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Wow, I have colostrum! Dd2 is now asking to nurse a lot more. She was down to once a day, but is now becoming a nursling again! It is such a comfort to know these things still work after being so dry for so many months. I am anxious to see what she thinks of the milk when it comes in, it has been so long since she has been able to gulp breastmilk. I will be tandeming soon!

Hope everyone is feeling well and happy.
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Wow, I have colostrum!
:LOL i've been pretty awed by mine. i never really dripped or leaked any w/ my first... and then this time around, about 5 months along i started getting some (i think being around a newborn may have kick started things). and now it's amazing how much i'm making. it's awesome knowing my body is working the way it should be...
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I was so relieved to see the colostrum, too! Ds and I had a really rough start to nursing. Things have been so much easier with Lila! She is 3 days old now, and it looks like the colostrum is turning into milk. Ds has been wanting to nurse more now, too. And waiting for Lila to finish does NOT suit him one bit!

She's such a sleepy baby. Polar opposite of ds! He was a frantic nurser, and a screamer, too! So far, Lila seems so easy going. She does tend to wake up at 1:00 AM - that's about the only time we see her eyes.

Time to break out the cool wash cloths and wake the sleepy head up! I want her well nursed before we head off to bed.
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Ugh, it was so hot yesterday!!!!! 107 My poor girls are going bonkers being stranded at home and not being able to play outside. We went for a walk well past bedtime because the sun was down (still light out) and it dropped to 98. We all still turned bright red and got too hot (we are all pale and blond and red-headed) but it was nice to be out of the house for a little while. I sat at my sewing machine too long yesterday and my back was so stiff I could hardly walk. Much better this morning. Not much to report. I had lots of contractions when dh was home for four days, and now that he is back to work I am not having them anymore. Perhaps baby is waiting until friday when his vacation starts I will be 39 weeks then too.

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