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Way to go! You made it to 37wks. hang in there and lets see how big these babies get! I wish I was closer I would come and cheer you up but unfortunately I'm not. Instead I will tell you how wacky I was the day my water broke. I was home by myself (I worked with my husband in our office) because I had the day off. I had just been to the midwife that morning for my 37wk. check up. Anyway, I was lounging on the sofa when water started coming out, I jumped up ran into the bathroom with a huge smile on my face because I was so excited. I called my husband at work and told him, he had me call the midwife. The midwife told me I would be fine until she got off work but if my contractions got stronger to call. Well, I didn't know what to do with myself so I cleaned my whole house till my husband came home. He told me I was crazy! We broke out the camera to get some last minute belly photos and my husband made a sign for me to hold that said "Happy Birthday 12-20-00". Well I was in labor for 23hrs. so the girls weren't born on that day they were born on the 21st, so we look back and laugh at those pictures! Sorry for rattling on I just wanted to help cheer you up and make your day go a little faster! Take care.

How are the babies? Is nursing going any better for you?

How far along are you? And I forget when your appointment is to go see this doctor?
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The babies are doing great,but sad to say the nursing is not.They both weigh about eight pounds now.They are growing so fast.I can see a difference almost everyday.

It's great that you made it this far.I'm so happy for you.Now you get to have those babies at home like you wanted to.Best wishes.
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Happy 5th Birthday to your beautiful girls! Have a great day with them.
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Your doing great with your little guys. Enjoy every day that you can because they grow so fast. One minute their laying side by side cooing and not moving then they start rolling, crawling and now that climb up on the table together and run away! It happens so fast! Take care. Let us know if we can help with any guidance in the nursing situation.
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Mommy of twins

Thanks so much for your story. I can't figure out how you were able to clean your entire house. I do nothing, literally, nothing. I am so off balance i almost fall over. With my first birth I labored for a total of 2 hrs. and 45 minutes, so I certainly hope I am not in labor for 23 hours. I do want to go longer. I need to make sure everybody makes it here in time! I am not interested in having an unassited twin home birth. I am starting to feel I could easily go to 38 weeks. I want to have these babies but have not reached the anxious "when will it ever happen" stage yet.
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Wow,only 2hrs and 45 minutes last time.Well,there is hope.I also delivered fast my first two times(4 hrs.first time and 1hr.45 the second)so I was really worried that I wouldn't make it to the hospital.I got to the hosptial at 4cm.and contractions every five minutes.That was at 11 in the morning.Then the contractions kinda slowed down a lot and didn't start up until they finally broke my water at 11 that night.Then it only took half an hour.Of course, they wouldn't let me get up and walk around like I wanted to.Just proof that every time is different.Especially with twins.
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I don't know why but I never really lost my balance with the twins even though I was extremely big. However, after they were born I was tripping over everything. Plus cleaning relaxes me, I know I'm one of those weird people. Take care.
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Mommy of twins-Thanks for the birthday wishes! We had great weather so we were able to have the celebration outside. I loved looking upon my dd's as they flittered around and remembering their births!! At bedtime we snuggled together as I told them the story of their special day and how happy I was when they arrived. They got a big smile on their face when I talked about nursing them together.

gogi-How are you today? I'm glad to hear that you are resting. The day I went in to labor I also cleaned (not the whole house though) and went shopping. I was to the "I've had it" stage and was ready to meet my babes! Luckily they were ready to come too on that day.

maramo-I'm glad you joined in! Isn't gogi amazing?

theo's mom-how did your appointment go? Was it this week or next week?

twinsb3-how are you? Is the shock that your having twins sinking in yet? I hope you will share about your appointment. It is really great to hear how everyone is making choices and looking for their best option.

Please forgive me if I forgot anyone, this thread is getting wonderfully long! ~Jill
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Hey ladies, I posted a thread under "Talk amongst ourselves" called "Do you have or are you expecting twins"? I am trying to rally support for a multiples forum. If you are interested could you cast your vote of support? Thanks ~Jill
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Last night was terrible. I am just not comforable in the bed, the recliner, any where. I had moments today where i wanted to jump out of my skin. It is getting harder to breathe and sometimes it makes me slightly panicky. I kept myself occupied today. I went to the park district pool with my sister, niece and son. We went swimming for a while and then went home to rest. I later went out to diner and decided I just don't fit into the booths or chairs comfortably anymore. I trying not to be so negative, but I assume those of you who have had your twins already can relate to the "done" feeling I have. We wondered for a while if we would have July or august babies. Now the question is "today?" Thanks for everybody's encouraging words. You have no idea how much I have needed to hear them.
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Keep your chin up Gogi!

First of all your babies will be so healthy! All becasue of you! That is awesome and second, think how much we all respect you!!! Lots of well wishes and good sleep,
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Hang in there. Maybe your body's telling you it's soon time to have these babies. Try to rest to get ready for this awesome birth experience. I have faith in you that you are gonna be great! Take care were thinking of you.
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I wanted to let you know that I slept well last night and feel really good today. The calls have begun. Family and friends asking when I am going to have these babies. Oh, i forgot to say, I am actually doing laundry today (it is a big deal for me).
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Gogi...bless your heart mama! I am 24 weeks and I am already feeling like I can't breath well (mostly because I am barely 5'3" tall.) Good to hear you slept well last night. What was your secret?! LOL. I am already sleeping with three pillows.

I *thought* my Dr. apt. was this past Thurs., but it is actually on the 8th....duh, preggo brain. I was embarrased because I showed up and everything, but the good thing is I got all my paper work and ins. stuff out of the way.

Tues. was supposed to be my last day at work (waiting tables,) but my boss hasn't replaced me and begged me to work today and next Friday. Ugg. We could deffinately use the money right now, and I feel really good so I guess it's really no big deal. I'm just thinking that I really need to slow down a bit and enjoy my three year old son while I have him all to myself. I relish in him and can't imagine not being able to give him all the attention we are both so used to.

Hope everyone has a great night!
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hang in there, you are doing so great! It can't be long now. I'm so inspired by you (ok and also a little worried because I already can't sleep and sometimes get breathless and I'm only 21 weeks. . .)

Mommy of twins,

I'm 21 weeks. My doctor's appointment is next Tuesday. I have a huge list of questions and then plan to meet with the midwife I like best. She is an older English woman who is also a homeopath and has tons of experience and will be a strong advocate. The first time I visited the practice, she told me, "we hire the doctors, the doctors don't hire us!" I'm feeling pretty confident about advocating for myself. My hubby is also totally supportive.

Twins b3,

I got a good laugh out of your going to the doctor's appointment early, because I also had it in my mind that mine was this week, but I didn't show up! I have a three-year-old son too, and I am really really enjoying being as totally present with him as I can, and giving him the last "unshared" moments of his babyhood (spoiled!), but I also know that having siblings will ultimately be great for him. I'm thinking a lot about how to still find time to be totally there for him after the twins are born.


appointment is next week--see above! I thought it was this week too!

Kind of nice to think that there are other pregnant women lying around trying to get to sleep too, when I am. Too bad we can't get together! I'm trying a bath with relaxing aromatherapy oils just before bed and that seems to help a bit.

I'm trying to eat more protein, so doing two shakes a day and a protein bar or two. Does anyone have a bar to recommend that is high protein and not so sweet?
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gogi, the last few days before the girls were born were the hardest for me! I also was unable to get comfortable and felt like I wanted to escape from my body. It won't be long now and then you can rest with your new babes next to you. It took me a good week and a 1/2 after they were born before my body didn't feel strange. I hope you will really be able to rest and enjoy the first weeks with these new little babes. I hope you will let others spoil you and bring you food, etc. etc.

Have you thought about how you will tell them apart if they are identical? Our midwife color coded their umbilical cord thingy (can't remember the name!) but they were easy to tell apart because one had lots of hair and the other one didn't.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us! I think we are all enjoying hearing about how you are doing and waiting eagerly to hear about the arrival of your twins. I bet you will be so amazed at yourself when you are holding your two new precious babes!!!! Hang in there and know that we are sending you lots of energy and positive thoughts!!! Blesssings, Jill
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Okay, here goes nuttin. I don't have twins and we are not ttc (yet?) But, I've forever been fascinated by twins (and the mere prospect of Mothering them).

I got halfway thru the second page of this thread and I must say I am disturbed by hearing doctors talk of babies getting stuck. I HATE that word!

That's how they sucked me into having a cesarean. Grrrrrr.

Our bodies are made for birthing. I think babes get "stuck" cuz some a-hole told us they were. Then we get scared of the thought that we are defective and our labour slows or halts and the doctors are then free to do keerap to our bodies in the name of the medical establishment.

You ladies are goddesses. Birth goddesses. And don't let anyone tell you any different!

Love to all here!
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I hope I didn't give you all the wrong impression. I am having trouble breathing. That is one of the main reasons I have been sleeping mostly in the recliner. When I lay flat i feel I am being suffocated. I felt out of breath early in the pregnancy and was found to have low iron. I decided to treat that by eating foods high in iron and taking a herbal supplement called floradix. That really helped. What has helped a lot with the insomnia was increasing my calcium intake. There seems to be a link between nervous insomnia and low calcium.


The only getting stuck my dr.s have talked about is a situation called "locked twins". That is only a danger if the first twin is breech and if they share the same amniotic sac. Other than that they are fine delivering vaginally and fine with my second twin being breech (which it is). They also tell me I am a goddess. Everyone should have providers that feel that way, right? Be careful hanging around this twin thread, it might rub off. I have people rubbing my belly all the time trying to "catch" it. Thanks for all the encouragement. I came to the conclusion that women are unbelieveable and so much more stronger than we realize. So much stronger then men in a way. I have to say after witnessing this pregnancy, my husband fully agreed.
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"I came to the conclusion that women are unbelieveable and so much more stronger than we realize. So much stronger then men in a way. I have to say after witnessing this pregnancy, my husband fully agreed."

Good for you!!!

I'm vouching for everyone to come to this conclusion and truly live, breathe and believe it!!!

Now if I could only take my own "advice" more often.....
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I had trouble taking deep breaths because I'm short and the girls were up in my ribs for a long time. However, I never got uncomfortable being pregnant (I loved it!) until the week before I gave birth I had that incredible itchy belly that was not fun. It sounds like your going strong and keepin these babies in as long as you can. Keep up the great work!

Theo's mama,

Don't forget to keep us updated on your dr visit on Tuesday we'll be thinking of you!
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