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I have fifth disease

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I just found out that I have fifths disease, I'm so bummed. I'm worried about what effect it will have on the baby. I know that it means there is a slight chance I could lose the baby. I'm about 8 weeks along now. This could mean ultrasounds every week for a couple of months.

Does anyone have any input? Has anyone else had it during pregnancy?
I know I shouldn't worry about it but I'm having a hard time not.

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I don't know anything about Fifth's Disease during pregnancy, but as common as it is, hopefully it's not as bad as you think.
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I'm so sorry! I never knew Fifth's Disease was something to be concerned about until a couple days ago, when I read a CDC informational booklet that my midwife gave me. It was pretty unspecific, just said that it could be a cause for concern, but it did say, to paraphrase, "Fifth's Disease has few symptoms in children, so assume all young children have it and try to avoid them all", which I thought was pretty unhelpful information, and more than a little strange.

I have a toddler and I know that Fifth's Disease is so common. I hope you and your baby come through this easily and without too much worry!

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Truvie and Periwinkle,
Thanks for the good thoughts. Tomorrow I go in to meet with the hospital's fetal medicine doctors. It looks like they could suggest having an ultra sound once a week until I'm 20 weeks along. Not looking forward to this, as we had planned to have none. I'm just hoping everything goes okay and that it's not as big of a deal as I think it is.

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