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Anybody else showing signs of labor?

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I lost my mucus plug last week. I had been experiencing pressure in pelvis area, but I thought it was because my maternity shorts were getting tight --until it happened when I was also undressed in the shower. Also, I am experiencing periodic back pain with sometimes accompanied nausea --mainly at night though.

My midwife-nurse said that I am warming up for labor and that she "may" come sooner.

Anybody else????
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Yep, I've got those things going on. I am thinking I will be one of those who have those long warm-ups to labor. Gets a lot of the "work" out of the way early and very easily Of course I guess you could say my "warm-up" for DS lasted 12 weeks (pre-term labor)

Personally I am trying to just ignore all of that stuff b/c I feel like otherwise I will be thinking constantly if it's going to happen soon or obsessing about every little thing my body does.
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Yeah, I totally ignore it cause I had it all for like 3 months with my daughter.

I say it means nothing until you feel the baby crowning Or your water breaks.
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well, i'd get a little excited if i lost my mucus plug... in the past, that has meant labor and baby for me within two or three days.

but nothing that exciting going on. just gradually feeling things lower, achier, more menstrualish... less air, more heartburn, more pressure... low backache, less stamina... it just feels closer, but not imminent.

guess that means i won't be first, but i'm fine with that!

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LOL, does anyone WANT to be first? I don't. I hope whoever has their babe first is someone who wants to be first. I want to be preggo long enough to grow a nice big baby!

Hee hee, I would honestly like to have an 8+ pounder and have a natural childbirth so all my neighbors will stop wowing about the neighbor who *oh my goodness* had a baby already at 8lbs and HAD to be induced and HAD to have a c-sec. It seems like none of these people will believe that it's okay to have an 8+ pounder unless they actually see it happen.
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Haven't lost my plug yet either, but the pressure in the pelivic area is major and add that with a BH and wow!

also feeling menstral like cramps in the early wee hours of am ..wakes me up in bed...had them again all last night...they seem to keep coming around the same time too ...hhmmm
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i completely understand how you all are feeling...constant low backache, baby has DEFINITELY dropped - ton of pressure *THERE* now lol...having some contrax's that i have to relax and concentrate on. nothing major yet though
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Hmm, not feeling much pressure "down there" yet but I am definately feeling more uncomfortable overall and getting more bh contractions. Still feel like it is a long ways away yet. Good luck keeping those babies put until their little bodies are ready for our world.

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I'm not due until the middle of August, so I really haven't considered my symptoms to be signs of labor. But, I'm definitely having frequent, and sometimes constant BH's. And a LOT of menstrual type cramping, which I never experienced with my DD. Last night, it was so bad, I had trouble sleeping. But, I probably would have had trouble sleeping for some other reason, so who knows? LOL. I have heard, however, that each successive pregnancy, it's common to have greater, and earlier, symptoms so I've just been chalking the cramping up to that.
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I'm due Aug. 1 so I guess I could "pop" at any time. This is #3 and I have gone "overdue" 10 and 6 days. On the other hand, I've never felt so many contractions and pelvic pressure. It definitely is an experience! I get several contractions accompanied with the pressure per day. The extreme heartburn has gone almost completely away though. I'm hoping to last until 1 or 2 weeks passed Aug. 1st so dh doesn't have to go on a week long business trip on Aug. 15. :
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I'm not due till the 20th but i wish i would go now!!! I know i would be 6 weeks early but i think this baby is already 6lbs+ and my sciatice nerve can't take it much longer! LOL

I havn't lost my mucuse plug... happend first two times durring labor. But my discharge has become thicker and more brownish. My bh contractions are daily now so hoping this baby comes out before it weights 9lbs!!!
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I've been feeling a lot more painful BH's lately and excruciating pelvic pain. It's been giving me a chance to focus on it and work through dealing with pain. The pressure some days in my pelvis is tremendous, especially if I've been walking. Lots of other things are going on too. One night I spotted a little, but nothing since then. I have to hang on for one more week since they don't deliver before 36 weeks here. I know I won't go before then though. I just want to go around my date and hopefully not after . I can't wait to meet our new little person
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I've been having painful BHs too...with DS they were sometimes strong but they never hurt, really. These ones do! But that's it as far as labor type stuff for me. Last time I had no warning til my water broke with a gush at 4 AM...wouldn't mind a slow warm up, myself!
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Weird question...

I'm such a newbie, so you may laugh at this, but.....

is anybody's vagina blossoming? I was looking at myself.... yes, i took a mirror off the wall and looked down there, and it looked different!!!! It looked like the vagina's of woman who are going to have a head come out of there! It was fuller and more open and darker.

Weird question, I know.
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