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Oh yeah, the LC. I only had one nurse in the hospital show me how and it was while I was still groggy from being put to sleep. I'm glad I had done a lot of reading before then as I felt pretty much on my own after that. I did have the public health nurse visit after I was home and she showed me that I had a bad latch. I think they really need more help in the hospital for BF period! They are very pro breastfeeding and have an excellent breastfeeding library but they aren't really hands on when it comes to helping new mothers, which is probably why so many turn to formula.

They have had some articles in the paper more recently about breastfeeding programs so I'm looking forward to seeing what they have done in the past two years.
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Originally Posted by its_our_family
Don't hold your breath. This is one of those topics that is like "its not really going to happen if you are really prepared" so no one wants to talk about it. I've encouraged women to write a c/b birth plan and they flip out!

Does it seem to you that more and more gals here are having those unexpected c/bs or is it that ppl are more willing to be open about it?
I remember some of those threads. I think I got really lucky in that my emergency c/s was handled really well and went remarkably smoothly, so much so that many of the nurses thought it had been scheduled well in advance. I think there's a fine line between being prepared and 'expecting the worst/self-fullfilling prophecy' that women here are terrified of crossing. That's a real shame, because a little extra preparation could make the situation a lot easier to deal with for everyone involved. Why not think "better safe than sorry"? I wish I'd talked to someone on this thread before I delivered, if for nothing else so I'd have known in advance to have some granny panties on hand just in case. (I'm really stuck on the underwear thing! It's still bothering me, I guess.) My c/b experience went really amazingly well, and I still wish I'd recognized the possibility and prepared myself for it just in case. Maybe I wouldn't have had such a hard time wrapping my head around it all, you know?

My sister kept saying "You don't believe it yet, reality hasn't set in. I'm betting that it'll set in when they do the spinal." Actually, reality still hasn't quite set in. Here I sit, with my little girl sleeping in a sling, getting ready for her fourth round of bloodwork and smelling her beautiful baby breath, and I still can't believe she's here. Nothing about her delivery seems real to me, and I'm starting to wonder if it ever will. Maybe if I'd thought a bit more about the possibility instead of just dismissing it out of hand, I wouldn't be having these problems.
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Did anyone else get self-administered medication (SAM pack, as they called it at the hospital)? About 12 hours or so after my section the nurses dropped a little plastic bag full of tylenol, ibuprofen, stool softeners and simethicone tablets (for gas), along with instructions and a sheet to record what I took when. If I wanted anything stronger I was welcome to ask for it, but for basic pain relief I was able to manage it on my own.

At my nurses's suggestion, I took something for pain every two hours, alternating between tylenol and ibuprofen (so I had 4 hours between any one drug, but only two hours between *something*). And then the other meds as instructed. I definitely found that staying on top of my pain meds made a big difference - rather than waiting till I was already sore, they totally helped keep the pain at bay. And I liked that I was in control of my own meds, and not waiting on nurses (or having someone tell me I only needed "half a pill" - sheesh!).

The LC at my hospital was totally overworked. I didn't even get to see her for over a full 24 hours after DS was born - and this was a baby who wasn't nursing at all for that first 24 hours (took him 29 to get started, then he stopped again 15 hours later when my milk started coming in). She wasn't very helpful (he eventually latched on with the help of one of my homebirth midwives who was paying me a postpartum visit in the hospital). Nobody even noticed DS's tongue-tie until his first visit at the pediatrician's office.
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I think in general it would be nice if they actually educated hospital staff about the pain meds used for c-section and how they affect breastfeeding- or how the IV's affect sweeling, etc, etc. It would also be nice if there was more teaching on how to deal with a new baby and toddler after a c-section. ITA with whoever suggested that.
Toddler jealousy is one thing- not being able to do much about it because you can't hardly move is another.
At the first hospital- they had LC's coming into my room ALL THE TIME. Not that they knew anything about helping me deal with a c-section though. And they also were pro- formula at the same time.
This time- they hardly helped at all. Not that I needed their help being a second-timer and everything going fine- but if I actually had problems I would've been in trouble. The nurses also kept offering formula or sugar water the first night when my baby was very fussy. BUt- he was fussy beacuse he ate like 6 hours straight(colostrum)and of course that much colostrum will make his tummy upset, it's a laxative. So the rest of the night I have a gassy baby and nurses offering formula. And the nurse is saying "newborn babies only cry because of hunger". I think I knew more about babies than she did.
I was itching like crazy for a few days from the duramorph or whatever its called. SIL and I were joking that if they are going to give you morphine can't they at least give you the kind that makes you feel good? Instead of just making you itch...
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eilowny-- How is Rivkah doing? When will you have a better idea as to what is going on? I tried to look at her website but I don't have the right info to see it
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LC...they had a special nurse team roaming the hospital helping women. I don't have it scanned, but the first picture of me and Eamon is his first "meal". The nurses swaddled him nice and tight then held him up over me, like a flying baby, and he nursed pretty much that way. Then I think they slowly put him down on me, way up high on my chest.

Either that same time or the next time he was hungry they showed me the football hold, and I was set.

I'm not sure they even mentioned the incision, and I remember not even thinking about not nursing. I just dealt with it. Then again, I've been surrounded by nursing women all my life and have seen the holds over and over, so I could just switch him around if I needed to. Someone who hasn't been around b'f'ing would probably not be so comfortable doing that.

So maybe my experience was unique.

I was also lucky to have a little while to chat with the anesthesiologist. Since they were giving me the epi to buy me time, there was nothing rushed about it. So he knew Demerol would be much loved, but I would be completely asleep and borderline addicted within a day (not good for baby-caring), he knew that anything with naproxen (I hear of some women getting Aleve pp) might kill me (also not good for baby-caring), and that I wasn't allergic to anything else. And he knew that I had no interest in being awake for the surgery, and I still think he popped a little something extra in the epidural catheter, though I did wake easily when Robert told me we had a boy, and when I heard E yelling from across the room.

I guess the not-quite-emergency-but-no-getting-out-of-it c-section I had was somewhere in between planned and emergency in all ways...didn't know to bring granny panties, but they had many many many warmed blankets for me (I think I had four on me at once?).

I think MDC should *put* a sticky there, but I don't think it will be read by the die-hards like me. Like I was? Like I am? Hmm, still not sure on that one.
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Originally Posted by KKmama
Hey, Carie, my VBAC baby was born on the 19th of May!
Rock on! Must be something about May babies. Was your VBAC easy too? Jhonen's birth was AMAZINGLY easy and comfy. Im still in shock and awe over it
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I got a SAM with tylenol, ibuprofen, colace and MOM. Of course, I got one after Eli was born, too. I was incredibly greatful for the colace! Good grief, I was terrified to go to the bathroom after both births.

I'm sorry to hear that a lot of you didn't have support for breastfeeding. I did, but I didn't have any problems at all. It's not like Rivkah was even close to being long enough to rest on my incision; I just sat with a pillow under my arm and nursed her that way. She latched on right away and didn't look back, only fussing when she wanted clean pants on her minibuns.
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No, Carie, my VBAC was not easy, but it was easier than my C, and it was very empowering.
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I didn't get the self-med pack after my c-sec, but I did after each vag birth. I probably didn't get a self-med pack b/c they were giving me percocet and 800mg ibuprofin. They were awesome about my pain meds- even reminded me if I forgot for some reason. They said it's better to stay on top of the pain than to try to let it get ahead of me.

The LCs there were awesome, but very overworked (only 2 for the busiest hospital for deliveries in my area) but one nurse was almost qualified to be an LC.

Overall, the experience was as good as it could have been.
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Thanks Mom2Baldie for the link - there's some really great info there and it will come in handy!

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Okay, so this may be a strange question, but do I really have to wait 6 weeks before I can have sex? And what about orgasms, are those okay post-op sooner than six weeks? I never thought I'd be thinking this way, certainly not after Eli's delivery when I was in no hurry to get back into the swing of things, but 6 weeks seems like an awfully long time these days... :LOL
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I think I read as long as the bleeding has stopped, the risk of infection is gone. (My bleeding just stopped- hopefully for good this time, we've had a few stops and starts- at 8.5 weeks.)
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Yeah, I'd check with your Dr., it is all about the risk of infection. I agree with the PP about waiting until bleeding stops, for me that was over 6 weeks as well, stopping and starting. I was told no penis, tampons, anything in there for that whole time.
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i thought that my pp bleeding had stopped for sure (i went a day and a half with nothing) so in the shower i decided to try to check my cervix. i discovered that my uterus is no longer where it belongs, and that my cervix is actually flush with my anterior vaginal wall. wtf?!?! does anyone know what this is, and/or what correcting it might entail?
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Sounds like a little bit of prolapse - I don't think it's that uncommon as tendons and ligaments that support the uterus are going through their postpartum adjustment. Rather than the uterus and cervix being suspended where it is "normally", there's a little bit of a sag, so the cevix presents lower (in severe cases the cervix can actually protrude). I'm pretty sure that Kegels are the best thing you can do to help things get back to normal. In severe cases they'll do surgery, I think.

Others should be able to add their personal experiences.

Take care,
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I'm not one to jump and say "talk to your doc" BUt I don't know of that happening after a c/b. BUt then I don't talk to a lot of women IRL about where their uterui are

We resumed sex once the bleeding was gone. For me it stopped at 2 weeks but I had tinged cm for another week. So, I was about 2 weeks 5 days pp. I know this is your c/b after a vag delivery BUT you will still be tender, not just your incision sites and such but the whole workings.

I would think orgasm would be fine... have fun :LOL
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I had some uterine prolapse after my c/s, too. The midwife I asked about it said that probably it was partly due to DS' size (12 lbs), but that it could have happened even if he was smaller.

She also said to do Kegels and that more than likely, things would shape back up, so to speak. That was back in February, and I can see an improvement, so there is hope!

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Eating and drinking post c/s

Hi ladies,

Just curious - how long did you have to wait to eat real food and drink something? Anyone know what the rationale is for the delay ?


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I had my c-sec tuesday night and didn't eat real food until Wed night, but I started vomiting about 3 hrs after the surgery and that didn't stop until Wed morning, so I had a liquid lunch on Wed and kept that down, so got real food for dinner.
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