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I'd say that I am "straddling the fence" on the MW issue. I'd love to empower women in their births. There are a lot of women who really need the support.
But becoming a lay MW is all I would be interested in doing, and lay MW's are now illegal in B.C.
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Ooooh, I have another question for you ladies.

My DH will probably read just one book during my pregnancy. He is not a big reader. I need a book recommendation for someone who:

1) Is mainly worried that after the birth, I will be too tired to recognize a problem. He wants to know what problems there might be and what he should do about them. He knows that I know what to do about most of them, he's just worried that I'll be too loopy from the experience to tell him what he's supposed to do.

2) Is easily worried by laundry-lists of problems and solutions and things of that sort. If he hears "she may bleed up to x amount and still be fine" he'd be fine with that knowledge, if a book says that "after she bleeds x amount she may go into shock and this is potentially fatal" he is going to freak out.

3) Has great difficulty with med-speak. I couldn't even explain diabetes to him. It is like elementary biology never existed. He needs something that deals mainly with what is normal and what is not, and what to do when something isn't so normal. Some basic anatomy wouldn't hurt, either.

4) Philosphically agrees with the premise of UC and doesn't need to hear much more about the benefits.

So, anything fit the bill?
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Well... Emergency Childbirth by Gregory White (although a little outdated for some of the birthing advice) is great for reassuring husbands about what is normal postpartum and how to help the mother. Very straightforward, positive, and short. My husband loved it.
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Thanks everyone! I feel much better.....I know these things, I keep telling myself. But paranoia kicks in!

I want to enjoy these final weeks....and I know what my body can do. Breathe girl, breathe......
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I'd have to second the Emergency Childbirth vote. My dh loved it, thought it was very reassuring.

"how do reconcile your desire to be a midwife and your ideas about UC?" I guess I just don't.

I'm looking at a lay midwifery course of study.

Anyhow, I'm not straddling any fences here as I see it. I love birth and just want to be involved in it. I'll assist those that seek me out. I'll turn away those that seem to want an "ob at home", because I don't want to serve in that capacity.

make sense? Its past my bedtime...

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I'm going to give birth today! Shhhh...
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Mamajaza, I will be thinking of you all day today. Many gentle birthing vibes!
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Peaceful birth Vibes to you Mama!!
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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
I'm going to give birth today! Shhhh...
's and
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mamajaza! :ignore my lips are sealed, but oh boy! know that i'm sending peaceful blissful gentle birthing vibes to you.
and thanks for telling me that your breasts expanded faster than the 'they' folks say...i sometimes need reminders that normal is a whole beautiful spectrum, not a single point on a line. it's still seeming like i am, until nights falls and then my body and emotions are quiet. my dh jokingly said that if i'm not pg, i have alot of explaining to do! not many women sit up in a backhoe out in the woods crying their eyes out and laughing simultaneously and i have to tell you, it's quite a site!

luckily the backhoe is being repaired to day and it looks like rain, so i got to come back to town to the computers...i'm really needing that mdc vibe these days! feels so good.

sending vibes of comfort to all you who's bodies aren't giving them to you! does soaking in water help? i'm curious, since it lifts some of the weight from the joints...or is it the looseness of the joints that is uncomfortable?

our neighbor had a baby a day or two ago and when 'dad' stopped by yesterday to tell us, all he had for us was the weight and gender...the mentality it takes to choose giving birth in a hospital is sooo *foreign* compared to hoembirth and uc. i don't even expect to weigh our lit'lun, unless for some reason we start wanting to know...i just want a healthy birth free from someone else's measurements, constraints and ideas of how i should feel like birthing. the more i learn about uc, the more i wonder why it's not more common. the idea of uc gives such a liberating free feeling to thinking about birth.

to all uc-ers for keeping the knowledge alive and kicking!
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Mamajaza, woooohooooo you go mama!!!!
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Yes, definitely the Emergency Childbirth Manual by Gregory White, M.D. to reassure him as to what to do. It's very simple, and straightforward, in lay terms.

Also, I would get "Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love" by Lynn M. Griesemer and have him read the two chapters of husband testimonials. That should make a real impression.
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stacy, good idea about the husband's birth stories. i couldn't think of anything to recommend, but i forgot about that. my dh liked that section. it was so different for my dh to hear a man's take on it. he really liked them!

i've heard great things about how dh's feel after reading the emergency childbirth book, but haven't bought it yet.
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woo! :: sending lots of quiet happy birthing vibes to *mamajaza* ::

does soaking in water help?
a very emphatic YES. yesterday after i went for a walk, i came home, stripped off all my clothes and sat in a tub of warm water and ate watermelon... it felt sooooo nice.
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yay mamajaza!!!

Thanks for the book recommendations - I'll get "Emergency Childbirth" - I already have "Unassisted Homebirth" so I'll try to get DH to read that one chapter.
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i'm 39 weeks 6 days today.

belly pic.
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Oh, how absolutely exciting Mamajaza!!! I can't wait to hear your news! A lovely little cancer babe! happy, wonderful birthing!

and Klothos, you look great. Did you cut your hair? If so, or if not, it looks so cute. Can't wait to hear your news.

*sigh* I am so sad my birthing days are probably over...and my little "newborn" is almost four months!! I'll just enjoy the stories here. :
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Happy Birthing, Mamjaza!!

hope you have your lovey in arms (and at breast) soon!

prayers and peaceful, uninterrupted laboring thoughts...Carrie
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