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catching up

Having some down time on this trip. Normally we would have left 2 hours ago. We really need to get out of here sooner rather than later.

I have been gone since Monday and I am so ready to be home. Plans for this weekend are sorting baby stuff. Still not certain on the car seat- I may plan on buying one next payday.

There were board wise 25,500+ posts since I logged in last!

Kimberly- be careful with your high bp.

Bearsmama- I am super emotional. We had a coworker die from a car accident. Her 14 month old died right away but she lingered a few days. Just really enforced how I need to reasses priorities. Another coworker I was traveling with nearly quit on the spot. Her baby is 10 months old and neither was ready to be apart. The dad brought her up after 2 days and spent 2 days tagging along.

Also on the nursing pain, I told ds2 that I had ouchies and he didn't seem to associate the pain with him. I am sad DS3 weaned, untill I remember the pains nursing while pg.

Lena- I was taking notes while reading- trying to hit on major high lights and had a whoohoo DH is home post, only to see he left again. Hope he makes it home safe today.

I feel I got so huge this past week. I am ready to be home. Hopefully we can leave now.
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It is July! Now when asked we can say we are due next month!! Ack!!
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Hi Ladies,
How's everyone doing? Hot here today, but managed to spend most of my day in a/c. Had a GREAT day. Got a manicure & pedicure. It was just lovely, and I've said before that I don't really enjoy this kind of stuff that much, but it was just lovely today! Toes look damn cute!

Feeling large and ready to give birth. Had a dream last night that I was going into labor. And in the dream I was having mild contractions and when I woke up I wondered if I had really had those symptoms while I slept? My pelvis felt heavy when I woke up, too. Funny...

Also, getting TONS of kicks on my right side from this little baby. So far over, in fact, that when I'm sitting down it feels like he/she is almost in my back. I hope this doesn't mean that we're breech. We'll see what the status is at my next appointment on Wednesday.

Getting our house organized and crossing things off my list. Little things, but it helps. We've been in our house for a year now and it usually takes us this long to get things together...we're slow...

Yeah, Lena, Where IS Madrone???

JL-About the GBS, do you or anyone else know what if the odds of testing+ for GBS are lower if you tested neg during a prior preg? Or is each preg different, I guess??? Just wondering...

Magemom-Sounds like you are ready to come home and start nesting! Sorry to hear about the tragedy at your work. What an awful thing. Harder to hear stories like this when you're preggers, too. Glad we're all emotional together!

Okay, ladies. That's it for me. I really can't believe that I am now under the 5 week mark! BLOWS ME AWAY!!!

Have a GREAT night, everyone!
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That happened to me yesterday!!! Somebody asked when I was due and, as always, I said "sometime in August..." and they said "Oh, next month!"
and I just about blew a brain fuse. Next month I'll have 2 children!!!

Well I'm doing this backwards: I haven't read any of the posts from the last couple of days, I'll catch up on them after I write this.
I don't know if anyone has been paying attention to it, but the government is going to be calling several thousand ready-reserve troops back to duty. We are waiting to find out if Brian is going to get a letter this month, and if so, we don't know what to do. If we were married they might excuse him on account of the baby and our financial situation, but since we're not it probably wouldn't matter. He is partially disabled from his time in the service (knee replacement) but that won't matter either.
I'm trying not to let it worry me until we know on what scale they're going to be calling troops in. He still has nightmares from his stint in Bosnia and he was seeing a psychiatrist last year but he doesn't think anybody who hasn't been through it can help him. I just know this would be worse, because during his enlistment at least he believed in his cause, but he's not behind the politics of this war. And of course he was just a kid before, with nothing to lose. Now he has a home, a child, and another on the way. He was joking about how much life insurance money I'd get if he died in combat. Ha ha.
Anyway, I guess there's nothing to do about it but wait and see. At least his business trips to China/Germany were put off indefinitely.
Meanwhile I'm having contractions on and off. I'm feeling them in my low back/hips just like I did with Olivia, and I'm trying to encourage Baby into a nice easy position. I guess the contrax lit a fire under my butt, because I did a lot around the house this week: re-arranged the furniture, steamed the livingroom rug, organized storage and just about finished decorating Olivia's room.... now all I need to do is finish painting Olivia's room and paint baby Amelia's initials over her changing table in the livingroom. I'm also getting a new slipcover for the sofa, since I'll be spending so much time on it.
I can't shake the feeling that I'm going to have this baby early, and most of my feelings with Olivia turned out to be accurate. Still I'm just 32 weeks so I'm not expecting anything to happen too soon...

Well the fireworks start in an hour and I'd better read those posts and run if I'm going to get a good seat
Happy Fourth, everybody!
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Oh Mealymama, I sure hope your dp doesn't have to go. It sounds like he really doesn't want to and who could blame him. I feel so lucky to have a hubby that is close by all the time. We even work together so hardly are ever apart. I will be thinking of you!

Bears, I have been getting kicks to the right side too. Almost straight laterally. My baby has been in a great position for a few weeks now so I wouldn't worry too much. Plus, there is still plenty of time to move around in there. The manicure and pedicure sound wonderful. I have been worrying about the fumes with that so haven't had anything done, but I am thinking about making an appointment for a pedicure around 38 weeks. I think it would feel wonderful.

As far as the GBS testing, I think it is variable on wether you will test positive the second time around. Heck women who test at 37 weeks and again at 39 weeks can have different results. I think "medically" they say the likelihood is higher but ?? It is a normal bacteria to have anyway.

Magemom, hope you get home soon. Trips really seem to wipe me out lately so I know how you feel.

As for me I had a massage (ahhhhhh) and my home visit with my mw today. My doula came by to meet her too. It is getting serious now ladies. :LOL I don't have another appointment for 3 weeks. Seems like a long time but I feel comfortable going a little longer. No concerns or worries so 3 weeks seems soon enough. We have some busy weekends these next 3 weeks. Going to a pole vault competition for my dh on Sunday (yes the 4th). Get pregnancy pictures taken next Saturday (can hardly wait!!) and my dh is riding in a 200 mile road bike ride the next weekend (the 17th) so I will need to drive and pick him up at the end of it. Plus I need to go to Canada and pick up a passport, and then go to the local Immigration office (an hour or so away) to update my green card in the next couple of weeks. I hope I have the energy for it all. Good news is I should have it all done to enjoy the last couple or so weeks of pregnancy and not have anything to stress about after the baby is born.

That's about it. I will talk to you all later!

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No doubt girlies! Madrone where are you??????

Jenn..sorry about your co-worker...that is just awful.....what kind of work are you in if you don't mind me asking?
Ditto on the feeling huge this week...I have not gained a lot this pg but I have a feeling that since I have been finally feeling well and really *eating* but not being able to do my pilates that I am gaining a few now....UGH! *sigh*.....we will see on Wednesdays appt just how much!

Bears there is lots you can do if your little one is breech to turn them around so don't worry...I get all my kicks on the right side too but that is b/c baby is laying his/her back to my left sideways/headdown if that makes sense....lol...yours could be too....

I am so happy..tomorrow puts me at exactly 4 weeks to go!
I am getting so excited!
Wednesday we go for my VBAC testing and will be tempted by the blasted U/S machine to peek at our baby's sex(have to have U/S for VBAC- policy of the hospital we want to birth at-BS I know)...dh has said recently that he would like to know now what we are having, which makes me so crazy b/c I was fine not knowing and now that I know he wants to know, it is itching me.....but we made it this far not knowing so I need to convince him of that .......and myself...ahhh what to do....

ok gtg to bed busy weekend starts at 10am tomorrow!
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Ok I guess I caught up.
Kimberlylibby, am I misunderstanding you or were you saying you have a birthing video for children that is graphic? If so, can you tell me the title? I want to make sure Olivia is really ready before I commit to having her there. We've already talked about blood et cetera and she seems fine with it. Plus, she saw her cat have kittens earlier this year... but it would still be reassuring to know that she really has a grip on what's going on.

Ilove, I'm sorry but that's pretty funny about your ds :LOL
my dd has never said anything that made me look bad, but she's tried to embarass me a few times. She calls her vagina her "fancy part" and once while we were in the dressing room at a department store she shouted at the top of her lungs "Mama, there's a STRING in your fancy!!!" loud enough for half the store to hear. I was having my period. I was so happy at that moment that she didn't use correct anatomical terminology!

magemom, that's horrible. What a thing for you to think about right now.

As far as birthing attire, last time I bought a very cute flannel nightgown that hit above the knee. It was so soft and cozy and comforting... and when I got to the birthing center they told me no way, I had to wear the starchy skimpy hospital gown. The mid-wife said that when women wore their own clothing it made her job too difficult. She said the same thing about using the whirlpools during delivery, even thought that's what they're there for... oh brother. So I froze my butt off in a paper-thin gown hanging open in the back, with 2 little flimsy squares of blanket. This time I'm using my own blanket/clothing and if they think they're going to tell me what to wear, they can tackle me and put it on me themselves. The things they chose to fight over!
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Hey there all,

We are so chatty. Ds is having a rough night sleeping tonight, so we invited him in bed with us. I am having restless legs so I escaped the pressure of sleep to come check the posts. It seems like reading these posts is the next best thing to a sleeping pill. I love catching up with you wonderful ladies and learning about your experiences, but as soon as I start trying to catch up, I get sleepy. It's a good bedtime routine except I hardly get finished catching up and I don't get to post much. I think it's the computer screen and my sleepy eyes. I know it's NOT the topic or the company

Can you believe it is getting so close, yet so far away. I am not really nesting exactly, but I did go to Sam's today and bought household cleaners in bulk in EVERYTHING even if we weren't out because I was afraid we might run out soon or forget to buy more and I'd be out when I needed it. So now we have stock piles of laundry detergent, dish soap, mr. clean, etc. I'll probably start using it obsessively soon. I'm starting to get in my head a list of things I need to buy to get ready for the hospital and post partum and I'll be buying that too. Does anyone have their hospital bag packed yet? (for those who are going to the hospital) I need to get that done. What kind of things are you bringing (besides the obvious) Last time I brought everything but the kitchen sink. I bought the cutes baby blanket for our little Thomas. It is one of the few things we've bought new for him so far. The cradle that is being stored at our IL's so far will be brought over next weekend! I'm so excited!

Q: What are you ladies doing about laundry detergent? Do you use regular or dye free or some organic type stuff that I've probably not heard of? I don't want to fork over the money for dreft, so I bought All free and clear. I used that with Ben (He was really sensitive for the first year or so) and it seemed to be good. What do yall use?

I am super emotional lately and the coworker tragedy and the dh's going oversees stories are making me misty. I hope that you dh's are home for your labors and plenty of recovery time. I just couldn't imagine what it must be like. My MIL was pregnant with her first child when her dh was in vietnam. The only reason that he was home for the birth of their son was that a major disaster hit (Hurricaine Cammille) and destroyed their home. This was before the baby was born. So I am sitting here thinking "what would I do if my husband was sent to war when I was pregnant, and my house was destroyed right before I was supposed to bring a newborn home!!!" They lived in a hurricaine shelter for the first few weeks of his life--can you imagine? ok I need to go to bed because all this is getting me weepy again.

I hope everybody takes care and has pleasant dreams and don't get too chatty so I can keep up. (just kidding--catching up on these posts is a great way to spend time propping up the feet)
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Hi Ladies,
I'm up here at 5:00am in the east b/c I cannot get back to sleep. Although I know that I'll probably crash sometime later today, it's so nice to be up now and hear the birds singing and have DH & DS still snoozing away!

Mealy-Hoping your DP doesn't have to go ANYWHERE, of course. And I can completely understand your instincts/feelings about the birth of this next baby. Although I thought I would go early with DS and was 4 days past EDD, you've had a different experience. I would prep early, early, early...

Naturegirl-Glad to here your babe is in a good position AND that you're getting kicks in the same spot as I am. This just all seems so different than with DS, and he was in a good, head-down position the whole time, I think.
Oh, and I've worried about the fumes at the nail place, too. But I did it anyway. I have only had it done a few times in my life and I think it is okay. Of course, I wouldn't want to sit there all day and breathe in all that stuff, but I *think* for a short time all is okay.

Hi Mealy!

Christeeny-I've asked the same Q about laundry detergent for the new babe's stuff. Last time I washed everything in Dreft. I'm wondering the same thing if there's a natural, organic-type detergent that would be better (and maybe less expensive) than the Dreft. I like to stay away from the perfumes and chemicals for the new little ones, but something about the Dreft just drew me to it last time!

Anyway, have a bunch of things going on this weekend. I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay awake for all of them!
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I made it home- finally

I am a Communications SUpport Specialist. Ha! Fancy name for the documentation requared to run a phone system in a large office. I work out of corperate location but help support the 48 field locations in 4 states as well. We are a team of 3 and I am the least technical, but I can follow directions like a good trained monkey. Normally I deal with contracts and invoices- making sure charges are accurate and as low as can be. Also anything related to cell phones is my area. Ordering, replacing, purchasing and plan changes. This road trip I was an "equipment buddy" helping out 2 folks from tech support upgrade all users to Windows XP and new laptops for mobile employees. On the last day something happened with the printer servers or something and instead of leaving at 11am we left at 3:45. Nothing I had a clue about which was why I could log on to the internet- I had nothing else to do!! It was also storming so it was slow driving. So instead of getting to the home office at 2-3, we got back at 6pm. Ugh. Oh well, OT before the baby's born can't hurt, eh?

The coworker who died was in a different office, and I don't think I ever met her. Most of my conversations with people are over the phone. That is what gets me- the potential to meet her at something is now gone.

I have never been tested for GBS. I did get a call while I was gone I failed my 2nd 1 hour glucose test. This does not look good. Part of me says skip breakfast before I call on Tuesday to get the 3 hour out of the way. And part of me says I probably have GD just send me tothe dietician and give me my glucose monitor. I am a tad concerned with the next pregancy. If I will end up with regular diabetes. I don't like to eat anything that isn't a carb!!

Laundry detergent? I LOVE Dreft. Every baby gets one bottle. I will use half the amount recommended and call it good. I don't like All's version of baby soap, but have used the Free and Clear half and half with the Dreft. Ivory Snow is another favorite and I do use it- even if it washes out the flame retardancy stuff.

DH made it to our first child's birth by 10 days. I told him the due date over and over but he came early 'just in case' I even scheduled an induction for 2 days before he was scheduled to go back overseas 'just in case'. I had no plan for what to do if he wasn't back. There was someone in Iowa who lost their home due to fire and they sent the DH back for 2 weeks to help. I can't even imagine.

You know, I sat down here to balance the checkbook for hte first time in a week and jumped on here.... what does that tell you about my priorities? lol
I need to finish that so I can get up and clean this smelly house.
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Has anyone use the arm and hammer free detergent? I hear that is great for cd's so I assume it is great for baby clothes too.

Bears, I am sure that a little exposure to the nail stuff doesn't hurt but I couldn't imagine doing that for a living and being pregnant!

Magemom, did you refuse the GBS test or just haven't had it done yet?

I am so thankful, I must say again, that my dh isn't going anywhere and there is no threat that he will. How horrible to have a tornado or fire destroy your home at any time never mind when you just had a baby!


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I have never been offered it. Last time I had no internal exams so I know it wasn't done with out my permission. If it was ever done I didn't know it.
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Like many of you, my memory is shot. There are so many things I would like to respond to, but I'm afraid that I will forget half of them.

Mealy, I'm surprised that your dp hasn't been able to find a therapist who has been through the trauma of war. I bet that kind of experience is a motivating factor for some to pursue psychiatric studies.

Re: laundry detergent, I use a local kind sold at health food stores. I was very happy with it in terms of baby laundry, but now that I have a mud-covered toddler, I am starting to have doubts. Let's just say that the state of her clothes is not a great advertisement for the stuff.

Re: clothing at birth, Last time I carefully chose an outfit (a soft, comfy t-shirt belonging to dh) only to spend the final hours in the buff. Now I can't imagine giving birth in clothing.

Re: peeing in a cup, I don't have any trouble reaching my stream, but I do have a major problem with clumsiness. At my last appt., I spilt an entire cup of pee on my skirt and undies. Dh kindly assured me that my pee must be little more than water, given that I need to go every twenty minutes.

Re: kicking on the right side, I have this and my baby is said to be in the perfect position.

Re: babysitters for birth. I have no idea what I'd like to do. I am compiling a list of various friends' and neighbours' vacation schedules and will probably make the final arrangements on the spot, depending on who is in town, off work and willing. My major sticking point is that I want dd to be at the birth, but I don't want a caregiver there.

At 32 weeks, I am just now at the stage where pregnancy is becoming a full-time proposition, as in I feel the need to lie down and concentrate on growing this baby. After feeling very disconnected to this baby, I am starting to think of "us" as "we", as in "We need to eat now." I have also started panting. Anyone else short of breath?

We are visiting with my in-laws and my mood and condition is obviously a challenge for everyone else. I don't have the energy or desire to do anything other than the tamest tourist activities (e.g., everyone looked scared this morning when I suggested that we take dd to a cat show, they looked just as scared when I insisted that we spend the morning at the local petting zoo, the exertion of which caused me to spend the afternoon conked out in bed, the boredom of which made everyone else take advantage of my napping to go somewhere more fun).
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Originally Posted by magemom
I have never been tested for GBS. I did get a call while I was gone I failed my 2nd 1 hour glucose test. This does not look good. Part of me says skip breakfast before I call on Tuesday to get the 3 hour out of the way. And part of me says I probably have GD just send me tothe dietician and give me my glucose monitor. I am a tad concerned with the next pregancy. If I will end up with regular diabetes. I don't like to eat anything that isn't a carb!!
Not much time right now, but let me tell you, the three hour is nooo picnic. I learned this time that they can give you a simple blood test that is far more indicative of GD than any other, and will alert you if there really is a problem. The three hour is just diagnostic, it can't actually tell you how you're doing healthwise. Ask for the glycohemoglobin, and look for my post in the last thread if you want my full experience. Much better, much easier, one blood draw, no freaky diet, no long waiting period. All around, a clear choice for the best indicator of GD from what I've researched.
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Dh kindly assured me that my pee must be little more than water, given that I need to go every twenty minutes.

Oh, Dodo, that really made me grin! Man, TMI I'm sure, but I swear mine could be reconstituted into something strange and not so different from my prenatals.......and I'm drinking like 80oz of water a day, too. Which brings up the question:
What prenatals do you all take and how often do you take them? Do you continue to take them while breastfeeding? I'm using Nature's Plus Ultraprenatals and I wonder if they are a bit overkill, if there is such a thing. I continued to take them while nursing DD, but not as religiously.

And Cheryl! I say protect that carpet!!!!! With DD's birth, we spilled the olive oil literally 4 times in the last 15 minutes of labor. Shower curtain liners are a very good thing to have around indeed.

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Thanks for the 's

Dodo- I don't honestly think he's looked all that hard He's the kind of guy whose head could be falling off and he wouldn't go to the doctor, and anyway this is kind of a taboo subject for him. He would rather have it treated as a sleep disorder than PTS syndrom.
Well on a happier note...
I just couldn't wait to fill the house with babiness, so yesterday Olivia and I adopted a kitten! He's 9 weeks, grey with stripes and tiny! Olivia named him Milo. He is sooo placid (most of the time) and has taken to his new home like a fish to water. He is usually curled up in front of the keyboard while I type, purring in his sleep . He only gets up to chase the mouse arrow around the screen
Listen to me, I sound like I'm writing a birth story!
Anyway I was thinking earlier that if we gave a kitten to all the heads of state there would be no PTS. I'm thinking of shipping a crate of them to the next NATO summit.

to everybody whose discomfort/issues are resolving themselves, and

s to those who aren't feeling better.. or feel worse
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Hey ladies. Heppy 4th of July to the American mommies. I have read all the posts and have some replies to people, but right now I feel like I just need to talk about what I'm struggling with right now.

My Dh left this morning. He's not going anywhere scary or anything, in fact he's not even leaving the US, but he's gone. We are both very worried about me having this baby while he is gone. Part of me keeps saying, no, you still have a while, but there are just things going on, kwim? For the past few days I've been struggling with quite a painful low backache. I just have things going on that I don't remember having at this point w/ DS.

Last night we actually thought that my water had broken. I was standing at the stove making dinner when I suddenlly had 2 big gushes that felt nothing like going to the bathroom. I smelt it and it didn't smell like pee. But nothing else ever came. I think that either the baby did some kind of funky dance move on my bladder (and it didn't smell like pee since I drink so much water) or I had one of those things happen when you have a high up tear and it heals over (which I know is unlikely)

So anyway, right now I just feel worried. Dh made me promise to not do much, basically put myself on a kind of bedrest. It's so hard though. I have so many things that I need to get done before the baby comes and I desperately want to get them out of the way. I'm trying to make myself feel better by doing the things that don't require much, such as writing the list of phone numbers and working on my bag packing list.

Well, anyway. I just feel so down right now, and you ladies and my mom are the only people I feel like I can talk about this with. I feel so angry right now that DH has this job that always takes him away. He will get 10 days of leave after the baby is born, but then I bet he'll be off again leaving me alone with a high needs toddler and a new baby. When DS was born he left when DS was less than two weeks old to go to ROme. I'm sorry for complaining, but I just feel so crudy that I needed to share.

Hope all of you are enjoying your day.
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Oh, Lena! I'm sorry you are having such a rough time and have to be by yourself for this spell of time. When is your DH scheduled to come home this time around?

Can you give your doula a call today? I know it's a holiday and all, but in my experience most people in the business of delivering and making babies, particularily doulas and midwives and the like, don't put a whole lot of store in the calendar. It might really help to talk with her. Between the on-going bach ache and the gushes, you have every right to be concerned. And I think your Dh is correct in that you should slow down as much as possible. What can you do to help yourself relax mentally as well?
In the end, all the little things we get all worried about in regards to the coming baby are just that, little things. Even if you have this baby tomorrow, you've got what it needs most already: a mother's love and devotion. The rest will all fall into place.

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Thanks Leah. I guess I'm just being kinda self-absorbed and pouty. Sorry guys. I really don't think the baby is coming now, but I just can't but worry. I am feeling better about it now though. He is supposed to come back thursday, so not a long trip.

I am planning to call my doula anyway. She used to be in the military, and married a military man, so she understands about all these things. When I hired her I remember that one of things that I loved about her is her promise that she would be there for me no matter what, even if DH was gone, ect.

Well, just chalk me up to an overly-emotional, hormonal, very pregnant woman. I am taking it easy, restricting my nesting to things that can be done sitting or anything invloving diapers (b/c my diapers make me ) Oops, not *my* diapers, LOL. My kid's diapers!
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My goodness, Lena. Your dh's advice is sound, but how are you supposed to follow it when alone with a toddler? Many cyberhugs!

Mealy, my dh has a dr. phobia and is unlikely to seek treatment from anyone, particularly a therapist. Currently, a lot of our couple friends are having relationship problems. Most are in therapy. I keep praying that we keep our heads above water because I know that dh would never consent to therapy.

So it would seem that we all have very watery pee. Maybe this is meant to protect us from embarassment when we pee our pants laughing or sneezing.
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