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Congradulations Hotmamacita! How wonderful to hear! My babes were also about an hour apart.
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Congratulations theo's mama and hotmamacita!!!!!!!!!!WOOOHOOOO!

Hotmama~I think that is wonderful your babies are born on a different day,then they can each have a 'special' day!And one big birthday party!!!!

To all mamas of twins,I have started a thread in finding your tribe for us.Check it out when you have time.And for goodness sakes get as much sleep as you can
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I am totally impressed with a homebirth with two breech babies! And you grew those babies so well! You are amazing!



P.S. Other twin mamas: will my tummy skin EVER be normal again?
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Theos mama~Re will my skin ever go back to normal?
NO!Just kidding.It really depends on your skin type.Mine has definately not!I dont think it ever will.

for all you other mamas of twins I have started a thread in Finding your tribe where we can introduce ourselves,and discuss or ask anything we need to since there really is no where for us to go.Here is the link.I hope to see you there!
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My twins are here!

Hotmamacita and I must have had similar vibes going on!

My twin girls were born at home, 12/21/02 at 40 weeks and 2 days gestation. They weighed 8 lbs and 7.5 lbs. Baby A was vertex all along, but B didn't turn until 38w5d!

You can see photos and read the story if you'd like at:


Robin, MOM to Owen & Clara 12/21/02

PS They aren't nursing yet! We're EPing for them...
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What wonderful weights! COngrats on the birth of your babies. I haven't read your story yet but will soon.

We'll have to be in touch with each other since we share so much in common.

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Here's the long thread on TWINS.

How is everyone doing?
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Here's the long thread on TWINS.

How is everyone doing?
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Hotmamacita? Are you magic? All the sudden this thread appeared and I could not be more ecstatic! I don't know what you did, but THANK YOU!

I had posted before about twins and homebirth and all this is music to my ears. We have two boys ages 4 and 7 and we are expecting b/g teins in July. I am trying to eat as much as I can, but am often not hungry. Does anyone have a good smoothie recipe that a few of you have mentioned? We have a wonderful midwife with another MW attending, and are just excited for our homebirth. i am actually more nervous for afterwards, nursing, two etc... any ideas on all that?
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Here is a smoothie recipe. I never measure so you'll have to figure that part out for yourself Frozen berries, frozen banana, yogurt, soymilk, and orange juice concentrate. From there you can add any supplements you like...spirilina, kelp, protein powder. The frozen banana really adds a creaminess to it. I lived off those during the warm weather with my pregancy with twins. They were born after 39 weeks and were 5' 11 and 6' 6. Good luck.
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Hey guys there is a new forum under parenting issues for us multiple moms!!!!! Check it out.
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want to bump this up

Are there anymore mamas with twin homebirth stories out there?

I'd love for this discussion to continue.

I went over 40 weeks and my babies were over 8 pounds each.

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I had my identical twin girls at home (almost 13 years ago) first pregnancy and birth.

I went to 42 1/2 weks and they weighed a bit under 7 1/2 pounds each.

They were born one hour and ten minutes apart, I had a huge placenta (weighed 6 lbs) but did hemmorhage afterwards. I was fine though.

Birthing twins at home was great for me.
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THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! Can you tell us more of your birth story? Did you have a midwife? How did you find her? How did others support you?
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I had a friend years ago who had twin girls on time at home on Labor Day 1980. The doctor who delivered them at home died. n She found herself pregnant with twin boys four years later due in December.

They were born prematurely in the hospital on Labor Day also. One died, and the other had cerebral palsy. He is now eighteen years old and she homeschooled him. She did a wonderful job.

Also, Cybill Shepard had her twins naturally in a hospital setting with the doctor who did backup for my homebirth doctor.
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Yes, I was living in Santa Fe at the time and used a midwife whome my friend used a few months earlier for her twin homebirth.

My birth story (as well as my other birth stories) are at birthlove.com

my labor was quick (a bit over 4 hours) but I was induced (my wishes) by my midwife rupturing the membranes (which put me into full blown labor right away) something I would not do again (rupture membranes) but the first baby was very low (both were vertex) and there was litle chance of cord prolapse etc..

I was quite swollen in the perineal area for a week after the birth. I felt pretty weak afte rth ebirth and it took me a good several weeks to come around. I nursed my dd's for 4 1/2 years until they weaned during another pregnancy.

I'm due with baby # 5 in 10 weeks.
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Hi everyone! Hi Hotmamacita..thank you for all your great respones when I was out of my mind when we first dicovered twins! I am so happy to say our babies are 2 1/2 months old and beautiful! We had oour wonderful homebirth on July 24th. It was 4 hours from start to finish, and the babies were 8 minutes apart. It was such a perfect birth and what an experience! My doula/friend put together a website for us. HughesTwins.homestead.com
Keep the stories coming..I love to read them!
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As faras others supporting me, my husband already had 3 homebirthed children and it was seen as just natural/normal.

I had already seen a UC birth take place when I was around 19 when a teacher of mine had her 7th baby during a macrobiotic cooking class (15 min. labor) so homebirth was nothing unusual/scary/new to me.

I did have an ultrasound to confirm whether it was indeed twins and the MD proceeded to tell me everything that was going to go wrong with my homebirth. I walked out in th emiddle of the conversation and that was that.

The key element was a positive attitude about the whole thing and knowing that everything would inded be okay.

The midwife had little supplies as she was not liscened in the state. She had been a labor and delivery nurse in another state and had attended a few homebirths but had seen a lot of twins and triplets born in hospital.We had no oxygen but all went fine .

I had planned a waterbirth but since I had back labor (first twin was born posterior) I let hot water run on my back for so long we ran out of hot water.

I went to my bed and birthed them in a squatting position. After the first twin was birthed , I had to lay down as I ws feeling very tired. My uterus stopped contracting and about an hour later my midwife told me it was about time to get the second one out. I pushed without contractions and my second daughter was born .

Placenta came out shortly afterwards and that's when the blood loos took place. I can't really remember all the details after that. I didn't even know I hemmorhaged until the next day when the midwife came back and told me.
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jodoula fantastic. FOUR hours? GRRR.............
I will check out your site asap. I hope there are picture of them up there.

ELAINE THAT is a wonderful story!!!! I am sorry about your post-partum but it sounds like you had a GREAT midwife.

I am so encouraged to hear your stories.
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>>>jodoula fantastic. FOUR hours? GRRR.............
I will check out your site asap. I hope there are picture of them up there.>>>

Thanks Hot mama! Did you get a chance to visit our site? Don't forget to sign the guestbook, I love reading the entries! How long was your labor???? I was so afraid there would be hours between babies, but as intense as those 8 minutes were, I was glad to only have 8 minutes!!! Do you have your birth story posted? I would love to read it again..I think I did once before. I am getting ready to finish my version of the birth story so it will be up soon. I forgot to add that Baby A ( Avonlea) was born in the caul!
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