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what is everyone going to freeze for post partum?

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besides the placenta..LOL
I have to go shopping and I'm trying to figure out what to freeze...
umm..thats all I can think of
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I'd love to get some more ideas. So far I've frozen one veggie enchilada casserole. My mom is coming tomorrow and we're going to do a shepard's pie type casserole, and a lasagna. But besides soup, I'm not sure what else to freeze.
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I have veggie chili, beans, stuffed shells, enchilada casserole, lentil soup, and mac & cheese frozen. I still want to freeze some cookie dough because my dh has a sweet tooth. I made a triple batch of the chili and froze that by itself. Everything else was made as a part of dinner. I just increased the recipe and froze part of it.
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mmmmmm you can freeze cookie dough?
wanna share your recipe..and then do you do it in like ice cube trays or wait til it thaws before you bake?
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I freeze most of my cookie doughs around Christmas with no problems. I usually just freeze it all in one clump. For the recipe i'm going to make I freeze it in balls on a cookie sheet and then put them in a container. It makes a lot so we don't cook them all at the same time. I usually thaw them out a bit and cook them as usual. The ones i'm going to make are the neimann-marcus cookies and they are so good. They are not healthy at all though(they do have oatmeal which is good for milk production). You should be able to find the recipe by puting neimann-marcus cookies in a search engine. I don't have it written down but will try to post my link later.
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So far, I have one casserole done... I need to get crackin' on that!
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making those neimann-marcus cookies, chicken enchiladas and beef rice and bean burritos tonight!!!!! mmm, the recipe I found makes 120 cookies !!! LOL thank you!

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Just thought I'd mention one thing I've got frozen that no one else mentioned. I have a few casseroles from friends and some soups that I made and I also have some spaghetti sauce frozen. I made a homemade batch in the crockpot one day w/ meatballs and then put all the extra in the freezer. Now all we have to do is cook some noodles...not too bad.
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I'm intrigued by the enchilada casserole that two of you mentioned. Care to share the recipe?

In addition to some of the items that have been mentioned, I've made a ton of banana muffins, lentil walnut burgers, hummus, split pea soup and lentil soup. Next on my cooking agenda are pancakes, samosas and dal. I'm also going to freeze a bunch of rice and several different kinds of beans.
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I just put up 10 servings of spaghetti sauce in the freezer!! Yay me!
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not the placenta here ~ we're planning a Lotus birth, and then i'll be taking the placenta out to the old oak and burying it.

as for food...

right now we have a whole organic chicken, two chicken drumsticks, and a whole bunch of frozen veg ~ broccoli, cauliflower, mixed corn / pepper / bean stuff ~ and fruit ~ mostly berries. (i'm not counting my SO's frozen burritos as "food" :LOL)

i don't really feel like cooking a bunch of stuff and then freezing it.
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I am going to make a couple of quiches and freeze them. I also am going to make a few Mac and cheese casseroles.

Other than that I think i will just let my Moms take care of me.. thats what they are for lol
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