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Dont worry you are perfectly normal! Return to menses varies from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. 11 months is not concerning...don't worry it will come back
Blessings to all you twin mamas,
New moon
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gogi, how are you? I know you must be sooooo ready to meet these babies! Any day now and you will be holding them in your arms!! I am so excited for you! You have done such a wonderful job of taking care of yourself. I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you!

How are you other mama's feeling?

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Today I decided to get out of the house. We went to but my son a big brother present for when the twins arrive. I feel so tired and kind of sick from that outing. My legs are swollen and I just feel....sick. I can't believe I am nearly 40 weeks. I don't think women carrying twins are supposed to be pregnant this long. It is really taking a toll on my body. My blood pressure (which has always been normal to low) is getting kind of high and all of my joints just ache from carrying all this weight. I hope I am not really getting sick. Did any of you have any signs that labor was about to start (burst of energy, nesting etc.). I don't feel any changes except increasing exhaustion.
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I just hopped on this board about a week or two ago to check it out and I've become totally obsessed with gogi and her twins. It's like a soap opera.:LOL I've been checking in everyday to see if you've had those babies yet. I went out of town this weekend and was sure I'd come back to find that you'd had a wonderful birth, but alas, you are still pregnant.

Just know that I'm thinking about you gogi, and I'm wishing you a wonderful birth (and soon I hope.)
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gogi, I went shopping the day the girls were born. I was so tired of being big and pregnant that I figured I would move around as much as humanly possible! It worked for me, I hope it works for you too!

Please remember even though you are having lots of people there, you can always ask them to go out of the room to have some private space. I'm certain they will understand. Even though I chose exactly who would be at the births, I kinda let myself feel like "mom on parade".

You will have the energy you need to have these babies. Once you know you are in labor you are going to be so excited to meet them and weigh them!!!

Everything is going to be fine and you will do just great!! Hang in there, it will be any day now!!

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I went 39 weeks and both babies were out happy and healthy four hours after my water broke. However, I believe I was in labor for three days before my water broke. I paced everynight due to insomnia and even took a tylenol one night because my back hurt( HaHaHa). It never occured to me I was in labor, why I'll never know. I hope you have a wonderful labor and delivery. i am routing for you. I wanted a home birth but my midwives would not do it. Everything was great except for the medical staff and having to deliver in an OR.
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it must be hard to get all that is required nutritionally now that you have almost no stomach room!, but are you getting enough protein and albumin?
I got they with just one, although I carried to 44 weeks and I felt like the best thing that helped was swimming ! Can you go emerse yourself somewhere?
hopefully private?
Good luck to you!!
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I have been doing OK with the protien. I don't think I am getting 150 grams a day anymore, but I am definitely over 100. I am eating a lot of smoothies with protien powder and I always carry a protien snack bar in my bag. I can't stress over it because i am doing the best i can at this point. It is hard when I gag quite often. I am so sick of eating. I was going to the YMCA for a while. Now my suit doesn't fit and the whole changing process is exhausting. I have been sticking with the birthing tub we have set up. It is heated and although it is not big enough to actually swim, it is big enough to float and turn and stretch.

Tomorrow I turn 40 weeks and have another dr. appointment. I will let you all know how it goes. Oh, I feel better today. My breathing is more difficult and I sound like darth vadar.
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hang in there you are doing a great job!
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Unassisted Childbirth

I read Unassisted Childbirth by Laura Shanley after I had my first son, wishing I had read it before! I did have a hospital birth, and it went pretty well considering. But it could have been so much better! I read the book just before i got pregnant this time, and her book led me to Birthing From Within, Childbirth Without Fear, and many others! I just love her stories of birth! I loved the book so much I had my mom read it! And she's totally for it!! (but she also has a friend who had her last baby at home)

I am not having twins, but I had to say that reading that book WILL change your life! I look foward to laboring this time (in November) and though I'll be having another hospital birth (with a midwife this time) I will be FAR more prepared. I will labor at home longer...and use natural methods. I wanted to the first time, but I caved in to myself! I had no support, really. Maybe my third child will be born at home- my husband is not comfortable with the homebirth idea yet, but I am working on it. And maybe I can just have an oops homebirth.... I am not "high risk" or anything- just normal! So a homebirth could be ideal. Even before reading Laura's book, I wanted a homebirth.

I admire and congratulate all of the women here who have had home births! Sorry if this is off topic and so long, as I am not expecting twins!

I will be thinking of you all, though!!!! Happy home birthing! And GOOD LUCK GOGI! Hope those babies come soon, happy and healthy!

Anyway- if you haven't already- you have to pick up and read a copy of Unassisted Childbrth by Laura Shanley. Thank you, Laura!

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Wow - I just happened to drop in tonight for the first time in several weeks (I wanted to see if Gogi had her babies) and noticed Francine's post. Thanks! I'm so glad you found my book helpful.

And as long as I'm here, hang in there, Gogi! I'm sending positive thoughts your way!
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Hi everyone,

I've been gone for a week or so, and I was SURE Gogi would have had those babies by now! I am SO impressed, Gogi, that you have gone so far and grown them so big. I can hardly wait to see how big they really are! Surely you've had them by now and we just haven't heard. . . keep taking good care of yourself, you are my inspiration.

Art of Birthing,

Good advice about standing to deliver. All the more reason to refuse that epidural my Dr. thinks is a good idea if the second is breech. I will talk to my midwife Thursday and hope that she can help support me in not having one. Also, I second the swimming, or floating, or thrashing, or whatever in the water.

Bean and cheese burritos, breakfast, lunch and middle of the night!


I didn't get my period back until the night before my son's first birthday and that was only nursing one. The only reason I was anxious was that I wanted to get pregnant again. Otherwise, enjoy not having to worry about it. . .

I went for ultrasound today and at 24 weeks, the two (confirmed girls, yay!) are estimated to weigh 1 lb 8 and 1 lb 7, which is great. I have been stuffing myself with protein, despite still being morning sick (I know this has nothing to do with protein intake because I eat protein all nightlong, every time I am up) My son was thrilled to watch the ultrasound. I will see my midwife for a good "talk" on Thursday.

Great to see so many people on this thread!
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Theo's mama,
How exciting! You know it is girls! and that is good size for 24 weeks!! My fetal grow chart says one should be about 1lb 2oz for 24 weeks, so that is awesome, you will probebly have good size babues too!!! Keep on visiting it is fun to see everyone's journey!
Hello, do you remeber me? lol! We talked via email alot before the birth of my second. ( I have had both my children at home unassisted and I loved your book too! ) It is cool to have you here!\
Hello again, lol!
I got my period after 6 months nursing my first daughter and after 12 months when I was tandem nursing her and my son. I wouldn't worry, It is natures way of spacing the children the longer the break the better in my mind:-)

gosh girl, I sure hope you have had them! I know for you it feels like you are "Late" and that is one of the hardest things! believe me, I was 43 and 44 weeks with my two children and it felt like I was going to be pregnant forever!
I just read a birth story on www.birthlove.com about a woman that carried triplets to 41 1/2 weeks! they were all like 7 pounds and born at home!!! so hang in there we are all cheering for you!
as for me, still measuring big, 24 cm at 17 wks. I have question for all of you or rather a poll, did you concieve twins by chance or with fertility drugs? Just curious about the ratio?!
good luck and hugs to all,
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Hi Augustine - yes, I remember you! I'm glad you enjoyed my book!

I just remembered another twin homebirth story that I don't think has been mentioned here. It's in Lynn Griesemer's book, UNASSISTED HOMEBIRTH: AN ACT OF LOVE. A woman was told that she needed to have a C-section because she was carrying twins, both of whom were breech. She and her husband decided to ignore the doctor's advice and give birth at home, unassisted. The babies were born on their due date after an easy, nearly painless, 35 minute labor. Both were breech but slid out easily.
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Hi- Art of Birthing! Are you having twins?

I had my mw appt today and the baby is head down! YAY!

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HI Laura, you are right, that is a great story and a great book, amazing how yours and Lynn's book can be titled alomst the same thing and be about the same thing, yet be so amazingly different!

Hi Francine,
Maybe I'm having twins, there are a lot of signs that point to that, but I will just wait and see, I guess! I'm glad the baby is head down, keep working on position though, so it is anterior as well!

love to all,
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Hi everyone!

Welcome back Theo's mama now you'll have to keep us posted on your birth. It must be exciting to know you are expecting girls!

Art of birthing,

I forget, how far along are you? Are you able to hear any heartbeats yet? BTW our twins were conceived by chance, my father is an identical twin and my husbands aunts are identical. I read in books that identical twins aren't hereditary but I think it's strange then that we had identical twins.
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Mommy of twins:

After participating in a couple mothers of multiples groups, and just talking to lots of people who have twins, I think identical twins might be hereditary. I have met too many people with several sets in one family. For example, one friend's husband and his three brothers each had identical twins. (Doubly interesting because "they" say it's only hereditary through the mother.) In my family, fraternal twins consistently skip generations (my great-grandma was a fraternal twin, my mother was a fraternal twin and I have fraternal twins.) But my sister has identical twins, which is really odd. I also have a friend who helped out with some twin research while in med school, and she said there's a lot about twinning that just isn't understood at this point. So, anyway, all this is just to say that maybe identical twins are hereditary, and maybe twins can be inherited through the father's line, and maybe the experts just don't know for sure! Your story sure makes that idea about identical twins not being hereditary seem suspicious Well, fun to wonder...
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Gogi, we haven't heard from you today so I am hoping that you are in labor.

Laura, I recently saw the movie "A Clear Road to Birth". My friend who has had two unassisted births lent it to me. I found it fascinating and good food for thought! I'm not sure if I am ready to take that leap but then I also wasn't sure about homebirth before too (wouldn't have it any other way now)!

Theo's mom-It's great to have you back! I was wondering where you were!

Cakes, glad you joined us! I can't wait to hear more about you and your babes!

artofbirthing-How's the eating going? Are you feeling better?

twinsb3 and princess7179-how are you? Are you guys still around?

You guys are all so awesome! I am excited that this thread is still going! ~Jill
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I have heard on multiple occasions that identical twins are by chance. Fraternal twins are definitely hereditary!!

So I wouldn't have any chance of having fraternal twins, but I probably have a chance of having identical twins...

Good luck Gogi!!!!
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