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I feel so alone.
I'm right with you!
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i was looking into eating my placenta after my baby was born but couldnt find any good reciped. i was hoping actually, to find out how to make a tincture or capsules. never did and so we didnt bring it home. i think that the benefits out way the grossies. it probably would have been yuckie but if i would have found a way to do it...i would have!!!! as long as i could have done it imediately with out really thinking too much about it
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Wow, I'm shocked at the responses too. It seems that at the very least if you are disgusted you could keep your responses respectful for the people who did eat their placentas and who think it is not ony normal and healthy, but beneficial for postpartum health. I remain very respectful in my posting and discussions towards people who eat things I think are unethical and disgusting. (Read: animal products)
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I'm here too! Placenta eating is sort of like breastfeeding to me. Sure, it comes out of your own body, but if it's good for you...? I guess a lot of people think breastfeeding is gross too because of that. My body isn't dirty on the inside. I'd prolly make the perfect placenta for both my needs and the baby's.

I'm very susceptible to depression, and I think that I may eat my placenta when the time comes. My body doesn't gross me out at all. I touch my cervical fluid, I handle my menstrual blood, I wipe myself when I go to the bathroom... you know, it's just me, and skin washes. I find contemplating consuming human waste disgusting because it's WASTE. But a placenta doesn't seem gross to me, knowing the wonderful things it can do for you. Even just a bite can be beneficial. It can stop hemmorhaging, put back some of those hormones that were lost (which is a main cause of PPD), and helps your milk to come in. I could handle a bite of it for that! (Raw meat in general kind of grosses me out, and I'm a carnivore.)
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I didn't eat my placenta, although I wanted to. DD was born with a birth defect and her birth was just too chaotic to deal with forcing the hospital to let me take a big bite... LOL...
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I guess I just think that breastfeeding is differant than eating your placenta. Kind of like having your kidney reoved then stir frying it...why???

But, I will admit to being ignorent on the benifits so school me.WHat's it for and how is it beneficial? BTW, I wouldn't put someone down for it, but I can't help but feel a litttle pukey, sorry.
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I don't think it's gross but I don't know that I could bring myself to eat it. I did check out my placenta after I gave birth, it was fascinating. I touched it, and the cord, I was so curious about what they were like.
I'm curious, though, about the people here who have eaten it. How much did you eat? Just a bite or the whole thing? I can't imagine eating the whole think, it's quite big!
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Wow, I'm shocked at the responses too. It seems that at the very least if you are disgusted you could keep your responses respectful for the people who did eat their placentas and who think it is not ony normal and healthy, but beneficial for postpartum health.

I was a bit insulted to read some of the responces, which were immature IMHO.
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I'm fascinated by this idea and I'll definitely be researching it and talking to my midwife about it when I get pg again!

And ITA with the posters who've said it's more like tasting your own breastmilk than your feces!
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Gosh! Sorry gals. No insult intended. I figured this was TAO and we were allowed to air our views. I would never talk down to someone for eating their placenta. Just could not do it myself. Maybe the thread should be moved to a more appropriate venue? It's a speak-your-mind area here, or so I assumed. I do think it's a stretch to compare eating the placenta to breastfeeding, tho' in terms of critical importance. Are there links to some hard research available?

Denny :
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We ate ours!

I'm also soooo suprised at the lack of placenta eaters here!

I ate both of my placentas-- stir fried. First time I was a hard-core vegan. I had a loooong labor and I can say with all honesty that I could have eaten 2 placentas after that birth! Seriously!

The second one we ate because, well, it was our thing.

I'm pregnant again and I want to make placenta essence- I found a recipe online and it basically entails making a tincture from your placenta. how cool is that? It's said to be great for PPD, PMS, etc.....

Placentas are cool (and can be yummy too!)
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I am totally shocked at the responses about eating your placenta!!

How can anyone think this is gross. It is a placenta for God's sake, not poop, puke, boogers ??? What gives.

In many countries it is the first thing a mother eats. Helps anemia, rejuvinates energy after a hard long labor, helps prevent PPD. Why do all of you think this is gross?

I gave a mom at the hospital where I worked her placenta and her hubby cooked it for her and brought it back. I have prepared it for several homebirth mommas.

I planted all of mine under a tree for each kid. It is their tree.

Calling all crunchy mommas!!! Where are you!!!!!

I thought placenta eating would be par for the coarse here at MDC.
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I have to say one more thing.

Anyone who ever has eaten, even once, at McDonald's or any other fast food restaurant has eaten something more nasty and disgusting than they really imagine - And shouldn't be saying one negative thing about eating a placenta.
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i ate ruby's, and made a big jar of tincture. i also cut pieces and swallowed. i was terrified of getting ppd again, and i tend to be anemic and bleed alot. i feel terrific when i'm pg so one evening during the pg i decided that this was the missing link since i have a great diet and very decent natural births (though i'm still hoping for my unassisted...) (and of course it would be nice to have no responsibilities and more money......)

anyway, it was a very strong drug, my body would almost hum and vibrate after i ate some, after feeling like a limp dishrag. i just ate when i felt i needed it. with no placentophagy 2nd baby i bled for about five weeks. with 3rd, and this is when i also had to take care of my dh along with 2 kids since he was down with a hurt back for over a year, i bled for less than two weeks. i highly recommend it, and feel a special sisterly love towards those that have done it. i guard my tincture jealously. every now and then i'll talk to someone about wacked out hormones and i'll consider giving them a bottle, but i've only given one to my best friend.

as for the human milk, i'm surprised that more isn't done with it. there was a point where dh was drinking some when i was engorged. i cannot get my eldest to drink it which is a pity. i think in a different culture ill and elderly would be given human milk. it is the only perfect food.
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I don't think placenta eating is as vitally important as breastfeeding, that's not what I meant when I compared the two. But, just as I don't feel it's gross to consume breastmilk, I also don't feel it's gross to eat a placenta. I think it's an amazing provision for mothers. They get to take back a little of what they put in to that pregnancy.

I didn't think I'd be able to eat mine, though I had considered it... but the more I hear about it, the more I'm convinced.

Casina... how long after the birth did you consume it? And how did you preserve it? I'm very curious. I know of a mama who ate her placenta to curb PPD, and she blended it into smoothies. Having never seen a placenta I don't know what it's texture is like. Is it like liver? The pictures make it seem really jello-y.
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from paula bear at mothering magazine commune forum

Placenta Powder
Can be used to enhance your immune system, aid lactation, increase endurance, and as hormone replacement during perimenopause. Take 1-6 capsules per day as needed.
~ Placenta
~ Half a lemon
~ Fresh ginger root
~ Chili pepper
~ Steamer and baking sheet
~ Coffee grinder, blender or food processor
1. Rinse placenta with water.
2. Place in a steamer with fresh ginger root, chili pepper and half lemon.
3. Steam for 15 minutes on each side, until no juice runs when pricked with fork.
4. Slice thinly like "jerky."
5. Bake in oven on lowest setting (220-250 F) for several hours or dry in food dehydrator.
6. Grind to a powder in coffee grinder, blender or food processor.
7. Put powder in gelatin caps or spoon over your food.
8. Freeze for long-term storage.

Placenta Essence
This is like a tincture or Bach Flower essence. Take seven drops under the tongue twice a day for up to three months postpartum. Also can be given to baby as his/her own "Rescue Remedy."
~ Placenta
~ Vodka
~ Spring or distilled water
~ Glass bowl or jar with lid
~ 1-2 oz. bottle with dropper
1. While placenta is still vital, cut off a small piece and put it in a jar of water, cover with lid.
2. Leave in direct sunlight for 4 hours. The water absorbs the vibrational properties of the placenta.
3. Remove and discard the piece of placenta. The water may look like herbal tea, which is normal.
4. Add alcohol to preserve the water: 50% alcohol to 50% water.
5. Store it in a glass mason jar. This is now the "Mother Essence."
6. To use: fill the dropper bottle with half water and half alcohol. Add 7 drops of Mother Essence.

The first recipe can be used for your frozen placentas, whereas the second needs to be done soon after the birth, while the placenta is still vital. My placenta got left behind in a friends freezer when we moved. Soon I'll retrieve it and do the former as this will most likely be my last child. I'd like a natural alternative to hormone replacement further on down the road...
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that's from two years ago.......i did not make the capsules, and i've been told that a dehydrator placed outside might be a better bet. my midwives for ruby were curious about the placentophagy as well, and one of them pointed out that if squeamish, we could just cut a raw piece and stuff it in a capsule.

i started on it the evening i had the baby. alot easier with a homebirth of course. my previous two never made it anywhere since i could never really arrange the storage and transport. but then i was pretty stoic after having ppd twice. i had bought a heart shaped casserole and put it on the top shelf of my refrigerator. smoothies are a good idea, i just didn't have the energy to do all that. i would just cut a little piece like half of a centimeter cube, put it at the back of my mouth and swallow and repeat if needed. it was just soft and very cold. it did not bother me like if i was trying to eat raw meat due to where it came from and packaging and bactieria and such. i knew it was mine, and i make very pretty and healthy placentas i've been told due to my diet. i did try to cook some later, and i'm a good cook, but i was not interested in eating it. i made the mother essence a few days later. i have a really good fridge. unfortunately, my child left the door open a week postpartum and the last third of it had gone bad, which i buried.

i found eating placenta much less horrifying than thinking about where all my regular intake comes from in one day. think of all the factories and agricultural craziness. we are animals after all. and maybe if one thinks of it as medicine or a supplement it is not so scary. sheez, i found the alfalfa tablets almost impossible to swallow.
imagine you hear about a fantastic something you could take in small amounts as needed with no commitment after having a baby that would decrease your flow, improve your energy with a lean protein and tons of other nutrients, help your immune system, possibly prevent ppd (i'm not making guarantees here), that was totally natural in that you would be okay with absolutely everything (the diet you had while pg) that was used to make it, that would be already the perfect balance of hormones for you and your baby nursing, that would help you feel beautiful and wonderful, that costed nothing with no side effects or addictiveness, all in one item. maybe if i made lots of propaganda and offered to come over and serve it as a smoothie to postpartum women and charge obscene amounts of money it would become more popular? now there's a business idea.....

i guess i also figured i spent four months exhausted making the durned thing, i might as well do something with it.....i was going to make a print but didn't want to wrestle the thing before i hacked into it.....and i think it was actually more taboo for me to be shopping for a fifth of premium vodka while hugely pregnant!
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If I ever have another baby. I will eat my placenta.
I 'll eat ya'll placenta's ,if It will help me not get ppd.

BUT I get ppd after about 8 months with all 3 children, would eating it at the birth save me from ppd at 8 months or would i have to save some and eat it FOr 8 months? anyone know? anyone want to speculate?
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I apologize if my post came across as "immature" and "ignorant". Chow down if you want - I was expressing my OPINION. I think some of you need to lighten up. I keep forgetting that you guys don't know me like some of my other online friends so you don't know that I am joking about 90% of the time.

I had planned to bury mine under a Chickasaw Plum tree that I planted for dd's birth but it was taken to pathology because of some complications I had during pg. I was majorly bummed.

And according to my DH, who has his master's in wildlife biology, animals do not routinely eat their placentas.
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Originally Posted by Emilie
Can not help you here. No desire- don't eat meat as it is...let alone my own- curious to see what is posted here tho!
Hope you get some answers!
Wen I was growing up my Mom had a great, hippie birthing book. In the back were placenta recipes. I remember either reading in the book or my Mom telling me that placenta is the only unkilled meat you can eat- many hppies that are veg will eat no meat but placenta. It harms nooone and is very healthy.
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