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I have a question for those of you would have had twins in a hosptial. How far into labor did you decide to go into the hospital. I am in my 37 week with twins and feeling like it is almost time. With my first child I went in during the last 5 hours of a 28 hour labor. I couldn't imagine having gone in any earlier and being stuck at the hosptal for most of th labor. I talked with my midwife on and off till I went in. My doctors and I have agreed on a natural deliverywith this one also but we haven't talked about how soon I will come. I would love to hear comments
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ps I hope no one minds that I posted my question in the twins at home section....
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Hello to gcopley,
I was 39 weeks and I had been dilated to 3mm at my regular check up that day.I went into active labor at about 4am (my water broke). I called my midwife at 4:45am she arrived at 5am and I was dilated to 8. We called the OB and raced to the hospital. My first twin was born at 6:43am, my second baby was born at 7:51am. No drugs, no complications. I spent 38 hours laboring/delivering my first baby.toomany drugs, too many interventions.
Wait as long as you can. I had to go straighth to the OR and would have been miserable laboring for any length of time in that situation. Will your midwife come over to the house and labor with you? I wouldn't have known when to go to the hospital except that my midwife checked my cervix. She knew I was close but surprised how close I was.
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Hotmamacita~I did not have a HB with my twins.They were diagnosed with a VERY rare amnoitic defect at 6 months,and it made our pregnancy extriemly high risk,and also we knew they HAD to be delivered early.They were born at 34 weeks.Maybe later when you have had your babies if you want to know the whole story,I will tell you about it.So I cannot give you any advice on how to deal with negativity concerning that area.But I say you go girl!!!!!

As far as after the babies are born,you will need(in no particular order)
*2 tubs if you can(I found it easier to try to have the babies do as much as possible at the same time.This your SO can help you with,plus its nice bonding time for all.
*LOTS OF FILM!!!!!!!!The best thing I can tekk you is document everything you want to remember forever,either by film,video camers,or journal(best if you do it all,but you may be too busy!)It is so hard for me to remember the first year especially.Even as I look back on the second,its a haze too.I am so glad I have lots of pictures and tons of vidoes.
*Lots of sleepers,and I mean lots if you dont wan tto do a load of laundry everyday.You will have your hands full if you are doing cloth anyways,save your energy for that.
*A really good breast pump.2 if you can so you can double pump.
*2 car seats
*If you are going to co sleep an extra bedrail or 2 will eventually come in handy.Depending on the sleep positions you choose.
*Again and I cant say it enough 2 or 4 if you can slings
*A really good breastfeeding pillow.Ilove my eazy-2-nurse foam pillow,others here like thier inflatable one.

Thans all I can think of for now,maybe others can jump in here and give you thiers too

gcopeley~CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!I dont think you need to worry about asking ANY questions here,we are all here for eachother,no matter how you birth.

Good luck to you all.You are doing soooo welllllll!!!!!!!!
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mommyoftwins~I am so sorry,I just say your post way ip ther,I dont know how I missed it.I was not ignoring you honest.

Thank you though
They are 2 now!Where did that go??????I want another set now.This time I would love to have id boys.
But dh is not so willing........Oh well who needs him I say!This is the yea2002!
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Thanks mamas for the replies. I do not have a midwife at this hospital That has taken some getting to as I started this pregancy with a lay midwife and had been planning on a homebirth but she does not do twin births and she was the only midwife in the area who did. My plan is to hold out at home as long as I am confortable doing so but it is nice to hear other experiences. I had not gotten a good breastfeeding pillow ( I had thought my boppie would do) but now I have been told a few times how I really should get one. I am going to look into it. I do use slings and have two new ones ready for use (my 3 yr old is quite attached to his and it is like a security blanket now, didn't want to make him share when he will already be sharing so much). The babes will be sleeping with us. Our 3 year old has never left our bed so it will be a full house. I couldn't imagine any other way, especially during those beginning sleepless nights. Can I just say that I am ready to go! This last week the BH's have been so intense I wake up every hour at night to pee and then have to wait about 5 or minutes afterwards for the BH to subside. Everything suddenly feels very squished. I am glad to have made it this far though. Can't complain too much as they seem to be growing well and healthy Wow Cakes, your 2nd labor went so quickly! I am hoping that this second does also!
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Wow this thread is amazingly long!!! I am glad to hear all the good reports and see new posters. I have made it to 37 weeks ladies and I go in for another nst tommorow morning. We have hit a few bumps in the road, but are staying possitive. Lucas (baby b) will need surgurey soon after birth for the fluid on his brain, and Jonas (baby a) has fallen off the growth chart because he has barely gained in the last three weeks. The boys share a placenta and Lucas is hogging it all from his brother. The perinatologyst wants them to be delivered on Tues. or Wed., and it will be a c-section unless the bottom twin turns head down. This pregnancy has been a wild emotional ride, but I am sad that it is at the end. Never did I dream that I would have such a medicalized pregnancy/birth, but I am so thankful for the medical technology we do have. A peace has come over me and I know that these babies will be fine and dandy, and we are ready for them to be here with us. I still don't have stretch marks, but I feel like I'm gonna split in two from all the pressure. My milk has come in and I have woken up to a soaked shirt several times this week...lol. Please keep us in your thoughts mamas because I am nervous about my baby having surgurey so soon and I may not be able to travel with him right away because I will be in recovery too and the hospital he will go to is almost 3 hrs away. I can't imagine. So, the next time I post will hopefully be a wonderful birth announcement! Take care all you beautiful pregnant mamas, and try to relish in it even though it can sometimes be hard it is so very beautiful to give life. (especially two )
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My good thoughts are with you over the next few weeks. i hope everything goes smoothly and look forwrd to hearing about the latest set of "twins at home" twins. Amazing how we have sooo many variations on the twins at home theme.
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My thoughts are with you and your boys twinsb3. We both have little Lucas's on the way!
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Hi, mommy of twins. It is always encouraging to hear your story.

All is well. Babies are head down and I am big and slow.

I'll keep y'all posted.

38 weeks (b/g twins)
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I wanted to let you all know the good news. I gave birth to Lucas Abraham and Ezekiel Jaden on November 17th. The labor was 12 hours long and everything went great. The birth was vaginal with no intervention or pain killers with the exception of a small dose of pitosin (uterine stimulant) between the boys since the labor was stalling a bit at this point. They held out till just after 39 weeks and were 5lb 11oz and 6lb 6oz. I really think that a very wholesome diet that was high in protien contributed to this. I also had a very detailed birthing plan that was discussed with both of my doctors before hand that included as little intervention as possible. It paid off. My doctor sat back and really only was there for the catching (and occassional monitoring which drove me crazy!! but that was my compromise with them). Thank you for the support. I greatly appriciated it!
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Congratulations gcopeley

Welcome baby Lucas & Ezekiel!

Hope all is well with everyone. BTW I used a boppy to nurse my girls and it worked great. As they got bigger I would put a pillow under the one side so it would support them more and I could still be hands free. It's amazing the positions you can create to nurse twins! Good luck to you all.
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I had my boys! Lucas and Jonas were born via c-section on Nov. 12 at 1:36 and 1:37 pm. L was 5lb 12 oz and J was 6 lb .12 oz. Everyone is fine and in great health The perinatologist was wrong about everything...their weight was fine, they weren't sharing a placenta, the are NOT identical, and Lucas is looking great and as of now doesn't need surgury. I had a fantastic hospital stay and my doc was awesome! I have recovered quickly and certainly have learned to juggle...lol! Hope everyone is doing well, and congrats on all the new babes! Take care!
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Holy wow!Lots of babies!!!!!!!

babies and congratulations!!!!!!!
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Congrats to Jen on the births of her babies !!!!!!

I AM at 40 weeks (b.g twins) and weeping and waiting. I feel disappointment at times and incredible hope and joy at others. This is hard. Much harder than the first two, I think.

I'll post when they arrive.
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Hi all,

sorry to disappear, but my computer crashed and then I was hospitalized for "mild preeclampsia" (don't believe I had it, but that is a long story) for three weeks, then finally had Talia and Xanthe on Nov 27, via C-section (another long story, but for the best, my choice, followed my intuition, which steered me correctly). We are all home and happy and healthy, although the surprise was that Talia was 3 lbs 14 oz and Xanthe 6 lbs 4 oz, although they'd both "measured" at 5 lbs at 35 weeks.

Congratulations Gcopely and Jen, and way to go Hotmamacita, probably congrats by now to you too!

Life is hectic!

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Congrats Theo's Mama. Your life must be full these days.

No babies yet. 40 weeks today. And they seem comfy in there.

COngrats again.

40weeks (b.g twins)
4 yo girl, 18 mo boy
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Hey Theo's mama, glad to hear you are all home and happy!!!! Go hotmamacita. It look forward to hearing how everything goes I am just beginning to be hit with the overwhelmingness of two babes. My days include extremes of ups and downs. I still look at them and think "OH my god, thoses two are really mine!" I have found carrying them in the sling one at a time has been great for bonding.
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Here's the short version.

Last night my babies came. One on the 20th and one on the 21st. The girl arrived (frank breech) first and was 8 lbs, 3 oz and 21 inches. The boy, arrived, (footling breech), about an hour later but by this time the 21st of December, and was 8lbs, 14 ounces.

My midwives were AMAZING. The birth was not without its complications but they were skilled and trained and calm. The birth also had many moments of laughter, comedy (my son's water bag soaked one midwife right in the face) and joy. We stayed up till four in the morning celebrating and eating.

Well, I better get back to bed before my psychic midwife and friend calls me and says, WHY ARE YOU OUT OF BED?
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