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Originally Posted by MissSugarKane
#@$% !!!! #@$% !!!!
I couldn't agree more.
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Well. I probably didn't even get it, even if I did I have 4 smalls already sorry!
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Originally Posted by Joannect
: :

What she said!
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Originally Posted by hannahmom
How are people doing it?!! I have the most supa fast computer.... This is so crazy! Go Maria!
It doesh't have much to do with your computer really. Mine is beyond fast (we sell ridiculously fast computers for a living) and I got nuthin' too. Oh, and I am on a T1, and that isn't helping.
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T1 here too. And, I can't do it any faster.
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OMG I made the same mistake again!! I hate this damn cart!
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Screw this!!!!! What a waste of freakin time! Enjoy your pie ladies!
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Okay, we need a "No Kiwi" support therad! :LOL :LOL
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OMG those sold out in less than a second, this is rediculous!! Ohh well I wasnt going to buy one, but I sure was watching.
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Holli, don't feel guilty at all! I wasn't even trying to purchase any, just along for the ride as I can't afford one!

Good for you for snagging one!
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Totally denied...
I hope by the time a baby gets here I can snag one kiwipie.

I wish Maria would take custom orders but just limit it to one cover apiece so everyone could get a fair chance.
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I think this is the most disappointed I have ever been over a diaper I didn't even have time to put in my very short email addy
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I'm just pissed I set my alarm and put off breakfast :LOL
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Who got them??? Aside from Holli, no one will admit.

Holli, don't feel bad, just tell us your secret!
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If anyone decides they don't want the cornflower blue, or the orange sun, pm me. Yeah, right.
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I almost had one but put in the wrong address. It was like "please enter a valid eMail address" I almost had it!!
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No luck here either, but I am super glad that Holli got one (or two) for her sweetie.
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Nothing Oh well, guess I'm still on the wagon!!! I'm not mad at anyone who got one - good for you if you are that fast I think it's all just in the moment, I'm over it now. It's just all the buildup and than not getting one, it suck's There's always next time
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Originally Posted by Holli
You gals make it *very* scary to admit that I got any!

I think we *all* wanted them just as bad as anyone else, and it makes me sooo sad when people say things that make it sound like they needed the cover more than anyone else.

So, yes, I got pie, and maybe I don't deserve it because it's just going to sit in my daughter's room until she comes home. But, I have nothing to do but sit here and be sad that she's not home and work on her diaper stash.

But, it really makes me feel sad and guilty that I got kp. I never scored with the old cart.

Going back to hiding now...

No one is going to bash you for getting one, hon!! Don't feel sad or guilty. When it comes down to it, its a diaper cover for goodness sake. If people get that bent out of shape about it - they need to get a life. We are commiserating because we just can't figure out how people are so quick!
Congratulations! I can't wait to see pics of it on your babies lil' bum
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Holli, which one did you get??

You should be able to come here and share your excitement for scoring one- that's part of what hyena-ness is all about, IMO. Who else can gush about scoring a highly sought-after diaper cover like the members of this community??

So share your joy with us!!!
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