Xenabyte), I'd loooove to try that VCO cream you make, so I'll be looking for the recipe! Where do you find the virgin coconut oil?

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After reading about this here I decided to try it and I'm thrilled w/ the results so far. My skin looks fabulous! I didn't realize it could look this good!
I'm doing 75 co to 25 evoo ish.
I am doing it morning and night for now. Thinking that once I get those plugs out of my pores I'll switch to just once a day although I'm not sure which one will go. I have washed morning and night for years.
I did just rinse one night when my dd was having a meltdown and that wasn't enough for my skin and it didn't look so good the next morning.

I love coconut, I too am wondering where you get the coconut oil.
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naking here


has a very good product, but you should be able to find some good stuff at your local whole foods market. Be wary, there is talk about some brands, spectrum!?! being one of them, having a 'burnt' smell...the TT virgin coconut oil smells just like the center of a 'mounds' candy bar, but lighter.

good stuff!
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Newbie needs help !!!


I started doing this oil cleansing method two weeks ago but I'm not having good results so I need your help please !!!

I always had regular breakouts and lots of blackheads : since about 12 and it doesn't want to go away no matter what I try so I would love to have a nice skin now that I'm 24.

I tried this method with CO and EVOO (tried with different amount for each but no difference). I also stopped using my cleanser and my moisturizer in the morning and just wash my face with water but didn't see any improvements either. I have new breakouts everyday but the only positive side is that they disappear faster. So what I am doing wrong ????
Is it normal to have a desintoxication period maybe ?

Thanks for your help,
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