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Homebirthin' Mama's Thread July 3rd!!

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Hey there ladies. Just thought that I would pop in to say........

Still no baby.


She doesn't want to come out!

Little poopsnot!
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sarah: well, you know us cancer moonchildren... can't tell us how to feel (ready to be born or any other feelings...) :LOL sending you and your baby lots of peaceful birthing vibes...

finally finished the first draft of my birth story. I kept getting stuck at the part where the sun came up for the second time during my laboring, so i just put it away until i felt inspired. just have to edit and add a few more things and then it will be ready for readin'...

babe fell asleep in sling while i'm sitting here bouncing on my exercise ball/desk chair... gonna go spend quality time with my honey...

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Originally Posted by TurboClaudia
sarah: well, you know us cancer moonchildren... can't tell us how to feel (ready to be born or any other feelings...) :LOL
Yep, so true!

I am due the 16th (my birthday ) but am hoping and feeling that this wee one will come sooner. Dh is starting his new job on the 19th, and has time off leading up to that, so it would be so nice to have baby a little early so he can be home with us. BUT, baby will come when ready, I am not going to mess with that! I have everything ready and waiting, except for the dipes-still need to wash those. Just enjoying the last days with my girls and trying to keep busy and rested (if that is possible) as I am so anxious to meet this baby!

Love and Light to you all!
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hi! sorry no babe yet sarah, hugs! sooon! there really isnt much you can say to a mam in your time, i know- i was just there. and look at me now! in babyheaven. wishing you some babyheaven asap.

kassi is 2 weeks old yesterday. she is lovely and growing and healthy just like we want. tristan is learning all about her and is starting to open up to her. both are nursing like crazy- tristan has pretty much stopped eating solid foods for the time being and is a nursling again. i dont mind, i love to nurse him.

i am starting to 'miss' my birth, asking karl about it a lot. the whirling magical newborness makes it hard to hold onto the memory of that event. it is somehow as if it went by so fast, and instead of paying any tribute to it, or marvelling in it, we are caught up in kassi, and i know that is the good and right thing, but i also feel such a longing to honor the birth and talk about it and remember it.

all is well here.

warm wishes to all the other mamas!
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I've been having similar thoughts about my birth. How can we bottle that???


Soon...soon! I'm thinking about you a lot today...

Soren is doing well. He's amazing actually.

3 kids though...he is feeling somewhat like an extra appendage that I have to take extra good care of. Seems I don't have time to relish his baby goodness nearly as much as I would like to. Hmmm. Maybe I need to reprioritize and delegate....

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Still no baby...but I am enjoying the time with my two girls as much as possible. I had a long talk with my midwife, who made me feel better!
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Still hanging in there Sarah? Or do you have a new baby in your arms?
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I am now 41w2d pregnant. Still no baby. I have a midwifes appointment at 11:00am today...so...I will keep everyone updated!
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(and because Noah loves them...) :
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just checking in - Sarah - thinking of you - knowing it will be me in your situation soon. It's sooooo hard to go long and knowing that I will be "late" doesn't help although I should by now. I have my edd set as 8/10 and the cnm has it for 7/31.
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but i'm so excited.

a few more days and i think i can have the home pretty much all cleaned up + ready... :
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Hey there ladies. I am now 10 days over, but my midwife assures me that most babies are born within the 10 day mark....OK! I am all for that. I saw her yesterday and it went well. Baby is head down, a little under the pelvic bone and completely OP. She also thinks that she is about 8 pounds. I can't wait to have a big baby! Not a big posterior baby, but you know, you take what you can get. I have to wonder if that is why she is still hanging out in there. She does go to LOA (on the left side facing the right way) sometimes, but not lately. I am no longer sleeping. My sciatic nerve pinches all of the time and makes my leg and foot numb and i have horrible butt pain. My hips hurt so bad that I just can't sleep. So I am worried about losing sleep every night adding up. Three nights ago I got to sleep at 3:30, two nights ago 4:00 and last night, on and off all night. I am exhausted. But when I lay down, bammo! the pain....Any whoosers.

The plan: nothing until Friday...then we call the MD (Jeanne's backup) at the hospital and make arrangements for an ultrasound on the following Monday..I would be 42w1d as well as a non-stress test. Depending on how my placenta looks and how she looks, we will do nothing except monitor her that week. If it doesn't look good, we will talk more about medical induction. I am not sure if that would be stripping membranes, or prostagladin gels or pitocin. I am trying not to go too far ahead.

But from this Friday to Monday, we would be doing more natural (if anything can be called that) induction methods. Probably castor oil (drink or enema) and/or blue and black cohosh. Ether one sounds icky and I know that I will probably be sick from it, but hey, I would be at home and not at the hospital. I am nursing my two year old all of the time. Just recently it started to cause contractions, which is good. I have been having them off and on for a month, but stronger in the last couple of days/week. Plus, I have finally given into having sex. Yeah, that is soooooo much fun when you weigh 207 pounds and are 41 1/2 weeks pregnant. WOO HOO!! So, that is all for now. I will let you all know soon enough!
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i only have a moment so i have to be brief

please also consider calling an accupuncturist/herbalist and your chiro for ideas on getting labor going.

castor oil and cohosh really ought to be your last non medical options. create a list. from least invasive to most invasive, and try it all until you get your babe out!

anyway warm labor wishes- sounds like it is happening anyway- i also nursed thru pg and soon before babe came nursing started causing ctx. i had a slow start, too. though i wanst overdue. best laboring to you!

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Oh yes! My midwife said that we would explore the option of castor oil and cohosh. She is very very much into letting the baby decide. Completely! I am visiting the chiroprator in about 40 minutes and then off to the Mall of America to do some walking. I just talked with my doula, who mentioned the accupunture, but I don't have any money, and so I need to see if anything would be covered until insurance. I won't do anything that I think is invasive until I have no choice. But if it comes down to it, I will choose castor oil over pitocin. This is kind of the way that I am going about it...

accupressure every day on my ankles
visualization and communication with her
sitting in my birth space
sex and orgasm


talking about herbs or castor oil
talking about accupuncture, which I am open to

anything having to do with a hospital

My midwife will work with me until 43 weeks, as long as I am healthy and the baby is healthy. Plus, I have had TWO babies before!! Come on body!
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Sending happy homebirth thoughts your way, Sarah! Lila is here with me - in the sling!! She came two weeks early - born at home on July 3. I still can't believe she's here.
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Congratulations on your new babe ebethmom! :
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Sarah ~ how about nipple stimulation? i don't think that was mentioned...

one of my sisters laid down and played w/ her nipples for 4 hours straight, and went into labor. it might be worth a try (if you can handle all that nipple tweaking).

"officially" i'm due this saturday... and i'm trying not to focus too much on the due date... but i'm getting antsy! i love being pregnant but i feel like she "should" be born already. (( this is the LONGEST i've EVER been pregnant!! ))

there's a concert tonight at the park, and i'm looking forward to going to it... and kind of hoping the walk there + the dancing will kind of gear up my body for labor + birth.
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My midwives have used Verbena tincture (of course, I don't know specifics) to get a labour going. And Caullophylum (a homeopathic).

I found that when I was IN labour using (gripping) reflexology combs (or any hair comb would work). I held them in my hands with the pokey comb part pressed into the spots just where my fingers meet the palm of my hand. That really made contractions stronger once I started labour, but my doula (also a reflexologist) insists that it can induce labour as well.

I'm thinking of you Sarah! Here's to a new baby soon

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There is a German cocktail that has peach, champagne a little castor oil and some other stuff. MY mw used it and I know it didn't work 1 time out of 8. My babies go 11 days past the u/s date which is later than my LMP date. That's why I do my u/s now - it buys me more time at the end. Not that I "WANT" it!!

Congratulations ebethmom! Lots of little girls out there!! Must mean I will have a boy - I seem to always be the opposite of what's going around!
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oh my heavens. all you "overdue" women have my deep sympathy. i'm only 31.5 weeks into this myself and i am already VERY impatient for 37 weeks to come around and to have this kid already. today while the kids were in day camp i took a 2.5 hour nap and still collapsed on the couch when we got home from swimming lessons. hubby had to cobble together dinner when he got home at 7pm.

i had baby #1 at 39wks 5days and baby #2 at 38wks 7days, and i want this one to come at 37.5 weeks. my midwife will be out of town my whole 38th week! so i "need" to have this baby before she goes on vacation or i might have to call her backup midwife, a fine woman who was there when my daughter was born, but not "my midwife", if you know what i mean. if i am still preggo when my midwife goes out of state, i plan to spend that whole week with my legs crossed!

i have other reasons for wanting squid3 to hurry his/her little self up, too. the kindergarten cutoff is august 31 - born on or before that and i can try to get the kid into kindy when s/he is 5. otherwise, kid has to wait till s/he's 6 years old to start kindergarten! that's indiana for you.

of course, late pregnancy is miserable and i just don't want to deal with it. call me a wuss and a half, i don't care!

and then there is my really silly reason. i was born on a 15th, my oldest on a 16th, my daughter on a 19th and my hubby on a 20th. clearly, we need this kid to be born on a 17th or 18th.

anyway, all that blathering is to say that, as someone who has never actually hit my "due date" and still been pregnant, those who linger pregnant into their 40th, 41st and 42nd week have my everlasting sympathy and kudos.

plus, i ask you to be forewarned - if i don't have this baby as early on as i hope, plan and desperately desire to, i am going to turn into a raving, whining, BITCH!
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