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Baby's mov't

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How often do you feel your baby move. I feel like this baby isn't moving around enough, but maybe I am just being paranoid. I only feel it moving around 3 or 4 times out of the day. I mean when I feel it moving, it normallly bounces around for a few minutes before stopping, but shouldn't I be feeling it more often?
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I think fetal movement can depend on quite a few things:your activity level, what have you consumed recently, and also, fetal sleep patterns as well.

I feel my baby move at all different times and I could be sitting here typing and feel movements or not, in bed and feel them or not, it really just depends on the timing, I guess.
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well, this babe moves pretty frequently at night. I would think that as long as you can feel something it would be okay.
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I think it also depends on the baby. Dd didn't move as much as this one. And a friend of mine said her second moved alot less, especially early on, and was born as healthy as can be. So it could just be personality.
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I agree that it depends on the baby, but it also depends on the mama! I am a little overweight, so I didn't feel baby move much at first. Also, when I first started feeling the baby, I only felt it in the front. Just last night a I felt a kick toward the back. The babe may be facing your back, making it harder to feel movement. Plus, if you are up and moving around, you may not notice baby moving like you would if you were sitting or lying down.

I agree that as long as you're feeling some movement, you're probably fine. In a couple weeks you might be posting that the babe is keeping you awake at night because s/he's moving so much! (That happened to me last night--almost 2 hours of jumping, kicking, and rolling!!--not straight through of course, only when I was about to fall asleep!)
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Thanks for your replies ladies. Since I posted this, the baby has decided to become a little wiggle worm and is moving around all day long, so I am not so worried anymore.
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