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but i think that one oversold is better than multiples she used to have with wahmshoppes.... because it wouldnt surprise me if she used to haave 1 oversold for every product she stocked, if not more. Because of the code karen used to write HyenaCarts its a lot harder to oversell something and should happen rarely
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Originally Posted by ChristyH
Hi Meredith! Kaylee called me and said I could have it if I wanted it.
I'll PM you

Thanks Kaylee!!!
You are very welcome! I was about to have a heart attack trying to get in touch with you! :LOL These damn diapers!
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Originally Posted by mumztheword
I'm sorry... I promise to give it a good home. And if it doesn't like it here for some reason, I'll let you know.

I know you will
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: My bad. My sister got one for me.I just never got any email so I didn't know. All my being upset was for nothing. But I still am bummed that I can not score with the hyena cart myself.Anyway I feel like a dork :
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That's true. At her last stocking, one of her covers was oversold by 3!!! Nothings perfect!!
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Originally Posted by AugustLia23
gothmommy, I'm with you. I had 4 yards of 50%cashmere/50%wool and 1 yard of 100%cashmere shipped to me in the past week. I'm getting ready to dye it up and start sewing away!! I don't think I'll be selling them, but DS will now have LOTS of pretty cashmere covers and probably a nice patch blanket too!

ooh i am thinking about doing that... where are you ordering your wool from? I have no idea what i'm doing (in general and with sewing) but am willing to learn!
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I have no idea what i'm doing (in general and with sewing) but am willing to learn
Definetly recommend trying on some cheap local stuff before diving into wool, that stuff can get so expensive, why Ive never made my own covers. Id love to know where you got the cashmere wool though.
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WOW - Who got the blue cashmere? You all are FAST!
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