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Thanks for the nursing inspiration. I do feel much better that I continued with the nursing. However, it has cut back to only 1 time during the day instead of 3 and as often as they need at night. That is much better for me and the girls seem to be content with there vitamin shakes! And yes the house is as childproof as I think but then something else comes up that I never thought of but their little minds have! Are your girls still partners in crime or have they passed that stage?
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I am still not sleeping to soundly, but I do have a Dr. Apt next Thursday with a really awesome midwife friendly Doc. He is supposed to be really laid back and I can't wait to meet him. I am trying to gain weight by drinking protien shakes and eating more high protien snacks. You mamas are right...keeping this weight up is not an easy thing to do. I want my babes to be big and healthy. I can't imagine having little tiny babes. Jack was 8lb6oz! Take care ladies.
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I definitely relate to maternity clothes not fitting. It helps that at this point I am not going anywhere but the doctor. I have actually sat on my porch in my underwear, no one would know, my belly covers my entire lap! It is hard to reach the key board too. We ate diner tonight at my mother-in-law's and I had to put the plate on my belly because I was too far away from the table.

Yesterday we got a call from the doctor saying that the practice would be OK delivering me at home before I officially reach the 37th week if i went in to have an ultrasound and just make sure the babies are still in the same positions and that they seem to be a good size. I am only 3 days away from 37 weeks so i don't think it will be much of an issue. The ultrasound was fine. baby A is still vertex and baby B is transverse across the top of the uterus. They are estimating them to be 6.3 lbs. and 6.4lbs. I put very little trust in ultrasound estimates, but the twins have measured almost exactly the same at each visit and their growth is appropriate for gestational age. I am really enjoying all the messages and will definitely let everyone know right away what happens.

I am so sick of people pointing out the "dangers" of twin delivery and especially home birth that i better do this at home to prove them wrong!

Oh, we have not done the belly cast yet. I opted to go eat out today instead, surprise, surprise.
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So cool to hear all your stories!!! I am 14 weeks with number 3 and am questioning if it is twins? I was wondering if you all could help me?
I am not comfortable doing ultrasounds, so I kind of have a lot of guess work ahead of me. I know the day I concieved with out a dougt. We had sex 39 hours previously and I double ovulated.javascript:smilie('')
embarrasment I have only done that 5 times in my life, I know what it feels like!javascript:smilie('')
My hpt came up totally positive seconds after peeing on it the day before my period was due. I had horrible morning sickness, and have to sleep all the time. Now at 14 weeks, I am measuring 20cm... am I just imagining things, or could it really be?

how far "Ahead" did any or all of you measure at this stage?

Did any of you just feel pregnant with more than one, before it was a fact?

I know that latter on I will be able to hear two heatbeats and or palpate two babies, but I am just so curious now! With my first two even though they were huge, 10 lbs and 11.4 lbs, I measured right on the whole time, I never went over 1 cm over the week. So maybe this is just a normal variation of the thrid pregnancy, but still, I would appreciate your opinions!

thanks, sorry this has gotton so long!
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I understand what you mean when you say people can't believe you want to do this at home. I think that made me try harder to do what's best for me and my babies. My thinking is if someone tells me I can't do something I try my darndest to prove them wrong. Another thing I remember people saying is I won't be able to breastfeed twins because my milk will dry up. Well, it's been over a year and a half and I'm still going strong I probably have enough milk to supply another set of twins! But I'm glad you got the okay to give birth at home. Once you hit 37wks. you will be at more ease. How's your son. Is he getting excited? Take care!


Congratulations on your pregnancy! I was 18wks. when I found out it was twins. I felt the same way about ultrasound but I wanted to know if it was 1 or 2 to make sure I was doing all the right things like eating enough protein. Plus when I found out it was twins the midwife at the time wouldn't deliver twins at home so I immediately found another midwife and that gave me enough time to get to know her and feel comfortable with her. I waited until 18wks. to do the ultrasound but I was measuring large sooner than that. I just wanted the babies to be a little bigger and we didn't let the technician let the device on my belly long. Hope this helps you.


I'm glad you found a dr. who seems like they might be flexible. I know gogi was having problems sleeping and they suggested a recliner. I used a body pillow and made my dh rub my back to fall asleep. Take care and let us know how your appointment goes. Try and make a list of all your concerns to present to this dr. so you don't forget anything.
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Mommy of Twins,

My son is getting excited for the new milk the babies will bring. He talks about that a lot. I really don't think he has a clue that these new babies will be a permanent part of our lives. I think he will enjoy them. He walked by our birthing tub (set up in our dining room) and said it was for when the babies come out. I never told him that. I think he has a pretty good grasp of the process because of all the birth videos he watches. Everyone is concerned he will be afraid or upset being at the birth because of the noises I will make, but that is his favorite part. He is facinated by all the sounds the laboring women make. I have started to make some low moaning sounds during my braxton-hicks contractions just so he is used to hearing those kind of noises coming out of my mouth.


We had planned to not have any ultrasounds during this pregnancy, but decided to do it when I was measuring large. I did not know when I got pregnant (2 month window) because I was still nursing and not having regular periods. I guessed when but did not know. At my 12 week visit I measured 13cm (normal). At my 16 week visit I measured 18cm. (normal). At my 20 week visit I measured 23cm. (still normal). At my 24 week visit i measured 28cm (out of normal range). I thought maybe that I was wrong about my due date. I was glad I had the ultrasound because i was not eating enough and gaining enough weight for a twin pregnancy. I totally changed my self-care and felt much better. I had other ultrasounds to confirm growth and position of babies (critical for having a home birth). It is good to know early because you can make sure you have the right care for the birth you want and that you are taking care of yourself as best you can. Are you excited about the prospect of having twins?
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This is such an exciting thread, but hard to keep up with everyone. I went away camping for the weekend and came back to pages of replies!

Thanks for the support and advice. I think if I insist, my doctor will go along with my wishes--he does backup for a group of 12 midwives and in their words, they hired him, not vice versa. I just need information so that I feel comfortable standing up for myself and can make good arguments. You've been really helpful with that. I also need to talk to the midwives, not just him and see how they can help me advocate.

I did ask why he couldn't just "hurt me" if I was willing to go along with it (to turn the baby, etc.) and his reply was that I was a big strong woman and I might be able to fight him back! Good one huh? So I have to consent to having myself numb or knocked out?

It's exciting to read about everyone further along than I am (including those of you with escapee twins!) and gather all the advice I can. I am looking for a recliner. I am stuffing myself with protein, although I have to admit that I really have a hard time with it. I am still nauseous on and off, but I know how important it is. I'm kind of in awe listening to the countdown as week forty draws closer. I'm also so inspired by all the strength and confidence you all give.
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Whoops, I missed some.

Artofbirthing, I measured 19 cm at 13 weeks (I already knew it was twins from ultrasound), which I think was almost double what it "should" have been if there was one baby. I think 20 is pretty large for 14 weeks. I also could feel movement really really early, and two distinct places, although, as I said, I already knew, and question if I would have known it was two if I hadn't known already, I probably would have thought I just had a little swimmer. Horrible morning sickness, all day, yes! still in the morning! You should know soon. Sounds like you are excited about the prospect! It is exciting.


You are doing so well. Hang in there. How old is your son? Mine is 3 and also excited about there being milk again (I stopped breastfeeding in order to try to get pregnant again). I don't think he has any concept how this will change his world, but he is excited about having two babies. I worry about how much he will give up when they come and try to spend as much time as possible spoiling him as I can now.

Any other advice from those who had an older sibling before twins?
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Yes I am excited about the prospect, although a little overwhelmed,. I have a 4 and 2 year old that I am still nursing and I'm in school full time, plus, I work out of my home office. But I will gladly change it all for this, just I didn't really expect it. I still really want to know if it is twins, but haven't gotton to the pointe of wanting to get an ultrasound. I'm not totally against it, I just would feel bad if it turned out not to be and I had gotton one unnessarily. I haven't hadone with either of my other two. But I am considering it if I get to 20 weeks and still don't really know for sure..... Thanks for all your feedback, It is exciting to be in the world, Kind-of, and I would love having twins, liturally having even 8 lb twins has to be easier than my last boy who was 11.4 lbs! lol
I am excited to hear your birth story, hang in there, we are all rooting for you.!
PS another funny thing, yesterday, my husband cracked a double Yolk egg from our own chickens! lol he thinks it is a sign!
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Theo's Mom,

My son is 2 1/2. We just bought a couple of little gifts for him. One is a big brother gift. the others are just in case gifts. Just in case someone comes over with gifts for the twins and forgets about the big brother. We are curious of how this will play out because he gets not only all my attention, and his daddy's but my sister lives with us and he gets all her attention too. I think there is enough people to go around.


I had two signs that i ignored. My intuition was begging to be heard. When I went for my glucose test I knew I would get a lot of fetal movement because i don't eat any sugar, honey etc. and that stuff is soooo sweet. After I drank the sugar drink and I started feeling movement I said to myself "there THEY go!". I laughed that I used the word they instead of he, she, it. The other sign was a dream the night before my ultrasound. My father and my mother's cousin were walking down the street towards me and they were Identical, i couldn't tell wich one was my father (in life they look nothing alike). Later i realized there was a sign as early as my first news that i was pregnant. When I went to write down my due date on the calendar i wrote "the babies are due", then scratched babies out and wrote baby. I just realized this last month when i flipped the calendar to August to write something down. Freaky huh?

I am so glad you are all interested in my pregnancy, sometimes i feel like I am just writing way to much info (boring). It helps to know that i have people out there who are kind of along for the ride.
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I'm so anxious for you. Every time I see your name with a new post I look quick to see if your in labor! The gifts are a great idea for your son! You and your husband need to go out on a date before the twins because your not going to get to much together time for awhile afterwards. Just a thought!
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I know we should be going out. I have thought about that. I have been asking my family to help out so much with my son lately, I feel bad about asking them for more. My sister took my son to an amusement park on friday and to a party all day on Saturday. My husband happened to be off both of those days, and we spent them together. We went out to lunch and just hung out and discussed the things we are to busy to talk about. It was nice. My dr. appointment is tomorrow and I will let you know how it goes.
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not too much info! We're all waiting day by day to hear the outcome.


ok, you have me beat! How on earth do you find time to write with all that going on? I have a three year old who is not nursing (but wants to when the babies come!) and work part-time, and I thought I had no time! I'm waiting to hear your outcome too, but I'm betting on twins. Intuition is pretty strong in these things.
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Ladies, I am so glad that this thread is going strong! I have busy getting ready for my dd's birthdays on Wednesday.

Gogi, I was just thinking about how you will be at 37 weeks tomorrow! Our kids will be almost exactly five years apart! I am so proud of you! You have done such a great job taking care of yourself and preparing for these two new babes! Your son is lucky to have a Mom who has taken a lot of steps to prepare and include him. Now you can relax and know that we will be thinking of you every day and sending you positive thoughts and wishes!!!

artofbirthing, welcome! I hope you are pregnant with twins because it is such a blessing! My midwife first noticed that I was bigger than normal at about 16 weeks. She told me "you are either off on your dates or you are having twins". At the time we were considering moving to a place that would have not been easy for family to get to so we went ahead with an ultrasound. It took me awhile to find a tech that would only take a "peek" to see if there were two and not do all the diagnostic stuff. I did find one though and she was great. I understand if you don't want one at all though. I really would have been fine without one, yet the wondering would have drove me crazy. I felt a lot more hungry with my twin pregnancy and also I felt more pressure earlier on.

Theo's Mom-If you decide to go with the dr that your speaking of you still have the right to refuse an epidural. Have you considered going out of area to find someone who will take a more trusting approach? (I'm not sure what is around your area).

I don't know that there is any easy way to prepare the older sibling for the arrival of new twin babies. It sounds like you guys have the right ideas about including them in the births as much as possible. Someone bought my ds some twin dolls when I was in the last trimester. The thing that I found difficult were when the babies were nursing and almost asleep and he would want to talk to me and wake them up. Yet it was great because I was in one spot and he still had access to me. Most of the time they were small he did great. The most difficult time was when they started crawling and getting in to his things.

Twins get a lot of attention and I would try to include him when people would notice the girls. If they would say "Oh, you have twins, what are their names"? I would tell them their names and then say "And this is their big brother" or something to make sure he was noticed as well.

One time when we were out shopping (the girls were about two years old) and some salespeople were paying a lot of attention to the girls, my son pulled on my sleeve and said "Mommy, I don't think that they know I am real". I have had to take some time to explain to him that people are really fascinated with twins and that doesn't mean that he is not important. Now that they are older I feel that his life is definitely better because his sisters. I understand your sadness about your relationship with your first child changing!

Tammy-They are not so much partners in crime any more! They are partners in secret plays, doing artwork side by side, playing dress up together, and putting stuff in each others hair. They do still keep me busy yet in a different way. When people see me with my kids and say "Boy, you have your hands full". I smile and say "yes, and so is my heart"!! ~Jill

edited for typo (sorry so long)!!!
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I just went for my 37 week visit and there is not much to report. I didn't want a vaginal exam and we didn't even bother with the measuring. Just a quick check on the babies HR's and out of there. I am very tired today and I think the babies have shifted a little lower because i feel a lot of pressure and cramping low, along with a shooting pain through my pelvis. I am just so tired and feel so full today. I am going to rest, rest, rest, and wait, wait, wait.
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Oh I'm so excite, Gogi It could be tonight!

We sure have all gotton into your story! I am really excited for you! I think it is awesome to have them at home! Some many people don't even consider it! And then they Just needed their C-sec, most likely becasue they were in the hospital to begin with! I can't wait for your story!

Theo's mom,
I am excited too, thanks for your sweet words! I would be very happy if it was just one, but I would also welcome and rejoice two... I am just going to wait a month or so and reevaluate how I'm feeling and how I'm measuring, ect... By about 19 weeks i should be able to hear a heartbeat with my fetoscope, so that will also be a clue! I did find a place that will just take out of pocket payment for an ultasound with out a referal, but it is 200 dollors! If I really want to know, I guess, I could handle it, but I'll wait for now!

Nice to connect with everyone, I'm going to keep lurking, hope you all don't mind, talk to you soon,
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Thought it would be fun for y'all to know you've got another "lurker" here! I am ttc #2 and pray for a homebirth next time around. Not sure if twins are in my future but I've had a blast following these postings, I just felt silly posting when I had nothing to offer! Still, I wanted you to know how much fun I have reading. Even dh is waiting w/ baited breath to see when you deliver your babies, gogi, no pressure or anything, though! Seriously, I've really loved reading all these stories, what a blessed and exciting time for all of you. Thanks so much for letting us all share in it a little bit with you. Keep up the posts, you've got a fan club here!
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sounds like anytime. I will send you my positive thoughts and strength for your labor. You'll be busy, but please have someone just let us know you've delivered, we are all waiting day by day! How exciting. I'm so proud you are having a homebirth.


I probably will stay with my doctor, because it is probably the best I can do here with the insurance coverage I have, without going to a midwife for homebirth. It is a midwife practice and he is the backup doctor. I guess it is hospital policy that I must have a physician for twins, but that is on my list of questions. You'd think I could do better in Northern Ca. I have a list of questions to probe him about next week, then a visit to the midwife to ask for advice/advocacy, then a visit with my Bradley instructor, and may also consult with my General Practitioner, who did homebirths for years, but does not anymore.

I have gained so much in talking to people about this on this board, help sorting out what I want and don't want, encouragement that it IS my birth and I CAN refuse an epidural, and I feel so glad to have been able to do this before I go talk to him again. I'll let you know next Tuesday.

I also loved the advice about how to help Theo when they come. He is so excited and just has NO idea what it will mean for his life, lucky little pampered mamma's boy that he is! I'm glad that he ended up being a little older and getting some babyhood in.
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Theo's Mom
The hospital I delivered at also said that I had to have a Dr. present also,but I could also have a mw.Once I got to the hospital though I had to insist that I wanted the mw on call.
Be careful about refusing the epidural in the sense that if my mw hadn't talked the Dr. into trying a breech I would have had a c-section.Make sure you have a mw that will back you up.(Not saying you should get one,I didn't,just make sure you know what the Dr. will do if turning a breech baby won't work etc...)

Good luck!
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Thanks for all the well wishes. I was feeling a little down today (cabin fever) and you all cheered me right up.

The situation in Chicago is pretty much the same with midwives. Once you are pregnant with twins there has to be Dr. involvement. I am not sure if any of the Chicago area midwives do homebirth for twins. The advantage of my practice is that they are doctors that do homebirth. If i were to need to go to the hospital to give birth they would still be my doctors. There is a continuity of care that is nice. My husband and I were talking about the possibility of c-section and we decided that If my doctor reccommends a c-section, I must need one because he does everything to avoid them. That makes me feel confident. we should all be in the care of someone we can trust, unfortunately that is hard to find in the world of interventive birth. As a Bradley teacher I always promote midwives and had a midwife for my first pregnancy. This situation worked out better for us as far as the homebirth issue. Now I am so glad that I decided on this practice becasue there was no change in my care when we found out we were having twins. I am surprised that this option is available in the midwest.
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