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Tandem Nursing Twin Toddlers (photos)

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Hi everyone!

We just got back this roll of film, and I thought you all would appreciate these shots of my boys (16 months) tandem nursing.

Tandem nursing at the park

Tandem nursing STANDING UP

The first photo shows one of my favorite nursing positions (though, honestly, I don't normally use it in public. . . ). The second photo was a spur-of-the-moment solution to two crying toddlers--not a recommended nursing position!


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Love it! Aren't our bodies amazing?!
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OMG Lex these are the greatest! A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

I also checked out your link to photos of the boys - what cuties! And Jasper looks EXACTLY like you! (or am I crazy??)
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OK, wait, I may be totally out of it (haven't been to the multiples board recently), but did you and Lena get married recently? I think your sig used to be different.

If so...

: :
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Jaz does look a lot like me. It used to really freak my mom out. She has even called him "Lex" on occassion. People always think he's a girl, and I wonder if his looking like me is part of it.

Lena and I are now legally married! Thanks for the drums and champagne. We haven't done anything to celebrate it (we already had a huge wedding party after our civil union), but we are thinking of having a potluck or something like that. We just feel so lucky to live where we live!

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thanks for sharing, your guys are so cute
that first photo could be me (tho' i haven't done it at the park)
that is our favorite position too
and how we do it at night to fall asleep

our babies had the same combined weight
thomas was 8.11 and iris was 6.0
did they bug you about them being such different sizes
i mean when you were pregnant?
my bacup doc tried to tell me something about
wanting them to stay in some ratio
i just felt that they have different body types
they were both still growing
mine are 14 mos. old now

ramble ramble
thanks again for sharing

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It's our falling asleep position too.

I'm glad you liked the photos.

The doctors were never worried about the weight difference since they weren't identical. They were always different sizes, even from the first ultrasound at 6 weeks. They are still a couple pounds apart, but the difference isn't so obvious now that they are 22 and 24 pounds. Although Luke is definitely bigger.

It's been really nice with the diaper covers because I haven't had to buy twice-as-many in any one size. As soon as Luke outgrows a size, Jaz fits into it perfectly!

But in the beginning everyone (aka strangers on the street) was always exclaiming over how they *couldn't* be twins since "that one" was so much bigger.


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OMG!! Too cute. I remember when you had them! I can't believe they are 16months already
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ahhh! love it!!!!
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I never come to this board (dont have twins ) but for some reason - here I am! These pics are ADORABLE!!! I am totally in love with them! Too cute!
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What awesome pictures, Lex!! I literally LOL'd while looking at them...too cute!!

Congrats on your wedding! Are you two still thinking of getting pregnant again with her carrying the baby (or babies...) this time?
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AWESOME PICS! I can't wait to try the laying down one once my girls get older. We are still experimenting with positions. The standing up one cracks me up!! :LOL
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I hadn't looked at these in a while, and they really gave me a pick-me-up! After a hard night of world championship wrestling, also known as nursing to sleep, I would have liked to use that standing position!

I'm still searching for a good nursing to sleep position and need to try the lying down as you have it shown there. Hmmm...

Congrats on the recent nuptuals too! Twirl twirl!
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that's how we nurse too ! my girls are 13 months.
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Those are amazing pictures! And congratulations!

(I obviously never post here, but just thought the pictures were so great that I had to!)
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