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But my breasts aren't really sore (they've been moderately sensitive since last year when I got a reduction). I could make up symptoms all day long just because I know I want to be pregnant so bad. Wouldn't it be funny? Going around wanting to be pregnant and not knowing I am.... I just don't have the $$ to go POAS. grrr..

Johanna is officially paranoid!
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Hi, I would like to subscribe, please put me under waiting to do who knows what. I actually wanted to ask you guys for your opinon about my chart. If you look at my chart, it says 5 dpo under the advanced setting. In the tradtional FAM setting I haven't ovulated yet. I don't know about my temp for CD 18, though, because I kept vaguely barely waking up that morning from about 5:30 on. But I was only waking up enough to look at the clock and think "ugh, go back to sleep" and then I was out again. I took my temp at 6:15 because I kept waking up like that and it was 97 at that time, so it isn't like the temperature was going up alot over that time, so I figure it's ok, but if I discredit that temp, then I'm 3 dpo. I wish I knew why fertility friend's coverline is so different from FAM, do they just pay more attention to CM or what? And please tell me when you think I ovulated, 5 days is such a big difference when it comes to testing. Also, I had wanted to try progesterone cream because my lp is on the short side (11 days on average), but I don't know if 5 dpo is too late to start, does anybody know? Thanks for your advice in advance.
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Cd 3

Afternoon, everyone, and a Happy 4th of July to all our American sistahs and ex-pat sistahs!

Muse and Jo, I am SO happy for both of you!!!! I am sending you both nine months of extremely sticky vibes:

Silly me, I assumed everyone already knew that their pee should be clear! :LOL I guess making assumptions really is dumb! (BTW, that orange B vit pee has scared me on multiple occasions, since my pee is normally so clear unless I have a UTI... and then I remember, duh! I had a smoothie, or whatever...)

Anyway, I'm sending you all my love -- and thank you all so much for the hugs!

Belly Blessings!
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This pregnancy I didn't get breast pain until a week ago.
Go to the doc and get a blood test.??
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Mady, Progesterone supplementation is best if started by 7dpo.
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Congratulations Jo!

I hope everyone's having a good Independence Day... (for those of us in the US, of course)... We took dd downtown to the parade, but I think her favourite part was the balloons blowing everywhere because of the wind, lol!
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Hi, I'm on the nursing mama's list but not this one. I'm due to start AF today. Grumpy and tired and very bloated, but so far, no AF.

TTC is such a lesson in going with the flow. It's one thing in life you can't control, all you can do is improve the odds. Mother Nature is boss here. Drives me crazy!
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Congratulations Jo and Muse!!!

Johanna - what you described sounds like what my TCM practitioner called "bearing down"...don't know what that means exactly - it was one of several questions about general health, digestion, etc at my original intake consultation, and she asked me if I ever felt it, which I hadn't...

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Howdy all! Happy 4th to everyone who cares! And happy sunday to everyone! :LOL

Joi - could you move me over to waiting to know, pretty please? I ovulated two days ago...woo, nothing like the beginning of the 2ww. again.

Much and dust to all!!!
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Originally Posted by heveasoul
Congratulations Jo and Muse!!!

Johanna - what you described sounds like what my TCM practitioner called "bearing down"...don't know what that means exactly - it was one of several questions about general health, digestion, etc at my original intake consultation, and she asked me if I ever felt it, which I hadn't...

but you have now?????????
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congratulations Jo! sticky baby vibes to you!

DD woke up at 3:20 this morning and I tried valiantly to get her back to sleep until 4:40 at which point I gave up, gave her a feed and DH put her infront of the TV so we could sleep some more (terrible I know, but my screaming all day cause I am hugely sleep deprived is worse for both of us). So I took my temp at 5:10 (the usual time, but awake for 2 hrs) before going to sleep again and it was 36.48. Then I took it at 7:20 after 2 hrs sleep (but 2 hrs late) and it was 37.08, it was still exactly the same 20 mins later (after a bit more sleep). I have entered the second temp as is, do you think I should correct it? FFs corrector makes it 36.88....

I have booked in for an u/s today, if I have cysts I want to know about it (I think)... if I was (getting) pregnant they wouldn't see anything at 6dpo right?
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not yet, sorry
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thanks shannon, I didn't think anything (other than cysts) would be visibile but its good to know.
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Originally Posted by shannon0218
but you have now?????????
nope. I did a quick search, and it seems to be a term used in homeopathy. A strong tugging kind of pressure pain...I would ask an ND if you have one...

Oh, and sorry, I am a bit out of it today, so I forgot to say, so sorry, Alexis. big hugs.
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Hi everyone! I am subscribing, and joining your list. DH and I just started TTC #3. I am currently BFing #2 (15.5 months) and AF is no where in site.

A little bit about me... I am Stephanee, 36 years old. DH and I have been married 2 years (in 2 more weeks!) and we have a 15.5 month old son Nicolas and I have an almost 12 year old daughter.

Looking forward to joining you all!
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Hi All! Sorry I haven't been around. I'm so busy with all these people in the house that I never get a moment to the computer. That said, I probably won't be around much for a while either. Also, I am indeed feeling the need to "surrender" in a way at the moment and not obsess about TTC as I'm not even doing it yet and I think that there is indeed a bit of truth in what my mother said about obsessing causing more harm than good. So, adios for now! I will try to at least read here & there.

Congratulations to the BFPs!!!

Ontario ladies - We are not going to Toronto after all, just to London and just for the weekend and will be with lots of friends from out of town as it is, so I don't think I will get to actually meet you however much I'd like to. I'd really love to meet IRL with you all, but just can't find the time this time. So sorry. If you're ever in Northwest Ohio, let me know!

to all!!!
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I know it's ridiculous to think I'm feeling anything this early (5 dpo) but my breasts are aching something horrible. I don't get any kind of breast tenderness as a PMS thing, it's not mastitis or a plugged duct (BTDT), it's nothing like letdown... they just hurt, plain and simple.

To make matters worse, my parents are visiting for the weekend and they don't know we're ttc, so I've got to hide this lovely pain. Dd almost blew it by talking about the toys that she played with at one of the midwife's offices when we were checking into them last week, but thank god, my mom got distracted from asking her more.

So, either I'm just crazy (v. possible) or something, one way or another, is up with my body. Argh. The pain, however, is v. real.
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Congrats to Jo and Maya!!!! What a great way to start July!

We were off on a backpack trip all weekend.. and my temps were way low ( probably because I was sleeping on the snow...) so I'm not entering them.... but i'm pretty sure I am 4 DPO...

I'm super pooped.. so to all.. back tomorrow.

Shannon - I'm thinking hydrating thoughts for you! ( and non puke vibes)

Oh yeah.. here is my daily dose of for Shannon, Kate and Raven...
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Kash, I hate to ruin what may indeed turn out to be a symptom (cause :fingerx: you're pregnant!) but I've had sore boobies every single cycle in which I've ovulated thus far... not this cycle, but the one before, the sore boobs even started *before* I ovulated -- that was fun, let me tell you!

Anyway, I'm feeling like Anna and thinking of taking something of a hiatus.... I think I'll lurk and I'll keep sending everyone my prayers and good vibes, but I just don't feel like I want to obsess this cycle at all... and there's alot for me to do this month, so I don't have as much time to keep up with the thread, either... I'd give up temping, but that would be worse for me, so I won't!

Hope July brings us tons of BFPs!!!!!

Belly Blessings!!!
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It's a drive-by!

Hello everyone! I've been super busy this weekend but I thought I'd drop you a note.

Congratulations Maya and Jo!

Here are some *old* pictures of Matt and me (from our wedding four years ago):


I look basically the same, if you add about 25 lbs

We're using this holiday weekend to fix up the house. Paint paint paint. Things are looking good but I'm super exhausted! I'll try to post more tomorrow.

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