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Poll Results: How often does your toddler nurse per day?

  • 21% (26)
    Too many too count
  • 13% (16)
    More than 10
  • 17% (21)
  • 20% (25)
  • 22% (27)
  • 3% (4)
    1 or less
  • 1% (2)
121 Total Votes  
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It depends on the day. My son will be 3 in August and today he must have nursed or asked to nurse dozens of times. Some days it is only 2-3 times. At 18 months he was still nursing non-stop (and I was working full time and still pumping).
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Thanks, Kimlee for the vitamin info. I'm going to my Dr. soon, so I guess I'll get back on the prenatal vitamins.

I work part time (about once a week), and I thought I'd be done with pumping once my ds turned one. But since he still nurses about 6-7 times a day, I think I'll still need to pump. Does anyone manage to not pump when at work with a toddler who still nurses? I reaally am over it and I think I'm going to feel self-conscious about it. It seems most people wean their babies at one but I don't want to!
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add me to the list of 'too many to count'.

My toddler now 27 mos nurses frequently too. People will ask me how often she nurses...to assure them she is not nursing like a baby does I tell them she only nurses at bedtime. (between us we know better):

She tends to have these nursing bursts in the mornings between 5-7 am... not sure why when she cosleep with us.

Then she wakes up and first thing asks for juice (which I always heavily dilute with water...only started drinking juice in the last few months, neighbor fault got her addicted).

Even though with the nbr of cups she drinks a day she still asks to nurse throughout the day. Especially when its cuddling time at nap time and bedtime.

Great thread.

Happy nursing everyone.

Mom to 27 moths and 3 mos preg.
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Dd is 2 years, 2 mos. and I picked "other", because she has become very variable: she nurses as few as three and as many as eight times in a a 24 hour period. This is a tremendous shift over the last couple of months--up until just before her 2nd birthday, she still often nursed in the 8-10 time/day category. Or more. At night. Etc.
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At 16 months Kailey nurses ALL the time. Most times if I sit down she wants to crawl in my lap to nurse. I thought it may be boredom but even trying to distract her doesn't work.
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I quit keeping track a long time ago. He varies so greatly from one day to the next. There are days when that is all we do it seems. On those days I can't wash a load of dishes or stir lunch on the stove without stopping to nurse him. Then on other days he will nurse when he wakes in the am, maybe once or twice midday, and then before bed. Lately tho, he has been pretty consistently around 4 or 5 times/day.
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It seems like how often could be related to how long the "session" lasts. DD (16 mo) is at about 5-6 times a day. She is a "upon wakening, upon napping, upon bedtime" nurser, but she gets several nursings at night too. For her though, she usually cuddles up and stays awhile, half an hour or more, often falling asleep. I have seen toddlers do the "check in" snack style nursing, and she doesn't do it. Maybe when she gets older she will, the way she changes and grows I don't doubt it.
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So this poll is only how many times your toddler actually nurses?

I put 3-4 times a day, but she asks probably twice that at least. Maddy is 40 months old and the only reason(I think)that I avoid nursing as much as possible is that I'm pregnant and it HURTS!!

I tandem nursed my son with Maddy and I don't remember the pain being an issue when I was pregnant last time.

Oh and for like the past two months I have not nursed during the night!!!Yipee!!
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I'm enjoying all your responses! Glad to know we aren't the only frequent nursers out there.

Jenny G - I think it would be ok not to pump. I starting working part-time about a month ago (4-5 hrs. 3 days/wk) and I don't pump at all. I haven't noticed any supply problems. The moment I get home from work dd is runs towards me crying "nigh-nigh, nigh-nigh, nigh-nigh......" (what she calls nursing - this is how strong her nursing/sleep association is!) no "hi" or anything!!
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Smeta- thanks for your reply! I am a nurse and I work different hours; either 4 hours, 8 or 12. I did a 12 the other day, pumped once and was fine. 4 hrs should be no problem, maybe 8 will be ok, too. I'll play it by ear. Thank goodness most everyone I work with is great about it, but I'm just waitng for someone to say 'You're still doing that??" :
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I said 5-7 for my 20mo ds, but then again, I have no idea how many times he nurses during the night. (We co-sleep.) Then again, this is for the week when I'm at work. When I'm home during the weekend, the numbers could be between 10 and 20, depending if he's tired, overstimulated, bored, or gets hurt or scared.
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I chose TOO MANY TO COUNT!!!!!My two girls are 21 m/o and between the 2 of them I mostly feel like I am never standing,and if I am then I have got 2 little ones tuggin at my shirt crying BOOP BOOP BOOP Some days nursing is my lifesaver and others its my prison.But mostly I do love it!
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I picked 8 -10 for my 28 mo ds, but that doesn't really include nighttime. Sometimes it's twice, other times it's all night.

But he ASKS to nurse about 800 times a day and always wants to nurse with whatever toy he's playing with at the moment (I guess he's sharing ???) He'll say, "nurse on the black and white cow." Pretty funny!
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Ani and Cameron both nurse 5-7 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Ani is 2 1/2 and Cam is almost 11 months.
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