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Help....back pain....

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I don't know what happened but yesterday I was just sitting reading a book and my upper back started hurting....hurt to turn my head and to exhale. It was still liveable until this evening. Now moving at all hurts so bad I just want to cry, it hurts to breath, I can't turn my head or move my arms. I can't find the cord to the heating pad and all my kids are awake so I can't leave them to just go lay down. Hubby is on his way home thank God, and I just ordered dinner so I don't have to cook.

Anyway....any clue what this is? it hurts straight into my shoulders under my shoulderblades and up my neck. I'm 5 weeks pg and have no tylenol in the house...is ibuprophen okay? I can't even reach up to get my old baby books down to see what's acceptable and what's not....
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Sounds like a pinched nerve.Chiropractor and massage would be your only hope right now.I would take Homeopathic Hypericum.I hope you are feeling better.And don't let the heating pad heat you up.You don't want to get overly hot.
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ibuprophen is ok right now.

I'm sorry I didn't see this yesterday! But yes, ibuprophen is ok. Also alternate between hot and cold. 15 hot...15 off, 15 cold...ect. A rice sock is good for both, because in about 15 mintues the temp starts to warm or cool enough that it doesn't seem as effective.

It takes about 2 hours to 'freeze' a rice sock. I have two, a freezer one and a 'hot' one. Helps a ton!

Good luck!
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I second the chiropractor vote! Sorry I can't be of more help.

I hope you feel better ASAP!
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Actually you want to avoid Ibuprophen. It's been shown to cause serious problems with implantation--all of the NSAIDS have. There was an article on WebMD showing a 50% higher miscarriage rate in moms who took Ibuprophen from 2 weeks before implantation to 4 weeks after.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
The link to the article was listed here somewhere and my OB really warned me about it as I have rhuematoid arthritis, said they only REALLY found out about how bad it was about 18 mos ago.
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I hope you are feeling better today. I second the rice socks, they are great. If you have any spearmint eo too, it helps me when I get tension headaches, or sore shoulders and back.
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Thank you for all the suggestions....I'm better now. A few days rest and pampering (ha ha) from my dh and it went away. I don't ever want to do that again it really sucked.
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This sounds exactly like a bone that has gone out to me. That can put the muscles in unfamilar positions which really pulls them bad. My guess is one of the upper ribs, where they join to the spine. Or the shoulder blade.

I have found that, since becoming pregnant, I am not holding adjustments and my bones have been going out like crazy. Muscles are tight too...or just not holding right. When bones go out and don't go right back in, other stuff goes out to compensate and the pain goes away, but now you have two or more misalignments. I find it takes 3 days from sharp new pain to compensation. I also find that if I can get in to be adjusted before the compensation I am more likely to hold the adjustment.

Too bad I can't afford to see my chiropractor twice a week!

The muscles are always helped for me by an epson salt bath. I hadn't been taking baths since ovulating, just in case. I took one the other day though, just couldn't stand it anymore. But I used my digital therm and made sure the water stayed no hotter than body temp and also checked my body temp.

You may find ice helps or that heat helps. You ahve to experiment and it may vary too.
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