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Kiwi Pie!

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First group - sold out in less than 32 seconds!
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Hyena cart makes me sad.
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This is crazy!
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Ack! I can't believe how difficult it is. I was pushing the button in less than a second.
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This is crazed madness.
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group 2 sold in 2 seconds!!! INSANE!
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Ok, I changed my mind! I hate the hyena cart! I wanted that dip dye so bad I can taste it!!
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So who got the grape cashmere. I that!
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That is way too fast
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I REALLY wanted the sun cover but I pressed enter after pasting my email address rather than buy it now. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think I figured out the trick to it...
I'll report back
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My daughter is sitting here diaperless so I can watch this diaper drama. How ridiculous is that?
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uggh...I sooo wanted that dip dye...I put in my email address and then hit "enter" instead of "buy it now" and then it was gone...

I hope someone else loves it and takes it for walks and tucks it in at night like I would have...
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Originally Posted by hannahmom
I think I figured out the trick to it...
I'll report back

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And number three attempt - nothin!!!
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nope didn't work... I'm still trying...
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It won't let me buy anything I can't believe I got out of bed early and am empty handed If anyone has buyers remorse from the one with rainbow trim I would gladly take it off your hands
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me neither... rats rats rats.
i can't understand how it can be so fast -- i'm poised and ready within a sec it's gone.
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I think I might have gotten one, but I'm pretty sure it oversold! I hate the deferred times!!
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