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Any symptoms yet?

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I know I am not even 4 weeks along, but I have no symptoms. My backs sore, but I am also packing boxes. Hows everyone else feeling?
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Nothing really yet except happiness. I'm having menstrual cramp type pain but I remember having that with my last one as well. No morning sickness yet, thank God. I was sick for 9 months with the first and about 7/8 months with the next two. My boobs are a bit tingly but nothing real noticeable.
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Lots of them! Luckily I don't get morning sickness, but I've got extremely tender breasts, heartburn, constant need to pee, fatigue...I know I'm missing some. It's kind of reassuring, but it would have been nice to have a few weeks. I started getting symptoms by about 6 dpo.
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a few here and there. I got my BFP's on the 23rd of June. I've been very hungry since just before that. And when Idon't eat, I get nauseated as soon as my stomach growls. Very annoying.

And this morning, I woke up after dh's alarm went off about 10 times, feeling nauseated, but it ended up just being that I had a little direah, which i had with ds in the beginning, so I'mnot too worried. It's a thousand times better than vomiting to me though!

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Not much here either and there is a little part of me that always feels worried without some bigger symptoms to make everything feel "real"......I have the sore/heavy boobs and twinges here in there like menstrual cramps. I fear MS since I had it pretty bad last time.......but there was reassurance with it too.......
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I feel pretty much like I did early in Frederick's pregnancy -- like I have slight motion sickness most of the day. I am urinating a lot more, twice at night. The fatigue hit with Frederick at 4 weeks and got very bad at six weeks. So far I think I am doing better in that department.
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I so wish i could pee less.I pee constantly!At least 3 times a night.

I also feel like i have motion sickness,some dizziness and more nausea in the morning.Very sleepy as well.

Each of my pregnancies have been very different.
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oohhhh yes -- peeing 3-4 times a night and it seems every 20 minutes during the day!

I'm more tired this time around -- and very emotional. I'm crying every other day! But I'm wondering if that's partly fear of losing this precious babe again...

I'm not as hungry this pregnancy, but I'm having more food aversions. And my breasts seem even bigger than my last 2 pregnancies.

Everyone IRL wants me to have m/s because they all think that will prove something is different this time around. But...I just don't think I'm the kind to get m/s. Though...I admit, I wouldn't mind throwing up once or twice for reassurance! How strange is it, though, that people are disappointed when I tell them I'm not sick???? Oh well...
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That's very strange! When I tell people I don't get morning sickness, I usually get some jealous comments. Honestly, some days I'd rather have the morning sickness than the near constant heartburn for the whole time. At least morning sickness is usually only for a few weeks.

I am so tired of peeing, too! I'm not getting up to go most nights, but that's probably because a)I'm only getting about 5 or 6 hours a night at the moment b)I go 3 or 4 times before I go to bed and I go the minute I get up.
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I'm not feeling too badly right now, I just have to pee a lot!! I can't believe I already have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. And my boobs are sore. Other than that, so far so good! I didn't have a lot of morning sickness with my first pregnancy and I am hoping that my second will follow suit.
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Oh yes, lot of symtoms here. The nausea started at about 6dpo and has been constant every since. No actual vomiting yet, just constantly feeling like I'm about to. My breasts are extremely sensitive. It's excrutiating when Koen first latches on but after a bit it's fine. Very emotional. Had some cramping early in the week but that seems to have stopped now. Oh and the power sniffer is in full force! Karl thinks that's the funniest pg thing of all! Though when I was in the commissary today I got a waft of coffee, though I was a good 5 aisles from the coffee aisle, the wave of nausea that hit wasn't so funny.

I think that's it... oh and my belly's popping out. I pretty much just look bloated, can't wait till I actually look pg!

It sounds odd but I love feeling like crap in early pg. It's very reasuring to me as I felt nothing with the 4 losses.

It's so interesting how some women can have little to no symtoms and their pg is perfectly healthy while others can be puking their guts out the entire time! I'm very happy to be right in the middle!
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The reason I finally broke down to buy a pg test is that I have grown almost a full cup size!!! Not only that, my hair is growing at something like twice its normal rate.
Luckily, I don't have any morning sickness or fatigue (yet). <TMI alert> I am terribly constipated, but I blame that on the (unfamiliar to me) German diet! I swear these people eat a lot of meat and cheese!!!
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No symptoms here yet, and really hoping I bypass morning sickness this time around!! If I get it, I'm heading STRAIGHT for the acupuncturist.
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Ohh I am so waiting for my boobs to grow. When not pg/breastfeeding I am not even an A. I hope you bypass the morning sickness too citygirl. I usually start puking at about 6 weeks and stop after I deliver. I really am hoping this time will be different!
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my joints have been achey and I don't know how else to describe this but my bones feel loose and weird.......I dont' remember this with #1, do you think this is pregnancy or something else?? I am getting plenty of calcium!! I seem to remember reading something about one's ligaments loosening and stretching during pregancy to accomodate the baby but I thought that didn't happen in full force till much later on..........any thoughts???
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I think it happens quite a bit early on, then even more right at the end. I could be wrong, though.

I've been getting quite a lot of period like cramps. Hope it's just ligaments stretching, though. I've forgotten.
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I'm pretty sure the cramping feelings are just the uterus stretching out to accomodate the new passenger!! That seems to be a pretty common symptom among the mamas here so far.
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I've been having:
Sporadic nausea - worse if I am sitting or laying down - but no vomiting
Fatigue - if I lay down after 2:00 pm, I will fall asleep immediately
Peeing quite often!

Mostly I am feeling okay. The fatigue may partly be due to my switch to decaf coffee. Pre-pregancy I would drink coffee throughout the day to get my caffeine fix, but now that is out.

On the days I don't feel nausea, I worry that something is wrong. Of course!

I've been trying to get better about eating decently, but am still far from my ideals.

I'm not sure if my tummy is a little bloated, or if I just want it to be. I love having a pregnant belly and wearing maternity clothes.

Unfortunately my extremely flat chest doesn't grow during pregnancy so I'll have to wait until my milk comes in to get the B-cup I covet (On the plus side, I have had an extremely easy time breastfeeding both my children, so though small, they definitely work well!)

Need to fix my sig line - EDD 3/3/05 (or 3/11/05 if this baby takes after his brothers, both 8 days late).
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Baby #4 here, and I suspected when I got my usual symptoms:

**A LOT og nausea - no vomiting... yet
**HEARTBURN, HEARTBURN, HEARTBURN (weird... isn't too early for heartburn???)
**Soooo exhausted!!!!
**Peeing ALL the time
**Bloating and general abdominal discomfort

The weird part here: Boobs are not swollen AT ALL!!
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No boob pain, that I know of .. They're a little sore, but I can't tell if that's because they actually hurt, or because i keep trying to see if they hurt *lol*

Horrendous nausea already - i haven't been able to stomach coffee, tea, or sodas at all lately, and most dairy foods, and I'm only 11dpo .. blah. I took a bite of dinner the other night, and lost it within about 10 minutes .. I just hope I don't have 24/7/7 ms this time .. (DD was born 6 weeks early )

I'm just .. tired. All the time. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, and napped at 8 .. How blah is that?
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