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I've exhausted most of the time (is that pregnancy or chasing a toddler?) and I have to pee more often. Instead of waking up all night to pee, my body holds onto it, and I wake up in the morning feeling like I'm going to explode!! This is exactly how it felt with my last pregnancy. I've also got a supersensitive sniffer, but no nausea yet. Just able to smell more! Other than that, just feeling light-headed sometimes. Is that why pregnant woman always faint in movies?

I never had larger breasts with my last pregnancy; only when my milk came in did that occur. And once nursing was going well and the flow was regulated, they slowly shrank back down to size. Sigh.

Oh, and they're much saggier now. I'm only 24! (Sorry to depress any of you first-time moms...it's likely to happen to most of us...)

It's early yet - not even 5 weeks - so more symptoms are bound to show up.
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My husband has been the one feeling sick. I have heart burn and fatigue at this point. I'm thanking God I have had no morning sickness, I am not looking forward to it. So far so good!!
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My symptoms so far:

Sore nipples, started about 2 or 3 days past ovulation - not as bad as I expected. It only makes nursing slight uncomfortable as long as DS isn't performing any acrobatics.

Nausea, started 3 DPO - very mild so far, goes away if I eat something.

Increased thirst, started 5 or 6 DPO - guzzling water

Increased appetite, started about 8 or 9 DPO - I'm always hungry!!!

Frequent urination, started 10 or 11 DPO - I'm constantly peeing, not helped by the 3 quarts of H2O I've been drinking.

Weird dreams, started about 10 DPO - vivid, odd dreams all night, every night.

Fatigue, started about 12 DPO - very mild so far.

Can you tell I was obessively charting all my symptoms? :LOL
I had all of these symptoms, except the nipple soreness, with my other pregnancies. They'll will all get worse before they get better.

The only symptom I don't have this time that I had before is bigger breasts. I wasn't nursing before, so my breasts started out bigger this time. They seems a little smaller, actually. I hope that isn't a sign that my milk is drying up. I still have plenty now.
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I was having alot of symptoms early on. I tested before I was even 4 weeks because I was so sure that why I was feeling so weird. My nipples were sore, BFing was uncomfy, I was tired and havng a hard time running, I would get nauseous off and on. All very unusual for me. It's stayed about the same for the past 2 weeks.
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I agree with the nausea..

One of my first tell tale signs was that I was ravenous (nursing and pregnant) and seriously ate like 6+ meals in a day (full cans of chili with cheese, etc). I kept thinking that I'd blown my Weight Watchers plan again and wondering why in the world I felt the need to eat so much! :LOL

My nipples weren't really sore (maybe a tad bit) but they sure are now! This should be interesting! :LOL

Oh and I'm definitely a bit on edge.. and a bit in the clouds! It's been quite a ride already!
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This is #4 and I am having a LOT of symptoms

#1 dizzy spells/motion sickness
#2 a weird skin tag on my finger (had one with my 2nd pg too)
#3 fatigue
#4 nausea--bad bad case of it. I am taking B6 and it worked for 2 days anow I am very green again.
#5 the 2-3 days I had no nausea my appetite was crazy mad! I would eat like Jenn above me.

I don't have sore boobs, which isn't typical of my pregnancies. And I have to say with this being my 4th pg they really are all different.
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I am getting up at the crack of dawn everyday! That's my only symptom...for now! :LOL
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Originally Posted by morningtillmoonmama
I am getting up at the crack of dawn everyday! That's my only symptom...for now! :LOL
Oh geez I htought I was the only one! Every morning this week I have been up around 5:30am! But I am staying up later too. Where I used to go to bed at 8 now im going around 12 or 1
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I'm 7 weeks and a day...so far not too many symptoms. Tired and lots of trips to the "potty" as Eli would say! I also realized a couple weeks before my BFP that I was loosing weight...acutally my chiropractor kept mentioning it...I'm maybe 14# overweight and have recently lost 5# of that?! My 19month old is still nursing quite a bit so between Eli and "Pat" (we call our babies "Pat" before they are born cause you don't know if "Pat" is a girl or boy ) I seem to be burning more calories than I can keep up with!
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