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uc support thread #6, July

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roll call
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Aurora -- UC 10/03 story
Whit -- UC 11/03 story
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thechrysalis -- UC 1/04 story
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Karenpl -- UC 6/04 story
bookwormmama -- UC 6/04
wildthing -- desired UC, non-managed birth, midwife present story
grnbn76 -- June
Hathor -- UC 6/04story
Mamajaza -- UC 7/9/04 pics
luna13mama -- EDD July 1st
Chandar -- July
Klothos -- EDD July 10th
ChildoftheMoon -- mid July
madrone -- August
TinyBabyBean--EDD August 18th (3rd UC)
Oshunmama -- EDD August 26th
JesseMomme -- August/September (first UC 11/02, story )
violet -- August/September
StacyL -- mid September
4xmamamia -- September
mellie-bellie -- EDD September 16th
lovemygirl -- mid to late September
blueviolet -- late September (first UC 7/01, story )
rachel-EDD late October
DancerMom -- late November
Ame -- first half of December
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Lula's Mom -- December
AmyD--EDD December 7th
nikirj-EDD December 30
Dandylion -- January/February 2005
mehndi mama -- late February 2005
sprinkle pocket--late spring/early summer 2005

please let me know if I got anything wrong or if you would like me to add you or your story/pics to the list
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............ so this is the new UC thread?
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yes It just takes some time to make all the new links for the first post.............It is all done now!
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Can you add me please?

EDD August 18, birth number 5, UC number 3
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Congratulations, Hathor! Can't wait to hear your story! :

My mother called the other day (she knows hubby and I are having a UC) and said, "Have you been tested for Rh, diabetes, and Group B strep?" I had to explain to her that such things are OPTIONAL, and not really necessary, and reassure her that I have done an awful lot of research on these topics. Then I had to make the whole "women-had-babies-for-10,000 years-successfully-without-hospitals" argument. Arrgh! She's starting to freak me out a little. I hope this baby comes early - I can just see her freaking out if he's late or something.

Does anyone know how you post a picture on this thing? Do you have to link to it elsewhere somehow? I had my hubby take a picture of my belly yesterday. I have to say, I looked at some of the other ladies who are full term, and I am almost that big at 28 weeks! What's up with that? (This is my first.)
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ahhh thanks Lovemygirls I am flattered to be your hemp goddess

Congratulations Hathor ! Isn't it amazing how fast labor goes when you are unihibited and well prepared.

I decided that I will no longer visit the midwife. I should have followed my instincts (and my husbands) from the start. Her revelation this time was that I would be risking my unborn babies life if I breastfed my 21 month old past 20 weeks ( inducing pre-term labor) I laughed and asked if I should refrain from sex or any activitiy that would stimulate uterine contractions for the remainer of my pregnancy. She siad Oh No - you cans till have sex. Crazy womyn ! My visit with her remined me how easy it is to be convinced by a professional that their advice is accurate and mandatory and your instincts are meaningless.

I hope all is well with everyone.

Oh and StacyL you can not post an image...only a link to an image. You can use Shutterfly.com or Photobucket.com (there are others) which are free services for uploading pictures to the internet. OH and my belly is far bigger this time than eany other...each mama and each baby are different.
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Yep, each momma and baby are different. I like to think of myself as an efficient baby maker, as I don't get a sore back, or swollen ankles, I don't gain *any* extra fat, but my first baby was 8 1/2 lbs, and this baby will probably be even bigger. People comment on my size things like,"I thought you were only 6 months along!!!" as I am one day from my "due date". It's ALL baby.

Full moon tonight. I though I *might* have the baby on the full moon, but I don't think so now. I think "he" wants to stay in there for quite a few days more (thank gawd, as the diapers haven't arrived yet in the mail, *sigh*)
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Congratulations Hathor!!! I love your comic!

I have a question for everyone...how open are you in your communities/lives about your decision to have a UC? Do you feel an obligation to be a "spokesperson" for it?

I have decided to be very open, and have recieved very positive responses, but every once in a while I have that fear of someone calling an authority or someone being really negative towards me about it.

This weekend I will be halfway through my pregnancy and I am feeling so good! I love just "being" in this pregnancy and not worrying or thinking about tests/advice/measurements/etc. The baby is moving pretty often now, and although I've gained a ton of weight already (I did last time too) I feel so much better and like my body so much better than last time.

I hope the rest of you are feeling wonderful as well and I am looking forward to all the birth stories coming this summer!
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Thanks, Ame for the picture info. Hopefully, this is it:

Well, I guess I am a somewhat less efficient baby maker, 'cause I have definitely put on fat too! I am having a lot of pain in my belly skin in the last week - it feels like it is ripping below the surface, or like I am a tight drum about to burst, but I don't have any stretch marks yet.
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StacyL you ought to be a maternity wear model - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL !
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Originally Posted by StacyL
I have to say, I looked at some of the other ladies who are full term, and I am almost that big at 28 weeks! What's up with that? (This is my first.)
: I was thinking the same thing, and, I'm.....17 weeks : Well, almost 18 weeks. I'm also a tiny individual, just over 5 feet and pre-pregnancy, a little over 100lbs soaking wet. Little Moo Moo has nowhere to go, but out. I gained 20 lbs during the first trimester which goes to show that you can gain weight as a breatharian.

Many happy congratulations Hathor, and welcome baby Gwyneth!!

Brandi, would you please add me to the list too, according to my ovulation, I am due on Pearl Harbor day, the 7th of Dec. I still can't believe that you are ready to birth. I remember when you became pregnant on the TTC boards. Time does fly.

Ame, that really sounds like a great idea. And to your midwife, for obvious reasons.

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Hi all...

Stacy, you look GREAT! I am an extremely inefficient baby-maker. With my first I didn't gain too much extra padding elsewhere - instead I looked like I had one of those exercise balls under my shirt (no joke, it was WAY bigger than a basketball). I'm only 14 weeks now and am very obviously pregnant, even though I've actually LOST weight due to m/s.

I'm in the process right now of putting out feelers for a midwife - I'm wanting to find someone who is willing to come after the birth to check on me and baby, but I'm thinking it would be really tough to find someone who didn't mind that I didn't want her at the birth itself :-(. I don't want to mislead by going through everything as if it is normal, and then just having DH call too far into the labor for her to arrive in time. But I'm thinking that this may be the only way. I'd feel so bad, though, and I really would like to find someone who would cooperate with me on this.
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I have a question for everyone...how open are you in your communities/lives about your decision to have a UC? Do you feel an obligation to be a "spokesperson" for it?
not open at all! i'd love to be a spokesperson..... if i didn't worry so much about CPS, the crappy health service workers in the county, and the fact that my dad is completely unsupportive of my choices and very active in the community...

my dad has convinced himself i'm delivering at the hospital. i guess it's better than him arguing w/ me about my choices and giving me horror stories every time he comes to visit... and i suppose he'll just have to deal w/ it after the fact.

StacyL, EVERY woman can be an efficient babymaker. s you're so beautiful.

SO ~ how is everyone feeling?? i'm a bit tired... went out walking today, first about 10 (?) or so miles to the dr who will be my daughter's pediatrician. i already knew him ~ he's mine + my son's, but i wanted to discuss the newborn screening and etc. with him... discussed getting separate vax's instead of the grouped ones... and asked if it would pose any problems for us to not have the exact weight right after birth, since we're planning a Lotus birth. he's really cool... said he did all the research about vax's too ~ his kid is 11 months old. so that went well. then i came home, ate, and then went out for another walk (~ 2 miles) to the aid offices to pick up the food stamp card, since i was supposed to have gotten it last month, but was never told i qualified and should receive it. so i went out that whole way to pick it up, thinking i could finally buy groceries.... but i won't be able to use the card until the fifth. it would have been a much better walk if it weren't so darn hot. i ended up soaking myself w/ the water i had brought with me to drink. when i got home, i stripped and got in a cold shower ~ that felt so nice! wish i could go swimming.

i'm also feeling a little antsy... like, WHEN will this baby come?? but i know i'm not even at my due date yet. i'm trying to just chill and wait but i'm starting to feel like everything is ready. well... ready enough.
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You mamas are all so BEAUTIFUL!!!
I get huge when I'm pregnant and I have smallish babes(dd 6Ibs.7oz at 38weeks, ds 6Ibs8oz at 36weeks). I gain tons of weight, 43 pounds with my dd and 35 pounds with my ds and that's with having horrid m/s. We are all made different and I am a very efficient baby maker eventhough I get huge and my babes are small but very healthy. I wish I still had my preg. pics of when I was preg with my ds on the computer, I had some good belly shots and a whole lotta belly it was!:LOL
Anyway, I hope you all haven't minded me posting on this thread since I'm not preg. If so just tell me to get lost (then I'll just lurk ).
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welcome to the world Gwyneth Kai Dowdee!!!

i am looking forward to reading your story hathor.
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Hurray, Gwyneth and Hathor! :

I want to have a birth just like that.
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Sorry if I put anyone off, I didn't want to do that. I just didn't know how to put that in the right way. I have to find a way to not feel bad because I *don't* look so pregnant, as that *is* the norm. My DD is VERY healthy. she is just 18 months, and weighs 30 lbs. she's a real strong girl too.

I'm not open with anyone on the UC subject, except people that I know will be supportive. Frankly, I don't feel like pregnancy is a good time to be arguing with everyone. After the fact, I *might* tell some people, like my grandparents, etc, but only once I can really stick up for myself.
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I have a hard time biting my tongue when I overhear conversations about mainstream childbirth...but I don't dare speak up.

I don't consider myself a spokesperson per se...but if the conversation comes up and we get to the question of who is my caregiver or where will I have the baby - I usually do tell people. I make it sound like it's no big deal...but people are alwasy shocked. When Lucy was born and I went to the store a lady asked me what hospital she wa born at (what kind of question is that !?) and I said at home and she said oh - with a doctor ? I said no - with my husband - just him and I - and she said ISN'T THAT ILLEGAL ? I said no more than pooping ...it's a bodily function...baby was ready so she came. She was appauled and looked like she had seen a ghost. When my husband told his co-workers about our birth they responded with all sorts of surprise but it ended in - I am scared of your wife - she is tough !

I guess if it's some random stranger and it comes up - I'll admit to it. If it is an aquantiance that I don't know much about or don't know well ( i.e. they know enough of me to turn me in if they felt like it) then I don't talk about it until I know more of who they are and what their beliefs are. As far as family members go - I mentioned it before the birth and I got all sorts of negative comments (fear) so they didn't ask anymore and I didn't talk about it anymore...until after the birth. I telll them all about it now ...and they just roll their eyes and think I'm crazy.
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Originally Posted by Ame
StacyL you ought to be a maternity wear model - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL !

OMGOSH! I thought the exact same thing when I saw your picture!!

Personally I dont' think you gained "weight" if you did you must have been WAYYYY super skinny to start...i am 28 weeks and I am SUPER HUGE! I'll post a picture in a day or so, hubby is out of town.
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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
Sorry if I put anyone off, I didn't want to do that. I just didn't know how to put that in the right way. I have to find a way to not feel bad because I *don't* look so pregnant, as that *is* the norm. My DD is VERY healthy. she is just 18 months, and weighs 30 lbs. she's a real strong girl too.
You didn't put me off at all. I think you are beautiful.
I guess I have my own hang ups about being so big (and not preg too:LOL) while pregnant but having small babies. I one of those women that people start asking me when I am about 30weeks if I'm gonna go into labor right then. or the great "are you having twins" question. We all carry a pregnancy different and we are all great baby making birthing mamas!!!!!
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