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Hey, everyone...still lurking around....trying to figure out if we'll call my mw or not. I'm only planning one more prenatal visit between now and the birth, and my mw is fine w/that. I was just reading her instruction list for when baby's on the way but she's not...total hands-off approach, which is how she handles births anyway. She's absolutely not into messing with things. Guess that's part of why I'm still struggling w/not calling her to come. Ugh, I'm always telling mamas to go w/their instincts----why can't I figure out what my instincts ARE for this???? Fear? Responsibility?

Anyway, I wanted to share something I thought was pretty cool. In my community, there's a local glossy magazine for women. It's fairly upscale (lots of decorator advice, day spa ads, etc) and quite mainstream. The woman who's on the cover this month runs a dress-up party business for local girls. I'm reading along, and all of a sudden, she says----my husband and I had all of our children at home by ourselves. We were young....We were the ultimate do-it-yourselfers.

I thought that was SO great to read about! I'm thinking of calling her and thanking her for putting that in the story!!! DIY birth---what a concept
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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
Sorry if I put anyone off, I didn't want to do that. I just didn't know how to put that in the right way. I have to find a way to not feel bad because I *don't* look so pregnant, as that *is* the norm. My DD is VERY healthy. she is just 18 months, and weighs 30 lbs. she's a real strong girl too.
Oh gosh, not at all. I'm just so amazed how different all of our bodies are and how we all carry "baby" different. In fact, I LOVE getting huge. I look hysterical and feel very goddess like
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updated the list Welcome TinyBabyBean

Congrats AmyD! I remember you too! Time does fly by, can't believe it is almost baby time.

I make big babies (over 9 and over 10 pounds) and gain a lot (over 60 and over 70 pounds!) I was huge and was always asked about twins, etc. All the extra weight turned to milk and was gone by 3 and 6 months. Our bodies are amazing! This time I have gained 48 pounds, I still look so small, even with all that weight (I just actually have a butt and no stick legs now ) Most people think I am 6 months along, not 38+ weeks. My belly is much smaller this time around, perhaps I will have a small(for me) 8 pound baby

I have everything ready, pool is blown up, scissors are sterilized, along with the braided cord tie. Lots of towels and some plastic on hand. Bowl for the placenta and a baby hat. I am planning to eat my placenta, just shared that news for the first time with a friend of mine. She was pretty grossed out, but she is a good friend and knows me

georgia-very cool about the article!

StacyL-you are beautiful! Nice baby belly!

I am open about our uc with some close friends, but no one else. Thankfully strangers have not asked too many questions. Only a few have asked where and I say home. No details. I figure friends and family are the only ones that need to know and most of them can find out when I share our birth story. This being our third baby and second homebirth, we don't get too many questions. People we know just assume we will be at home again and leave it at that. Dh got a little excited and started sharing our plans at work, and I got a little worried, as he works for the next county over (for only another week) and he went back and reassured everyone that a midwife was involved. The big boss had even gone to him and offered him money, because he thought we were doing this because we had no money. Dh set him straight. I was surprised that quite a few of his coworkers were actually supportive of the idea. There are more off the grid older folks around here than I thought!

Feeling good and agile still, but am feeling like I want pregnancy to be over and I am SO ready to meet my new babe.
Gentle joyful birthing vibes to all of us that are due soon!
Blissful healthy vibes to all of you still gestating!
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Thanks for all the compliments, ladies. It actually helps the old self-esteem. I wasn't super skinny (130 5'5") when I conceived, but I'm normally somewhere between 120-130, so seeing my face get round, arms get big, etc. is shocking! I know it's all for a good cause, though, hehe.

As far as openness goes, I tell people I'm having a homebirth, but I lie and say I have a midwife or doula. People freak out enough just when you say "homebirth." All my women friends have the most horrific hospital birth stories.

I am feeling pretty good, except for the ripping sensation under my belly skin - ow! And forget about exercising anymore (I was swimming.) I am getting such strong BH just from something mundane like going grocery shopping, so I kind of felt an instinct to go easy - don't want to go into labor way too soon!

BTW, I was doing research on vaccines last night, and learned that many are produced from a medium made from aborted fetal tissue cell lines! I did not know this! Did you all? So, the fact that vaccines participate in one of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance is just another reason not to get them, I guess!
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childofthemoon~~How do you plan on doing the cord wrap? Is it braided, or knotted... I'd love to do this!

I've just decided to do a belly cast today. It's my "Due date", and I don't think baby's going to come too soon.
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I have got to stay away from this thread, it makes me jealous. I am planning a uc for the next time I am pg. Fertility has yet to return at 17 months post partum. I have baby-fever bigtime!

Stacy, have you checked out the vaccinations forum? Scary stuff
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So far the only people who know I'm having a UC are my partner and my mom. My mother really wants to be here for the birth because she missed it when my daughter was born. She will be a really good support person for Lula, and she is really laid back, so I know she won't stress me out at all. I felt like I had to tell her, to be fair, since she wants to be here. Give her a chance to back out, or something, in case it was too scary for her to contemplate. :LOL But knowing my mom, I told my partner she would say "Well, I'm sure you've done your research and you have good reasons for this. And of course I still want to be there!" And that's just what she said. She asked me what we would do in case of emergency, and I said we were prepared to deal with complications, but we'd call 911 if it was life-threatening.

I wish we could share it with everyone on both sides of the family. I'll probably tell my older sister eventually, since she thinks I'm a weirdo anyway (the feeling is mutual, but I love her!) I don't think it would go over very well with my very mainstream playgroup friends, so I will probably say I have a midwife. That's "out there" enough for them. But I do think I'd love to tell some random stranger, just so I don't feel like I'm *hiding* it from everybody! I don't think it's wrong, and I hate lying about it just to CMA.
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i just found out my MIL is going to start working at my OB's office...


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Wacko pregnancy dreams??

Anyone having really really wacko pregnant dreams? I mean like sexually wacko...I can't even post about the one I had last night---I dont' think I could even tell dh... I had them at the beginning of this pregnancy...really freaking weird ones...made me so uncomfortable... anyone else? I wonder why this happens...my friend said hormones but I don't know... I didn't have them with my pregnancy with dd#1.

I lay in bed every night and try to dream about giving birth easily and painlessly to this baby (as Laura Shanley did in her dreams) but it NEVER happens!! : Instead I have these sexually perverse dreams that really freak me out.

Any thoughts?
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I am pretty loud and obnoxious about my birth choices.

I am also pretty rude about hospital practices in birth. I just don't want to hear the bull that is spouted all the time! (they saved my life, if it weren't for the doc, blah blah blah)
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Ohhhhhhh, yes Jennifer! My dreams during pregnancy are rather interesting. LOL

I enjoy them! LOL
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Originally Posted by oshunmama
Ohhhhhhh, yes Jennifer! My dreams during pregnancy are rather interesting. LOL

I enjoy them! LOL

Well some of them are nice, like with movie stars or men I know IRL (SHH! dont' tell dh) but some of them are totally bizarre, off the wall, things no one would ever say would be enjoyable...
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Anyone having really really wacko pregnant dreams? I mean like sexually wacko...
yeah, for awhile they stopped but now i'm having them again. not just sexually wacko, although a couple of weeks ago i had this horrible dream... :: shudder :: i don't even want to think about it. it was totally bizarre, off the wall, things no one would ever say would be enjoyable...

i've also been having less happy birth dreams and more scary ones, like the other night i dreamt that i gave birth to the baby but she was tiny, only like 4 lbs, and her head was huge and misshapen. and another one, where i was laying on the bed and i looked down at my round preggy belly, only to see that it was deflated and all flat, and there was only one tiny spot where the baby was, but she wasn't ready to come out, even though i was in labor.
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Please some one define UC for me. PM or something, i don't want to take away from the thread discussion

something just popped up in the archives Unassisted Childbirth. Okay, so never mind my question.

I loved my homebirth but honestly loved my mw too. Every situation is different.

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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
childofthemoon~~How do you plan on doing the cord wrap? Is it braided, or knotted... I'd love to do this!
I just braided some embroidery floss (three strands) and knotted it at each end. I made it pretty long so it would be really easy to tie onto the cord. Then I boiled it and let dry and stored in a plastic bag. I did two so we could cut between the two. Not sure if we will need them both as we plan to leave baby attached for a little while (not having a lotus, but willnot be in a hurry to severe the tie either)

Feeling really grumpy tonight and having stretchy pains down the inside of my thighs, hopefully baby will decide to come this week. I am feeling READY!

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I also saw someone who actually wrapped the cord, from top to bottom (where it was cut) in embroidery floss. I do believe it was andrea88, but I haven't "heard" from her in a long time. I wonder how she did that? I read that sometimes the intestine can be in the cord a little bit, so I wouldn't want to go too close to the body with the wrap.

I bought a belly casting kit today. Should be fun! Going to do it tomorrow, unless baby wants to come out. It was my due date today! So I'm officially "overdue" tomorrow. YEAH!!!!
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just wanted to pop in to say :
Happy birthing Mamajaza. Have fun doing your belly casting too.

as for sex dreams, I find pregnancy to be such a sexually intense time...I have a very high libido while pregnant. I did have some weird dreams though from what you women are describing, not *quite* as wacko....just kind of "out there"....I feel very "testosteroney" (is this a word? LOL) while preg....it's the one time I feel truly empathetic w/male sexuality as it is stereotypically defined.

As for birth dreams, I always had some scary ones, and some nice ones. I think especially towards the end that it is a way to work through those last minute fears etc. My dreams were always intense and deeper during preg. and during my two "free" preg's, I paid much closer attention as well.
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Mind if I join in? My first was born at home with a midwife but, my second was born unassisted 18 months ago. We're not going to TTC until November, but, I was hoping to listen and offer advice.

Can't wait to get and know you all.

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My dreams since pregnant have been very vivid. I had one where I was sitting on the bathroom counter by the sink and all the sudden the baby just shot out of body into the sink! But it was way too soon, and it was really tiny. So, I picked the baby up out of the sink and put it to my breast and it started to nurse and then grew in like super-fast forward! Isn't that weird?

I have had some sexual dreams too, and I usually don't. Mostly involving my dh, but I had one about someone from the past (who I didn't even like that much! And I 've had one bizarre/perverse one.

I have to say I have a much higher sex drive when I am not pregnant. I still want to have sex, but not as frequently, and it doesn't seem I have the same intensity of physical sensations. Maybe this has something to do with getting so big?
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as for sex drives...

w/ my first, my libido soared. it was never higher. (ahhhh what wonderful times. ) but this time around i had hardly any desire for any sort of physical contact, least of all that.....

until about two weeks ago.
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