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I would completely have Joel strip my membranes, but he is too scared. My midwife won't do it, she considers it a big intervention that the doctors have to do. The doctor would do it and send me home though, so I will still have the possibility of homebirth.
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Thinking of you Sarah!! Come out baby

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Wow I'm surprised your midwife is so reluctant to do it. All the midwives at our practice do it all the time.
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I have no idea why she won't do it. The more I read everyones posts, the more I want to wait this out. I need a lot of encouragement. I think that I will still get the bio, but hold off on anything else for now. Although who knows how I will feel on Thursday!
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Mallaigh Rose was born yesterday evening at 6:59pm with her dad and sisters and a ton of help present. She was full brow presentation, which was very painful, but she is doing great!! Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful support. I did castor oil, and it worked well for me. She was 2weeks and 3days over, and it really showed. The placenta was calcified and spongy and there was no waters at all. I am so glad she is here.
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Welcome Mallaigh!

Oh Sarah, I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's here, She's here!!

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Congratulations Sarah and welcome Mallaigh!!
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much love and hugs to you, sarah

enjoy your time with your new babe! I can't believe ours is five weeks already!

waiting anxiously to see pictures and hear the birth story!

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Welcome Mallaigh (what a beautiful name!!) and Congratulations to Sarah and family!!

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oh yes! yay sarah!

you did it, shes here! i am so glad.

little kassi says welcome to the world, fellow babywoman!

kassi is 4 weeks old tomorrow.

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Congratulations Sarah and welcome Mallaigh!
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hi mama's - i only posted here a few times when i was pregnant. i apologize. when i was pregnant i was very much a introvert and didn't really write much on mdc, but read a lot. i truly enjoyed the homebirth thread. it was so nice to hear from other mama's that were having a homebirths.

on june 23rd i had a little boy in our bathtub at home. the midwife barely made it. yesterday we had our 3 week appointment and she showed me my birth records. the only writing on the all the pages was:

11:40 - ellie (my midwife) arrives
11:41 - viable baby boy born
12:10 - placenta delivered

that was it.

it was a very quick labor. it wasn't easy, but it was quick. i will post our birth story here once i write it. it was truly an amazing day.

we named our little boy logan james. he weighed 8lbs. 6ozs.

congratulations to all you amazing mama's who have delivered their babies and i'm thinking of all you homebirthing mama's that are waiting for their "miracle" day!
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yeah sarah and mallaigh (i'm curious how that it pronounced because one of our girl names is maillie)

and congrats on Logan James.


I'm so confused as to who is out there and when they are due - who all is coming up soon?
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Yeah Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to hear you are now holding your sweet babe in your arms. Happy babymoon to you

Congrats to you peaceful mama! Hope you are enjoying your babymoon. Can't wait to read your story!

Ketilave- I am *due* tomorrow, the 16th. You are due soon too, are you not? I am so ready! We are having a party tomorrow (small) because it is also my birthday, hoping to go into labor soon after! My last dd came along right after our anniversary party, so it would be fitting

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Brandi - I hope you have a great birthday and the little one is soon to follow.

I have anywhere from next week until the 18th of Aug. Because edd#1 is 7/23 I won't be allowed to go past 8/18 (42 weeks based on edd#3) but my mw knows I go late so she isn't worried.

I was hoping that since DH is out of town and we are having a b-day party for DD on Sunday that just maybe I would go into labour but that would be early and not in the realm of possibility in my world!
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Congratulations Sarah and little Mallaigh! We are so happy you are here!
COngratulations peaceful mama on your new little boy Logan!
I cant wait to hear about both of their arrivals!

How are all the new mamas doing? We are doing great, Maiya is 5 months old today! I am so very in love with her, she is pure joy. So happy and content and growing well. Some days its hard to imagine I wont every have another little baby to snuggle again so I really enjoy and appreciate every minute I am with her just loving her and holding her tight. But hey I could be a grandma in ten years since my dd1 will be 22 then..then i can snuggle her baby!

Tabitha I love seeing your website and the pictures of your kids, so sweet!
What an amazing mama you are!
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congrats peaceful mama and welcome Logan.

I am 35 weeks today... hot... large and suddenly incomplete shock that I am having a baby next month... it is funny how it just sort of sneaks up on you.
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sweet baby vibes to Sarah & Mallaigh and Jill & Logan...

peaceful birthing wishes to Brandi and everyone else awaiting the birth of their babes

new pics of Marek

dinner is ready... more later...

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Mallaigh is so wonderful. I am so in love with her. She is nursing as I type...

Her name is pronounced Mally. It is the Irish version of Molly. We keep knocking on wood because she is such an easy baby. After two very high matience babies, she is a breeze. I don't know if it is because she is our third babe, but wow....I have never fallen in love so quickly with one of my children. It was a hard birth, which I will write more about later. Where are all of you posting that have had your babes?
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