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thank you. no i didn't... i'm trying to grow it out. i had bihawks for awhile, then shaved my head (again)... then decided to grow it out. so... that's my current hair project. i do have to trim the back though ~ it's getting a little unruly. pretty soon i'll look like i have a mullet.
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Thought I might join you over here. I am due mid-February, baby #4. Am considering a UC. #3 Katie was born at home and I desired hands-off however it did not turn out that way. My only concern is that I will midwife myself and not just flow with labor the way I need to. I have seen too many times where everything appeared to be fine yet baby was compromised to not want heart tones checked in labor, yet I don't want to be the one counting them and trying to analyze, KWIM. Got lots of time too think.
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Hello my fellow unhindered childbirth supporters!!

Well, **SHE** is here! Born July 9th, 2004, at 12:53pm.I was so convinced I was going to have a boy. What a suprise. I don't have a name for her yet.

She has opinions on everything! She cried when she was born, and cries whenever anything is not going her way. So different from my first baby, who I rarely heard cry.

it was the easiest birth I could have wished for. Almost totally painless. I was totally dialated for about an hour or two (time, what is that?) in awe. I was sitting in the bathtub with the soles of my feet together for a lot of the rushes. When I got the urges to push, I sat on my haunches, and let her head slowly come out, with the sac around her head (born in the caul). Now I know what it feels like to really want to push. I got up on my knees above the water, and let her slide out with the rush, while my mom, DD and partner watched me catch her. She breathed after a few seconds, sputtered and cried.

She weighs 7 1/2 lbs according to the scale I have, but she looks sooo tiny to me, especially compared with my 30 lb. toddler.

she can't stop sucking booby:LOL, but I don't have any milk yet. Hopefully it will come soon, so I can fatten her up

I am so proud of my self that I gave birth unhindered and unassisted. But at the same time it seems like the only way it was meant to be.

Life is Beautiful
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Congratulations Mamajaza!! It sounds like a beautiful birth! Welcome to your new daughter
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congratulations, mamajaza and family! can't wait to see a pic of your lovely little one... and it sounds like you had a fabulous birthing!

happy babymoon!

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well I am on the other side of the fence LOL

I don't want to be a midwife....

For me birth is such a personal experience. With pregnancy and birth comes so much of your past and your present. Your willingness to embrace ideas you are not accustom to and the mental stregnth to overcome fear. I believe strongly that only YOU can set your mind to something....someone can convince you or persuade you but it is not the same as the pure passion of being fully committed on your own free will.

I've been an advocate for many friends who've considered the homebirth path (particularly UC) and that is where I am comfortable. I can share information and give encouragement when it is asked for and to people I have a bond with...who value my input and understand who I am and where I am coming from.

As a midwife you have the responsibility to allow your client to birth how they wish...but to still be responsibile for the outcome. Being such an advocate for UC I would have a really hard time staying within the parameters of a midwifes duties and still holding true to my beliefs.

Hopefully that make some sense...if not sorry !


On another note...my stomach is expanding quite quickly this time around. At 18 weeks I look like I did at 36 weeks with my last 3. I don't have any real complaints other than feeling like I am going to pop at only half way. I've been feeling movement daily and that is quite exciting. I've started my reading and mental preparations...and am looking forward to the second half of this pregnancy.
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Wow, congratulations Mamajaza! : It sounds like it went beautifully!

P.S. The link you have "Here we are" isn't working. It says invalid username when you click it.
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WOO HOO *Mamajaza* !!

I am so very happy for you....it is an amazing experience isn't it !

When you have time - I'd love to see a picture of your new little one.
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Wowwww Mamajaza!!! Congratulations! You're birth sounds, just, incredible!! My day will be totally great today now just dreaming about how my birth will be.

I hope all of those diapers made it on time Hehehe.
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Originally Posted by klothos
i'm 39 weeks 6 days today.

belly pic.
Aweww wlook at that round lil belly!! You are just stunning mama!! I forgot to put my recent preg pic up. My head is "chopped off though" dumb webcam lol.
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The link in my sig should work now.
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Me again :LOL Here's my belly pic!
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Mamajaza, she's beautiful, your whole family is beautiful!! Welcome little baby girl!!
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Congratulations!!! YAYYYYYYYY!

Wonderful pictures -- what a cutie she is!
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Mamajaza!!! How beautiful! Congrats and wishing you a blissful babymoon. Thank you for sharing, hearing of your birth has brought me the patience and joy I needed right now! Your birth shows how simple and wonderfully joyful birth can be. Thank you!!!!

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JesseMomme-nice belly And I love your new hairdo!! You look fabulous with a shaved head!
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congratulations mamajaza! i'm so happy for you!

Jesse, you look great! not a lot of women can pull of the buzzed head look ~ you do it wonderfully.
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Congratulations Mamajaza!

Just a little update on my birth plans. I told DH that IF we went to the hospital and he didn't act like a guard, finding out what someone wanted before they could enter and then only letting in one chosen person for occasionally listening to the heartbeat and making sure that that person did not try to talk me into other things, that I would be very mad at him for a long time and didn't know if I could forgive him. He said that he really would not be able to act like a guard (actually seemed put off that I would expect him to just because I would only go there because of him) and that got us talking a lot more on UC. I printed out some stuff that he has read and he is reading the Emergency Childbirth Manual. A friend has said that she is coming for the birth, so if she can manage to be here, that will relax DH a lot more. So, a lot of progress here.

Need to get DS to bed. Take care all - Tiff
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Yay! Mamajaza!!!!!!!! You and your girls are sooooo beautiful (and daddy a hottie too! )

You're Haeven is only a little older than my Dylan and I am already planning a uc of her (yet to be conceived) sibling.

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Ohhhhhhh, congrats Mama....and welcome to the Earth little girl!! We are so happy you are here!!
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