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YAY Plantmommy!!!
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I think it will be awhile before the official birth story gets out of me. Makinley's birth was so different than ds #1's it is taking me sometime to work it all out. He was born at home surrounded with love. It was a very quick and intense labor, that is the part that I am working through now. It was a lot less spiritual than I remember my first one to be.

He is a nursing champ and he big brother spends his days saying "i love my new baby"

Thanks all for the words of congrats.
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Oh, Tanja, i'm not in labor yet! I wish!

But, it's nice to have the tub set up. Trial run. It's a good thing, since we've discovered (heat rises) the water felt good and hot on top, but 2" down it's COLD! We're waiting for more hot water now.
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sorry!! I misunderstood...
Well I hope your ribs feel better! And I cant wait till you are in labour then I can really congratulate you!!!!
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Go plantmommy, GO!!!
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Hey, I'll take all the labor vibes you all can spare! However, I should be fair and not totally hog 'em all, since I'm not technically due for 10 days.

Alas, I wasn't paying attention, and the tub is filled with luke-warm water, and now we're out of hot water, tub needing some emptying before adding more hot water, and I seem to have screwed myself out of a hot shower or regular bath, too. (sigh)

Me and my aching ribs are having a cup of pregnancy tea and pouting.
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Ongoing Midwife Saga

So my ongoing midwife saga continues! I need some support!

I posted this on the main thread earlier, but I'll do a quick recap. About two months ago my midwife, whom I loved, contracted meningitis and became very ill. She was hospitalized and went into a coma. Luckily she came out of the coma, but was on life support for a long time. They discovered she also has Lupus. Long story short, she is going to live but has a long and pretty horrible recovery process with some brain damage.

I had already paid her a substantial amount of her fee - basically pre-paid. The family had spent the money and couldn't refund it to me, so her ex-partner said she would take over our care even though she wasn't practicing anymore.

I knew from the first meeting with her that something wasn't right, and the next appointment I had with her was even worse! She seemed extremely nervous, and I wasn't comfortable with her answers to some of my questions. Last night I came home to a message from her asking me to urgently call her. I called, and she backed out of being my midwife. She didn't even give me a reason.

She gave me two phone numbers of different midwifes I can contact, so I'm starting down that road. I am SO frustrated because I feel like I'm starting over at all of this when I thought it was all taken care of, and I'm at 29 weeks. You just shouldn't have to go back to the drawing board at 29 weeks! Now I have to try and come up with the list of all of my questions to ask... I didn't write anything down from the first time I interviewed Noelle. I am also limited because of the financial aspects of the situation and feel somewhat trapped.

I know that my birth will be beautiful and perfect no matter who is there (or not there - I've begun to lean towards UC for the actual birth) but I would really like all of this resolved.

Please send positive energy my way! And TIA for listening.
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did you all start a new thread or did it just die? I just got back from being out of town.
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I don't think there's been a new one started, but I think it's about time.

eta: I just started a new one!
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