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I am doing this twice a day and so far so good. I am hopeful that over time I can cut back to just once a day but for now it is working for me to do it twice a day even if it does take a little longer.

I too am prone to breakouts and have been for many years but haven't had much of any since I started this.
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im really amazed. i've been pimpletastic since i was 20, but my skin looks gorgeous after doing this for 3 days, 2x a day. my nose blackheads are gone! my forehead is smooth, my chin is clear, i wouldnt have ever thought of it, oil cleaning oil, but wow. i've been using weleda calendula oil, btw. awesome!!!
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Angelove, as a starter troubleshooting list I'd suggest you make sure you a) use plenty of oil, b) massage a good long time, 2 minutes minimum, and c) be sure to wipe, wipe, wipe every bit of dirty oil off.

If you think it might help, you could try wiping after the cleansing with a cotton ball & gentle toner like witch hazel, rose or lavender hydrosol ("flower water") or hydrogen peroxide.
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Thanks so much for your advice. Here what I do to give you an idea and maybe find the problem : I use the equivalent of my palm for the oil mix. I massage for quite a bit, not sure how long but I think it's at least 2 minutes (should get a timer), I let it sit while waiting for the water to get hot and then wipe my face until it seems oil free.

Maybe I should try to do it twice a day ?? Any other suggestions ?

Thanks a bunch,
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are you steaming your face w/ the hot water? I think that makes a difference. Just wring out your washcloth and lay it over your face untill it cools off before using it to wipe off. Even repeat this a couple of times.
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I tried steaming my face but I don't seem to have the right method. Do you mind explaining a bit more for me please ? Also should I steam my face before applying the oil too ?

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I don't know if I do this the "right way" or not but what I do is after I'm done massaging the oil I get the washcloth wet w/ water as hot as I can stand and wring it out and then lay it over my face untill it cools down. I usually repeat this a couple of times and then use the cloth to wipe off the oil.

I have found that when I really get all the oil off my face feels dry. (after it has had time to dry from the wash) and I need to moistruize it. (I just use a little oil for this)This may be an indication to you that you have really gotten it all off.
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thanks for this great lead. i just did one facial last night and can feel the difference already. it's a brilliant method really because it's so simple. lovely thing is that i am able to use up ds's little forest cradle cap oil (safflower, almond, tto, eucalyptis) leftover from his newborn period. i always loved the smell and now i can use it, too!
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also, here's another tip: after washing off the oil and drying your face, if you still have little oil plugs, tear up strips of paper towel to cover your fingers if you want to gently nudging out the plugs. i learned this from when I had facials before my wedding. the paper towel gives a little traction so that the fingers don't slip, and i guess you could substitute cotton handkerchiefs or gauze. but you have to be careful not to force anything. she would always steam my face first. if the plug is "sealed" and won't budge, don't force it, which could damage your skin. her secret was to take a small lancet (sold in drugstores, looks like a cross between a needle and a covered thumbtack-used for taking blood samples), and very carefully and lightly release the pressure from a whitehead by pricking the pore--placing the lancet exactly where the pore is to open it up, very lightly and not too deep. then when you work at it with your index fingers wrapped in paper-towel, the oil plug will come out the right place, rather than break through the skin and cause a scar. I was skeptical at first, but it really works when done carefully.
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After all your great advices I think I finally have the right method

I started doing it twice a day and after 48 hours my skin seems to be more clear. Please cross your fingers for me that it gets better and better ! Will come back in few days to give you an update
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I've been doing it a couple days too. I like it so far.
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I've also just started it- on day three and I just lvoe how my face feels. I hope it stays this way!
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thanks mamas!

After reading this thread a week ago i tried the OCM and I am so happy I did...my skin has improved so much and I feel so much better about it! Ive had problem skin since I was 13 and it is such a relief to find something so simple that works!

Ive been adding 1 drop lavender oil to my 50/50 CO/EVOO combo and the results are wonderful

I highly recommend this to every mama!!

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I do 75%CO/25%EVOO and a few drops of lemon and lavender. My skin has shown a lot of improvement too.

It would be so cool to do a photo essay on it- from beginning to week one through 4, you know what I mean?
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I read most of this thread last night around 12:30 and by 1:30 I was downstairs with coconut oil slathered on and massaging...LOL...after i spilled a good 1/4 cup on the kitchen floor b/c the lid didn't want to come off and the oil was liquid from dinner's hot oven....

The first go round I thought, "oh my gosh this DID NOT work!" But knew it'd have to b/c so many people said it was working wonders...so I did it again. I massaged a good 5 minutes and really focused on the worst spots (nose and chin)...IT WORKED! After just one treatment before I fell asleep my skin has never been so clear of blackheads. I'm shocked..and I"m telling everyone who will listen. Cannot wait to get some actual Castor Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to use. Oh, and I did learn the importanc of the "soft cloth"...my nose is a bit raw.... hehehe but worth it!

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I love this too. The first night I tried it, I asked dh if he noticed a difference. Not really (well, it was only night one...), but he did comment on how soft my skin felt.

I've noticed, though, that I have combo skin. So this works great on my problem spots. I was wondering if anyone else had combo skin and what they do for their dryer areas.
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I just read through the thread a couple of times over the last few days. I bought the cator oil tonight. Unfortunately I didn't know any better and bought it from the drug store for an arm and a leg so I hope that I don't break out more from it
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I've been doing this method for about 3 weeks now and LOVE it. It cleared my skin up almost overnight and my skin is no longer dry. The only problem I've had is along the jaw line because I wasn't getting all the oil off, but problem solved now. s for oil.
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