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Originally Posted by ketilave
...<snip>...7lbs 5 oz and 20in.
that's exactly what our little guy was, too!

hugs to you, strong mamas, ketilave & katje!

and welcome babies Maillie and Lincoln!

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Congratulations both Ketlilave and Katje! I am so happy that both of your births went so smoothly! You are awesome women!

Enjoy those beautiful babies! :
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ooooh, it's a baby boom with the homebirthing mamas!! congratulations ketilave and welcome sweet maillie.
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So we had our last appointment with our midwives this past Tuesday. It was a very anticlimactic event for me. I don't really know what I was expecting. More emotion, maybe? The babe woke me up early Tuesday morning for a diaper change and to nurse, and then I couldn't fall back asleep because I kept thinking about our meeting with the midwives later that day. I had bought a card to give to them, so I decided to get up and write to them.

Since I work in the birthing field as a doula and am working towards my certification as a birth educator and I ultimately want to train as a homebirth midwife, I know I will see these women again. I go to a new moms group at their office that another client coordinates, so I may also see them there. But the last appointment signifies the end of this phase of our relationship, the end of this pregnancy and birthing, the end of our client/care provider relationship. They also provide well-woman care, so I can see them for those visits as well.

I did not expect to be grieving the loss of this relationship. Their priority is the pregnant mama who is about to birth her baby, and I am no longer that woman. Will I call them when I see something that reminds me of them? Will they call me when they see something that reminds them of me? I guess I want to be that special client that becomes a lifelong friend, but I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.

I cried as I was writing.

And then at our appointment, only one of the midwives and their assistant were there. The other midwife (who I have always felt closer to) was spending time with a friend from out of town who was visiting. And I felt even sadder because my new status as "low priority client" was reinforced. And I didn't get to say goodbye to the other midwife.

When we got to the appointment, I thought I would hand them the card I had written and ask them to open it and read it. But then when we got there and the one midwife wasn't there, I didn't want to ask the other one to open it and read it. I know what I wrote was what was in my heart, but now I guess I want validation that they heard and understood what I was saying. I wish and hope they will write me a card or a note back, but I know they may never do so. Even a comment like "thank you for the card" would be validation enough.

I need a hug. A nice big squeeze without a sleeping baby in a sling in the way.

I also had the midwife make copies of their records for me through the pregnancy and birth and their records for the babe. She put them in an envelope, and Bill started reading them as we were walking to our car on our way out. Then he decided to drive while I sat in back with the babe in his carseat, but I didn't want to read them. At home, I brought them inside and they are still sitting in the envelope on the bench by our front door. I don't want to read them by myself. I don't even want to bring up the idea of reading them with Bill. I'm waiting for him to ask me if I want to read them, but I don't even know what I will say or do when he does ask me.

Thanks for listening, mamas...

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{{hugs}}, Claudia. The six week postpartum visit is so hard for me. It's really difficult to let go of that relationship. Nothing is the same as seeing someone regularly for such a long period of time, then sharing something so special with them. There was a great thread about this exact thing in the Midwives/Doula forum....I'll bump it up for you.

You're not alone - mother or midwife. {{{hugs}}} - with your baby in the middle.
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I completely understand you Claudia and I am hearing from many women that they have felt the same way.
I was so in love with my midwife, she was someone i admire and respect and she gave the same right back. We spent a lot of extra time with her.. she came for extra visits and for dinner and we talked on the phone. At the six week checkup she was not in the office that day but i left her a heartfelt card, a skirt i had made, a bag and a top.... ! She called me and thanked me dearly for spoiling her and she loved it. *sigh* but now she has moved to another practise in manitoba so i wont be seeing her anymore.
Our midwifery practise has a yearly summer picnic for all its former and present clients, its a really nice way to keep in touch and they encourage us to come into the clinic anytime we want to show off our baby or have questions.
Maybe you could talk to your midwives about planning a summer get together for homebirthing clients?? Then it would be a nice way to keep in touch.
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Hey mamas...just wanted to subscribe, and be a part of this thread. I will be having my 2nd home/waterbirth in late November, early December. Can't wait to read through this thread!
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Just checking in - still haven't posted my birth story. I wrote it out because I had so much emotion to go through and it's taking forever to type up. My goal is the next couple of days.

For some reason we are a bit busy around here! I'm thinking about weaning Amelia because she keeps biting me and with a strong newborn suck it's more than my nipples are willing to tolerate. But, she is having the hardest time adjusting so I feel guilty even thinking about doing that to her. She's not nursing that often so I should just suck it up!
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http://home.comcast.net/~katelsemp/katelsemp.html this is my birth story. Now I need to go see what some of these other threads are...
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37 weeks and 4 days

i know i'm impatient , but wow, do i want to have this baby. the kids and i are so bored , but i don't have the energy to leave the house.

my daughter was so bored yesterday that she napped - she doesn't nap anymore - so she was awake till 10pm. : her normal bedtime is 7:15pm!

on monday we went out for a while, and then a friend came over with her kids, so that was a good day. but yesterday the closest i came to leaving the house and "doing something" was - i got the mail! :

last night the midwives came over for the home visit. i have a few things to buy and we need to clean off our camping tarp so my spouse doesn't fear our carpet will get ruined . otherwise we are ready. for now. i fear the baby will come late and i'll eat all my labor food. :LOL

i asked my midwife about castor oil. it sounds like it works but is REALLY unpleasant. i might consider using it late this month, if i'm still pregnant.
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peaceful enjoying end of pregnancy vibes to you, vicki...

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Did the other thread that Sarah talked about end up taking off? The one in regard to post preg life.

I am on borrowed time at the moment - Amelia is hysterical all the time, Brannon is whiney and trying to protect Maillie from the "gentle" helping hands of big bro and sis
Plus, every time Amelia wants to nurse she bites me - I have had to yell at her to get her off because my hands are full of Maillie - yes she only wants to nurse when Maillie does. I'm thinking that I have to wean her - I feel guilty about it but my breasts are so sore and it's making it very difficult to nurse Maillie. And, right now it's more important Maillie nurses well than Amelia.
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k8! that sounds like a very difficult decision to have to make. thank you for sharing your birth story. it was beautiful. it was good for me to read that you had self-doubt but then went on to have a wonderful homebirth. my first was induced in the hospital and i ended up getting an epidural. i am just over 34 weeks and starting to have feelings of doubt that i will be able to manage the pain. i know it's not exactly what you experienced but still your story made me feel good! congratulations on your new baby and best of luck with your biting toddler.
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Makinley John Loucks arrived on his due date ... four and a half hours.. eight pounds twelve ounces .... will post more soon
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Congratulations and Welcome to the world Makinley!! Can't wait to hear more.
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oo yay! much love to you and your family. tabitha
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Yippeeeee!!! I think I'm going to be joining the 'ranks' of homebirthing mamas!! It'll be our first homebirth (dd was a c-section) and I'm THRILLED. We'll decide for sure within a few days!!!!
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Cortney, that's wonderful!! Who are you using? How is everything going for you?
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My dh is at this very second setting up the birth tub on our back deck.

My achin' ribs will be much happier there.
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