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Originally Posted by PikkuMyy
I'm sure sprouted grain bread (organic) is WAY better than the wonderbread crap most people give them. The main question I'd have about that is whether it's cooked. Since I believe it is, although it's much better than regular bread, it's still not what their digestive system is meant to handle. Since they eat mostly greens in the wild, they're meant to poop almost constantly (that's why golf courses are so angry with geese taking up residence). With bread, they don't go nearly as often and their systems also get backed up. In the compost pile, omnivores like racoons and opossums will most likely eat it.

Now, the rule should always be don't feed the animals at all. However, we all know that no matter how many people follow it, others will feed them - and on regular bread. So whatever they get that is more nutricious than regular bread is great. If you're not going to start bringing them lettuce and corn (which may be too much trouble for you, or too expensive) - and no judgements if you aren't - then I'd still bring the sprouted bread with the same justification as you mentioned earlier.

I'm about to throw this succulent peach that has a little mold on it in the compost pile. Some animal is getting lucky tonight!

Thanks for listening! Most people I talk to at the ponds nod and say yes and then keep bringing crap. However, I talked to one elderly lady and her caretaker, who were visiting this pond everyday with pieces of tortillas. Now, tortillas - corn ones - are much better than white bread, but I still explained. I checked (visually) afterwards, and they're now bringing raw, cracked corn!

Rainbow moon - I'll have to look at HIAV and give that recipe a try!

Got it, thanks for the heads up! I actually asked our vet about it before we started giving it and she acted like I'd be doing the ducs a favor so I just thought it was cool. Now I know- we'll take veggies from now on and toss bread in the compost pile (which is always eaten and never actually composted. LOL)
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What about the pond fish? Is bread bad for them, too?
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So I've got dad and stepmom coming in a couple hours, and we decided to bypass the whole eat at home thing and have a picnic. That way dd can run around and my house (who am I kidding? apartment) is a wee bit small for entertaining, since that is what I have to do when they come around. Anyhoo, so I'm not making the shepards pie, gonna save that one for myself. Instead I made a brown rice salad with balsamic vidalia onions, tomatoes (they're so good right now), ceci beans, cucumber, bell peppers, and walnuts. The dressing is rosemary, lemon juice, olive oil. Also gonna make a sunflower seed and carrot dip and I've got some hummus on hand. Cranberry ginger ale to drink and dh made lavender raspberry rice pudding last night for dessert. So.........if you had to feed your ignorant omni fam, would this work for them? Oh, I've got some sliced melon too.
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Well, my family would be fine with that because my mom is gluten-intolerant, so she'd like rice things. However, I'd be a bit wary of serving a brown rice salad to those who thought my vegan lifestyle was hippy-dippy nonsense. Cause brown rice and salads are usually the first things that come to mind when people think about health food.

OTOH - maybe your family is more open-minded than that, and the salad sounds delicious anyway, as does that pudding! Can I get a recipie for that?

Hope it went well!
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Re: pond fish - Bread isn't going to be good for them either. It isn't good for anyone except humans, really. What kind of fish are they? Some fish eat insects, some eat other fish, and some are herbivores. What I worry about is the insectivores - who are used to watching out for insects landing in the water - eating the bread thinking it's an insect who's fallen in. Obviously there's a big difference between a fly and a piece of bread. If you're going to do it, at least make sure the bread has a high protein content (if it's going to be an insect replacer) such as whole wheat or multi-grain.
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Originally Posted by isosmom
lavender raspberry rice pudding
Ooh, could I have that recipe? That's sounds yummy!
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Well the picnic was a success! Everyone ate everything, even the carrot and sprouted sunflower seed dip that even I was a little hesitant about, but it was real good. My stepmom said, you always cook such interesting things. I always eat food I haven't had before when you cook. Dh and I were joking, she's never had brown rice? Last time she came over for a meal I had made a lentil salad and she told us she had never had lentils before! Huh? How do you live 63 yrs and not eat lentils? Anyhoo, it was fun.
Here's that rice pudding recipie. Dh adapted it from Vegetarian Planet
for 6 servings:
7.5 c soy milk
1.5 t dried lavender
a few strips of lemon rind
2/3 c uncooked basmati rice
2/3 c sucanat
1/2 pt raspberries
Heat milk with lavender and lemon rind. When it starts to simmer, add the rice and cook on very low heat, uncovered, for 2 hours. Add the sugar 10 min before it's done. Stir often.
Chill 2 hours and fold in berries before serving. (I liked it hot as soon as it was done the best though, tasted like really really good oatmeal!)
This recipie would be really easy to vary methinks. Use whatever kind of milk, rice, sweetener, etc. Enjoy!
Oh, that sounds real good, think I'm gonna have some leftovers
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Wow! That's great! You'd be surprised how little people step out of their "American Diet" shell. We took our friend (who converted to vegetarianism three years ago because of some discussions with DH) out to this amazing Middle Eastern restaurant in Brooklyn (If there are any NY-ers, go to the Waterfall Cafe on Atlantic Avenue) and he'd never eaten any food like that. No grape leaves, no falafel, no hummus, nothing! Poor guy. He'd not eaten a lot of ethnic food. So I'm not surprised about your mom not having eaten lentils (Bean of the Gods! )

But I'm really happy that it went so well. Perhaps you're helping your mom to open her mind, little by little!
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Hey I'm afraid of lentils. I see them all the time, but I don't think I've ever eaten them. I know for sure I've never cooked with them and I'm pretty adventurous! So, what's your favorite lentil recipe?

I've really been enjoying this thread and I'll pout because I think we should be a tribe.

I used to visit Vegfamily alot, but I can't access anymore. The site won't let me and Erin hasn't answered my emails.

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That's wierd I just visited vegfamily the other day..hmm.

I know many of you mamas must know about http://www.veggieboards.com
but I thought I'd post the URL just in case (love that board!)

isosmom- Do you mind sharing the sprouted sunflower dip recipe? btw my mom was here and we were making salsa with avacados and she told us she's never eaten one! So that's definitly not wierd at all! I think it's fun to teach family new ways to cook things..especially my parents, it seems to amaze them. lol. I have even got my mom making veggie stuff at her house like falafals and veggie chili and soups,etc! It's so funny, ytoo bad we live 3,000 miles apart!

btw I absolutley Vegetarian Planet! Great cookbook and so much variety..seems like some of the veggie cookbooks have the same old stuff in them and are spinoffs of each other.

Ok I'm off to bake some gooey strawberry oat bars for taking to DH grandmas later..will post the recipe when I get time!
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Not to gross you out but I was raised on meat, potatoes, gravy and white bread! I had spaghetti for the first time in COLLEGE!! I am pretty sure my parents never had brown rice in all their 70 years IMHO it is downright amazing that I became a vegan!!!
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gives propers to callmemama !
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Heather - Erin is a member of MDC. Did you PM her?
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Originally Posted by PikkuMyy
Heather - Erin is a member of MDC. Did you PM her?
Thanks for reminding me. I keep forgetting to. I guess it doesn't like me because of my isp.
I'm going to go search for her now
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SandyBeachBums and rainbowmoon, I had to pm you the recipies because they are copywrited, so check your pm's for some good recipies.
After reading the "Were you all born this way" thread I can figure most people weren't raised on good whole foods. Dh and I think it's important for dc to have fond memories of the good, wholesome foods we cook and eat. We take them shopping and to the farmers market so they can be involved in the whole process. Dd helps cook when time isn't a factor.
Isn't it funny that we introduce foods to our parents that have been around for ages? Just in their natural state, not processed. I guess a lot of our parents grew up when "convenience" food was just hitting the shelves, so they consumed a lot.
Good for you callmemama!
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Can I get the sprouted sunflower dip recipe too, please!!!
That rice pudding recipe sounds divine!!!
Also when you all sprout things do you leave them on the counter or put them in the fridge? It is pretty hot and humid in my kitchen so I want to make sure I do it right.
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Gotcha Sheacoby! This was the first time I ever sprouted anything. I stuck the jar in the window during the day and on my counter at night But I live in a very cool area.........I'm sure someone knows better than I, anyone?
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I just thought I would throw out a link. [HTML]www.sproutpeople.com [/HTML] is my favorite sprouting site. I bought my easy sprouter there. I bought a starter pack that had russian, french and some kind of bean type sprouts. They have lots of fun info and recipes. We sprout on our counter no matter the weather. If it's really hot in here then I rinse more often.
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I'm really greatful to my mom for the way she fed me. She grew up eating frozen and canned foods - NEVER, and I mean, NEVER any fresh veggies! But as an adult, she went out of her way to learn how to cook everything from scratch delicously - veggies, baked goods, etc. So I was there - we went to the farmer's market and prepared everything ourselves. I was also highly allergic so we cooked a lot more from scratch because there weren't nearly as many wheat free or vegan options of ready-made food back then.
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I never had lentils until this year when i learned I adore Indian food I've still not prepared them at home
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