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hi there -

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I just found out yesterday that we are expecting baby #2, sometime around march 9!!! Our ds is 6 years old. I haven't told my hubby yet. He knows I really wanted another pregnancy and gave me the go-ahead but somehow I am afraid to tell him. I'll probably tell him this weekend.

I'm planning a homebirth, last time I had a birth center birth.

I have trouble following the format of boards sometimes but I really am going to give this a go!

Oh, about me: 36, married, live in PA, love dogs, knitting, books, the outdoors, vegetarian, pagan, AP homeschooling mama!

looking forward to getting to know you mamas!
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Hi i know a few very cool mama's in PA!
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congrats!!! there is a 6 year seperation between lexi and her sister and it can be ummm fun GOOD LUCK!!!
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there is a 6 year seperation between lexi and her sister and it can be ummm fun

ummm fun??

You're scaring me now!!! :LOL
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Hi Ravenmoon, nice to meet you!

there really are lots of cool mamas in pa, I'm a lucky gal!
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well for the first 2 years the 6 yo thought the baby was like her own personal doll and wanted to play with her when she wanted the baby otoh was an independent being even in the womb so she was always marching to her drummer not her big sis's so finally big sis would leave her alone and then baby would be ready so it was alot of she is touching me (just plain screaming sometimes) and then she is touching my stuff lol but now they are 11 and 5 and they both bug the crap out of their 6 month old baby brother though not usually at the same time because 11 yo is living with her dad right now.
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Congrats I waited a little longer to tell dh too. I was afraid of how he was going to react and it turned out to be better than I thought! I have an almost 4 year gap between my first two and my older one loved being the big brother and helping out
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I waited as long as I could to tell him and he reacted way better than I thought too!!! In fact he seems happy and excited, so that is such a relief for me!

I hope my little guy will enjoy being a helper and big brother too! I grew up as an only child so the sibling relationship is a bit mysterious to me and I am not sure what to expect, especially with the age gap! : : :
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Getting here late-but congrats! My first two are 5 years apart and it was so wonderful! It was a very relaxed atmosphere with her as an infant. enjoy!
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thanks, lavendermama!
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