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Life of mother vs. Life of child, where do you draw the line? - Page 4

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Mamid, ITA, and it is not the loss of physical control that frightens me, but the loss of legal control over my body and my rights.
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In Canada, or at least in BC, it is assumed that when you go into a hospital you _want_ help. So they use that as the basis for taking over legal rights during l&d nevermind the ER.

So, probably most American hospitals are the same way. "You showed up here, so you want us to help you. Sign away your rights here..."
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Originally Posted by bionicsquirrel
Really, I just hope that dialogues that allow us to work on intense issues out in the open can continue to happen without people getting upset. I hope you will all still read and reply to my threads, even if we do disagree.
I, for one, have no interest in holding our differences against you. I'm glad you are a person who thinks for herself and draws her own conculsions - I respect that in a person. I know topics like this can get sticky and you're brave for taking them on. It *is* interesting to read different viewpoints to an idea - can only help you grow, IMO. I look forward to reading your posts on other threads.
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The more I think of OTHER things besides csection that could be forced at me, then I wonder where the next line will be drawn.

My mother is concinved my babies are a month over due since they are so large (9.10, 8.5, 11.4 pounds) She is upset my doc hasn't scheduled this one for an induction. Never mind the pitocin has twice caused me to bleed excessively and an epidural will crash my bp too low (65/58 low)

So an induction is a risk to me. Anethesia (sp) is a risk to me.

As to going to the hospital, in Nebraska your rights as a pregnant woman are deliver with an attendant in a hospital or at home alone. If you have a homebirth midwife she can be procecuted. (and they have been) If you deliver home 'alone' you can be investigated for child abuse. Unfortunately/fortunately the CPS folks are swamped so they probably will only open a file and ignore you.

I did decline some tests and no one seems to care. But I haven't shown up at the hospital either. I did put it in my birth plan that I was only there to make DH more comfortable and my doc laughed at that. But I think she 'knows' I do not plan on really going to the hospital. And said I was a perfect candidate for a homebirth and she hates the way the laws changed. Not even a free standing birth center here....
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love_home birthing, thank you. I appreciate knowing that you are interested in what I have in my head. I too have been reading your posts and gaining a lot from them.

Magemom, that is terrible and sad. I am sorry you are faced with so little choices. Are you able or willing to travel to another state? Many times, midwives with more rights with attend your birth in other states. For instance, women from WA sometimes go to Portland to have their babies because the laws are more lax. I wish I had known this before my induction, I would have driven to Portland in a heartbeat.
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