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June 27-July 3

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Hi Ladies,

I didn't see this weeks thread yet, so I thought I would start it. I am currently 13 weeks. Yay! Officially in the 2nd trimester! I went for my second OB appointment today and they found at least 1 heartbeat. My ob thinks that there is only 1, but he said that he was not 100% positive. I almost fell off the table when he said that. I really hope there is only 1 babe in there. I go back at 16 weeks for the AFP test and then at 17 weeks for a normal appointment. So far I am measuring 2 weeks ahead and have gained 5 pounds.

Here's to a great week!

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Edd Jan 21 10w4d

Hi everyone! Wow Nicole, wish I was in the second trimester. I'm still having the nausea off and on in the evenings. I sure hope that ends soon.

How amazing if you did have twins, Nicole. I'd be on pins and needles if I were you.

Well, my next appointment is July 16 where I hope we hear the heartbeat. So far we saw the heart beating last week on ultraound. It'll be nice to hear it too.

Good Luck to everyone!
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Edd Jan 21-23 - depending on MW or ultrasound. Doens't matter to me.

We finally told everyone over the weekend. That was fun. And everyone at work knows.

Haven't gained any lbs yet, but since I'm having a really hard time eating anything but starches, I don't expect that to last! And even though I haven't gained lbs, some of my skirts and pants are starting to feel tight
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HI All,
I feel a little out of place here because I haven't had any appointments, don't plan on getting an U/S and don't use a doppler. So I won't be hearing my baby's heart beat for probably another 10 weeks... I feel fine with that, but it's weird hearing about all your experiences! I don't feel in the same boat!

My pregnancy still seems a little virtual. Obviously I feel different, and my clothes don't fit all that great (I have lots of fitted bottoms), but the thought that there's a baby in there sometimes seems so foreign. I know when it starts moving my feelings will change and I'm eagerly awaiting that!!!

Anyhow, I'm about 11 weeks and not feeling quite so icky anymore, thankfully!!!
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I'll be eleven weeks Friday! Wow!

Feeling *great* this week ... hope it lasts! Starting to get a bit of my energy back but still need to collapse midafternoon.

I'm still wearing all my regular clothing and, not that I want to wear maternity LOL, wondering when I'll start to grow a bit to make this feel more real.
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I'm 11 weeks and a bit! I threw up today. yuck. But, it's been 2 weeks since the last time, so it's slowing down. I've decided to have dopplers and one u/s. My doc was really pushing for the u/s, and I was leaning that way a bit. One concern she has is early detection of placenta previa.
I am having a hard time connecting with this baby. I don't know why, but I'm thinking about doing some meditations to try to fix this. Maybe it's just because I has so much less time to dwell on being pregnant. I am at the awkward place where mat. clothes are way to big but my own stuff is too tight. And I am still trying to figure out how to get a homebirth.
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I'm back from my appointment today. The babies are measuring at 2 inches with one just slightly bigger than the other. I lost 30 lbs to morning sickness but with todays appointment it looks like I've gained 5 back. My next appointment is 7/22 which will be at 15 weeks. My ob thinks he'll be able to give me the sexes then. I've been getting u/s at every visit and I have no issues with this.
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EDD 01/01/05

Hi all. I am 13 weeks and still feeling awful! So tired, headaches, pukey, nauseas...I am hoping it will lighten up soon. My next appointment with my MW is July 8. I will be 15 weeks. I am still in regular clothes as I actually lost weight so far. sigh, not as bad as my first pregnancy (had hyperemesis).

I am excited for my next appointment as I am hoping that I will be feeling better, and I always like talking to my MW. We were pregnant at the same time last time. My DD is now 11 months, I just can't believe it!!! (Time flies were you're feeling good )

DH has been super helpful, I am very lucky to have him
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OK - have to b*tch for just a second... I asked my boss a question today about a written comment she made on a report - she told me to look at another document, but I had no idea what document she was talking about. So I ask her, and when she tells me, I know what she's talking about, but what she called it is not what the documents are titled. So she says...

"I'll just chalk it up to your new status" - meaning my pregnancy - b/c I just told her yesterday.

Grrrrr - no, it has nothing to do with being pregnant, it has to do with the fact that you didn't call the document by it's name, so I had no idea what you were talking about.

Okkk - done venting now - we can all go back to happy baby thoughts
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HokieGirl, I too find myself "short" with people at work. I just can't seem to to tolerate them! They all annoy me....
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hey, better your co-workers than your family! my kids and dh are all afraid of me these days
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EDD 1/26 here. Actually, I'm Parthenia, and that's also not my name IRL.

Anyway. Trying to keep things light because I'm reaallly stressed out right now, and I think it's exacerbates my lack of desire to eat anything but unsalted potato chips and spinach pies. No fresh fruits and veggies for me, please!
In one day I got a great transfer at work with a promotion. I love my co-workers but we're facing a mortgage that's nearly triple our current rent, so I'm going to take it, and miss my coworkers..
As I type dh is on the phone with the buyer's agent. The seller of the house we really want is being an a$$#@(%. There's a major problem with the foundation (which would scare anyone less desperate for housing in a month) and he's dragging the whole process out, which jeopardizes our chances to find a new place before the end of the month. We have to move at the end of the month. He needs to suck up some of the cost of the repair, and he knows it. Long story that makes my stomach churn.
We did get our official approval for a mortgage today, for $15000 more than we expected. So the nice thing is, if we have to walk away from this deal we have more money to work with. But since we'll be homeless in a month, we don't have much time to go through this whole process again.

I did try flordix yesterday, seemed to give me an energy boost and my stomach liked it. All those B Vitamins surely helped my digestion. Under stress my stomach is the first to mutiny, and being pregnant isn't helping. But I'm glad I'm pregnant. Really glad. I'd be gladder if my taste buds weren't so wonky, and we're weren't moving at the end of the month. I really hate moving, but being pregnant and moving into our first home makes it less loathesome. I guess. Gee! I'm kinda crabby, too!

Hope you all are doing well, too!
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Hey everyone!

Well, phase 1 of our move is complete! Everything went really smoothly, and we're enjoying our new "home"... for the next 6 weeks, anyway!

Dare I risk jinxing myself by saying that I think my nausea has passed? It was quite mild, but still it's nice to bid it farewell! I still am not feeling that tired (i.e. sleepy), but I am already finding it a bit tiring to carry my dd. Anyone else still slinging a toddler & finding this? I'm trying to use the Moby as much as possible since it's definitely more comfortable for longer walks, but lately it's been so hot here that I've been using my solarveil. It wouldn't be so bad, except she's currently on a "only MAMA carry me!" phase right now. I've always felt really strongly that it's important to ride out these times, but right now I'm not sure where to draw the line. Yesterday we were out walking most of the day exploring our new City, and I hardly recognized my feet last night, they were so swollen.

I just realized that I'm 10 weeks today! Gee, this pregnancy is going super fast. I am going to have to hook up with a doctor for a 12 week appointment, which is a bit tricky given that we're brand new in town AND won't be staying.

So all in all, everything's going great! We're really enjoying our new "home", and the house we're living in is beautiful & has lots of room for both Tess & pup to play. It feels like a bit of an extended vacation, which gives us a nice break before we head down to AL & begin the dreaded UNPACKING!!!
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EDD 1/25/05

Hi y'all! I am jealous of those of you starting the 2nd trimester. Still sick here most of the time. And most of my comfort foods are off the list (anything tomato based, orange juice, half of the veggies I normally eat). My first ob appointment is today. I hate going to the dr. On the good side, dh said if I wanted to do a homebirth, he will supoort me. SO I'm going to start calling midwives this week.

Oh and I am so ready to quit my job. I feel this huge pull to be at home with dd. She's been sick and I just want stay hoem and play with here and take careof hte house and the dog and even dh. Money is an evil thing sometimes. Nice to have...

Good Pregnanacy Vibes to every one!
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I am 12 weeks now! TOTALLY in maternity clothes & looking preg but this is my 4th & I had weight on from my 3rd. I met with a CPM last weekend & am meeting with another this Sat. Since my last birth was sooooooooo awful, I am going the CPM route over a CNM. Hoping for another homebirth without complication. My DD said yesterday, "PLEASE PLEASE try your hardest to let the baby come out at home!" (DD's were homebirthed, DS a hospital transfer at 10cm).

We have started to tell people. I am still in a bit of shock I think. I did hear the babies HB last week with a doppler. We always listen once at about 12 weeks then wait for the fetoscope. We also do not get any u/s which I only mention because some other mamas were feeling left out!

I have had nausea with this pregnancy~~NEVER had it with the other three. GO FIGURE!

Just wanted to check in!
Hope you are all well!
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Anybody else get excited to see the February and March due date clubs start to fill up...for me, it's like another measure of how far along I am
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I posted about a month ago and then my computer died on me. Just got it fixed so I am glad to join in again. I am 11 weeks and 3 days, and still exhausted as can be. I usually fall asleep with the kids at 8:30 every night which leaves me and dh no alone time. That's making me sad. I have no patience for anyone at the moment and I save every ounce of patience that I can muster up for dd and ds. I am always hungry and not in the mood to eat anything, anyone else feel that way. It never happened to me before, with the other two I had very specific cravings. Not a lot of nausea this time around, which is making things easier.

I had an u/s two weeks ago and saw the heartbeat. That made this whole pregnancy a little more real for me. I am having a more detailed u/s at week 15 - that's pretty routine here. My monthly visits are just heartbeat with a doppler.
I have started looking into vbac options here. It's not looking as bad as I thought.

That's about it for this wek. Hopefully we'll be all moving along into the 2nd trimester soon and start feeling better and stronger

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I had a dream last night that I gave birth to twin girls !?! It was a super fast, but rushed by the mw (not my mw, another) birth. I was really enjoying bf them, and then I lost them I was so worried that I put them down on the bed or something and that they got smothered in blankets or something. WTF!!! THat's not my style at ALL!

ANyhow, I doubt I'm having twins, but saw a mama at our LLL meeting yesterday with twin grils- I know that's where it came from.

And it was a crazy night because right before bedtime, my 7 year old flooded our upstairs bathroom (overran the bathtub BIG TIME) because he was cleaning his room (I have to say this is NOT a normal train of events).
Water was everywhere and by the time I got there I could hear water POURING downstairs- it went right through the ceiling and was raining all over the couch and floor and everything downstairs. UGH. THere was probably 2 inches upstairs and 2 inches downstairs and the couch was drenched. We were all up late cleaning. Luckily I had finally found some energy yesterday and had washed 3 loads of towels (which we ALL used up).

So is it any wonder I had weird dreams????

Hope you all are having less stress at YOUR houses!
Oh and of course my downstairs is trashed and I'm suppsed to be teaching a childbirth class here tomorrow- where we need to use the downstairs because that's where the TV is!!! ARGH!
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Oh Malama- Sorry you had such a hard day. Hopefully today will be a better one. I couldn't help but think of how the sight of gushing water might be the reason you were dreaming about childbirth. :

Anyway, things have gotten a lot better for me. I am 13.5 - 14 wks, depending on who you ask. I am still tired, but my intense fatigue has subsided. My head aches have also gotten better. I still have many food aversions though, and carbs seem to be the only thing to do the trick! So, of course I am stressing about how to get enough protein while only eating carbs (and be a vegetarian!!)!!

I had a prenatal appointment on Wednesday and we heard the heartbeat through the doppler - it was very exciting! Quick question, I understand why people might not want to have ultrasounds, but what is the resistance around using dopplers?

Hope all you mamas have a great long weekend!
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Originally Posted by Delfina
Quick question, I understand why people might not want to have ultrasounds, but what is the resistance around using dopplers?
Dopplers use the same technology as ultrasounds (high frequency non-ionizing radiation). Dopplers use a continuous ultrasound wave where imaging ultrasound (at least the regular ones- don't know about all the fancy ones they have) use pulsed waves. What this means is that 1 minute of doppler exposure is equal to 35 minutes of real-time diagnostic ultrasound. EFM (used mosly in labor) also use the doppler style continuous waves. [info taken from Anne Frye's Holistic Midwifery]

Many parents love to hear they're babies' hearbeats aloud, and I understand that reassurance. For me though, it's not worth it unless we suspect a problem.

I know this has been discussed before on these boards, so I'm sure that if you searched you'd find more info.

Hope this helps!

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