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It's July!!

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getting excited...


what do you have ready...

and what do you still need to get done?

i need to...
* clean the bathroom (again ~ we just can't seem to keep it clean!)
* finish the dishes
* sweep, mop + vaccuum
* sterilize the breastpump + bottle (which can really wait a few weeks)
* sterilize a pair of scissors + make sure we have some clean string, in case we end up cutting the cord

we already have...
* almost all the laundry done
* all of the cloth diapers ready
* the changing table set up + organized
* almost all of the baby blankets + clothing washed and put away

i think we're ready.
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We have SO much to do! I'm going to start with what we have ready, and maybe I'll feel less panicked. We have:

Enough cloth diapers ready for at least the first few days
All of our homebirth equipment IN the house
Family and friends lined up to come help with ds
All of the newborn clothes ready

Now we need to:
Wash towels and linens
Organize and clean upstairs
CLEAN downstairs
Move furniture around
Put all of the baby clothes away
Buy one more set of sheets, since we only have two that fit our bed
Order the cosleeper

OK. That doesn't look quite as bad on paper. But I know it will take all weekend to get the house in shape. But I do think she's going to stay put for another few weeks.
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yay July!!!

I just need to wash diapers and get hooks for the tie-backs on the curtains for Elias' room. Normal house cleaning will continue but I guess I am as prepared as I can be. Now it's just wait...and wait.... and wait.... I can't wait!!
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it's JULY? wow how long have I been waiting for THIS!

OK! what have I got done? I have enough diapers to comforatably diaper the baby for a long long time. Most are wased and ready to go.

I have taken a breastfeeding with a lactation consultant, so the baby should have plenty of food.

I have a bag for the baby and a bag for me packed just in case..

Everything else in is BOXES!! I'm moving on Saturday, then I will have to start REALLY getting ready

What do I have to do?


I just can't believe that it is really JULY! Too weird!
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I'm starting to get a bit nervous myself here.

Let's start with what I have done:

- All the birthing supplies are ready to go, and the tub has been delivered
- I've washed about half of the cloth diapers
- I've washed some of the newborn clothes (enough for the first two days or so)
- The infant carseat is here (still need to wash cover)
- The house is basically clean (except for the bathroom), but I can't keep it picked up (toys and such). I guess that's the reality of having a toddler living here.

What I still need to do:

- Figure out a bed for the baby. We do plan on cosleeping, but I'd still like to have a little bed for them. I'm not setting up the crib, and I'm not crazy about the bassinet we used with ds, but I feel silly buying another one. I like the idea of am Amby Hammock but am afraid to spend the money and have the baby hate it. Any ideas?

- Finish up some paperwork and filing so my desk is clear when the baby is born

- Get our tax stuff together and meet with our accountant

- Get caught up on developing the last 6 months worth of pics and putting them in an album so I'm not behind when we start the picture fest again.

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it right now. I'm hoping to at least get through the holiday weekend before the baby arrives. That way my mom can be here and help me cook and freeze some meals on Sunday.
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I feel ready. The house is as clean as it is going to get, though the bathroom is a disaster (awaiting dh to clean it tonight). I do need to wash the dipes and clothes still, they are clean, but could use a wash for the sake of nesting I do need to learn how to use the new digital camera dh brought home. Never used one before, and I would like to have the know-how so I can post pics for you all to see The birth tub is all blown up just waiting for me to go into labor so I can fill it up! I don't think it will happen for me this weekend, though I have a feeling a few of us will be holding our babes come Monday! I think, at the least, I have another week to go. I am getting rather uncomfortable, especially at night. I just can't stay asleep! I either have to pee or rearrange pillows so I can *try* to get comfortable. Anyway, back on topic.........I have a list of things to gather from around the house, but am not going to gather just yet. I like to have something to do when labor starts, even though my labors are fast and active labor hits pretty much right away, it made it so smooth and easy to be up and around with a purpose between contractions. And it is all stuff that doesn't really have to be done if I labor too quickly, because if I go that quickly, it won't matter, I will be holding my babe! I feel much more laid back this time, like I really don't need much. It will just be dh, our girls and me, so not much preparation is needed, we live here-so we know where everything is at and we can always get things done after baby too. I have not sterilized our scissors yet, but feel that is something that can be done while we wait for the cord to stop pulsing anyway. I almost feel lazy about it, though you probably would not think it by the way I only seem to sit down to visit here, and the rest of the time I am busily nesting all over the place. The playroom is so organized! I even cleaned the rugs. I also put the infant carseat in the van last night, could not stand seeing it in the closet anymore. Now it seems official, we are a family of five!

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diapers are washed, organized by size and in the changing table
homebirth supplies are collected, sterilized and organized
house is clean
baby clothes washed and put away
all my baby products are called in to check for recalls
chloe has watched videos. read books and had talks about the birth-she is as prepared as she will get

diaper pail
portable baby swing (for my piece of mind while showering!)
would like to write a birth plan for the midwife (dh wants to catch,dd want to cut the cord...etc)
would like to look at 2'x6' birthing pools (FS at fry's for $12)
new car-my *favorite* SUV is having problems and I really hope it sells this week so I can buy a new one
oh and some anchors and baby proofing on some cabinets and shelves-something I've been meaning to do for awhile.
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I still can't believe it's July. I need to: go into labor.
We have the bags packed, clothes and diapers clean and ready to go, food in the freezer for a couple of weeks, we cosleep so our bed is ready, and the carseat is in the car.

I hope to hear about more babies soon.
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I have soo much to do!, but am counting on havign a month to do it in! Nesting better kick in soon over here!
Anyone else running out of clothes options? This morning I put on a button up maternity shirt that I wore when I was pregnant with ds and it won't even button now. Then again, ds was born at 34 weeks. I'm loving experiencing this last month of pregnancy!
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Yay, July! I'd be more excited but now I'm getting phone calls and emails asking if the baby's come so I feel like I should go into hiding for the last week or two {or three...who knows?}. Last night DH's grandmother in Ohio called to see if she'd been born yet, as if we wouldn't call her.

Ok, here is the list as it stands now, but it's always open to revision the longer we wait.

what do you have ready...
Diapers are washed and sorted
Bassinet is set up just in case we use that {DS hated sleeping with us til he was older}
Clothes are washed and hanging in the closet
Carseat is installed
Slings are washed
Bag for the hospital is packed
DS's goody bag from his little sister is ready
Made detailed instructions for washing DS's diapers and any that come for the baby {I'm a wee bit obsessive about the diaper washing }

and what do you still need to get done?
Laundry ~ but that's a continuing thing around here
Grocery shopping so there is food on hand
Wash the floors
Wash the dogs
Bought 3 yrds of interlock for diapers that I haven't sewn yet
Bought 3 yrds of twill to make shorts for DS that I haven't sewn yet
Love to get a set of ME Sandies if DH ever gets paid for a website he did :
Need to get more towels for the kiddos

I think that's it for me so far.
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I think I am ready except...I too need to go into labor!! I feel like this baby may fall out. My midwife laughed at our last appt because the baby's head was so engaged that she could hardly feel it. Yet the butt is still poking me in the boobs (TMI, I know). Anyway, she thinks this baby will beat my first by at least a pound (dd was 8lb 9oz). I don't know how precise a science this weight guessing is but it is kind of fun....we will see.

I have diapers washed and organized (and reorganized).
clothes washed, folded and put away
infant seat in car
cosleeper set up (until dh realizes that he will not die with two children in bed with us )
bags packed
labor supplies organized
grocery shopping done for next couple of weeks
house cleaned

need to:
maintain house
cook and freeze (mom is here visiting so she can help with this)

Oh yeah...who asked if anyone else is having clothing issues? Well, right here!! I now have about two pairs of pants that I can get on but won't stay up so I am constantly pulling them up and one giant dress (dd told me the other day regarding this dress, "Mommy, that dress looks like a tent.")

Happy birthing this weekend to those of us whose babes are ready!!!

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Originally Posted by gigismom
Anyway, she thinks this baby will beat my first by at least a pound (dd was 8lb 9oz). I don't know how precise a science this weight guessing is but it is kind of fun....we will see.
I wonder that, too. My first OB wouldn't guess because she said there was such a margin of error {+/- a pound, I think}. But this OB is guessing the baby will be either about DS's size {7 lbs. 8 oz} or a full 8 lbs. She did say second babies tend to be a little larger, although she didn't explain why.
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Yay July!!

We still have some stuff to do but getting there ....

Finish packing bag
Have one more load of baby laundry (and a few loads of our own)
Install the car seat
Make my belly cast
Buy a breast pump and rocker/glider
Drop off donations (books, clothes) at the Salvation Army
Get a doula (yep, will try to do this at the last minute feel like I need it)
Make some freezable meals for pp
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Am I the only one that goes in and rearranges the clothes and diapers constantly? Half our newborn diapers are packed to go to the hospital but that doesn't stop me from going through the other ones every couple of days. I almost have the urge to go through the hospital bags again even though I know exactly what's in them. I am so ready.
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Nope, I'm doing it too. I repacked my bag yesterday showing DS everything that I was taking, including his picture. And I rewashed all the baby clothes over the weekend. I took all the diapers out of the stacker and folded them again, too. As each day goes by, I find myself redoing things that have already been done.
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I am pretty much ready. I packed a suitcase for the hospital LOL I have to bring all my diapers, last time I did't have enough with me, well I had enough but I was nervous that I was going to run out The baby clothing is all washed and put away in the dresser I cleaned out for it. I am pretty minimalistic with baby needs. I have breasts, diapers and clothing.

My house is clean though the clutter is re-incroaching. My kids papers and playmobile are out and in the way, but it the heartburn isn't worth bending over to take care of them. LOL

I would love to declutter some more. The little things are driving me crazy, but not crazy enough to do anything about them at this point. Every time I move I get more contractions but they aren't doing anything so I don't appreciate them.

We will all be fine!! I know it felt great to have the house spick and span, decluttered and all the floors clean enough to eat off of before my second was born, but I have given up on that this time. LOL
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The birth video!! We've had it for a week already. Dh bought the replacement VCR so we could watch our midwife's video. It has 5 births, including several waterbirths. I really want to watch it, and feel that ds needs to watch. We've seen several natural births on TV together, but this video has OUR midwife.

So put that on dh's list!!

And the cooking and freezing. That has been on my "to do" list for a month. Whoops.

So much to do, and today was SO hot. Just. . .can't. . .move. . . . . . .
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OMG you guys are reminding me of so much i still have to get done!

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Originally Posted by klothos
OMG you guys are reminding me of so much i still have to get done!

me too!
note to self:
start packing labor bag for self, dh and ds
wash baby clothes (but we can't seem to get on top enough of our own laundry to make room for this special load!)
order nursing bras
install carseat
order replacement pump parts
order storage bottle for EBM
think about what to do about the co-sleeping situtaion
have ds and dh watch birth video
blah, blah, blah

but before all of this, we are going camping this weekend and have that trip to plan, pack, and then unpack. Are we nuts???? :
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Originally Posted by Mamma2Addison
Made detailed instructions for washing DS's diapers and any that come for the baby {I'm a wee bit obsessive about the diaper washing }
Me too!:LOL

I've gotten a bunch of homeopathy
DP is here!
carseat is waiting (clean) with a dolly in there for DD to play with
have birth pool, sitting outside cause it stank like the basement:yuck:
All baby clothes totally organized...

still have to ...*clean* the birth pool
see if the hose works on one of my taps to fill the tub
concoct yummy massage oil with ess. oils
get NB diapers!!!!!!! I've ordered them, but they haven't arrived yet!(I hope by the time I get them, they still fit the NB)
get a steamer to cook my placenta

that's it for now, hope I gave some of you ideas!
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