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OH, Heather...
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Heather, my heart goes out to you.
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So sorry, Heather
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Heather. I am so sorry

As for Clomid and O pain - YES!!! Ovulation hurts when you are on Clomid. So that it likely what it was.

I am 8dpo right now. Feeling pretty calm about the whole thing. We will see how I feel at the end of the week. No testing till there is a reason. Sorry gals - no PingOAS for me thanks.
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I'm so, so, so sorry . . .

Erika . . .about the OPKs . . .do you ever notice that they start light, then get darker, then light again? This past cycle, I never got a "true" positive (the 2nd line never got as dark) but it was the darkest relative to the other tests I took (and then the tests got lighter again). Two days later I did O, as confirmed by rising temps and dry CM. So, I think it's VERY easy to miss the surge. I hope you find time to GIO since O is probably coming up soon!

Johanna, I really hope you find answers soon. I'm so glad you have an appt. made. I bet August can't come soon enough!

Adina, I'm thinkin' about you!

Hugs to all!
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So sorry Heather
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Gentle (((hugs))) Heather. I'm sorry!
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I have no words that can ease your pain............. just that you will be in my thoughts tonight.
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1 dpo

Heather, I am sooo sorry.

I think I am 1 or 2 dpo, so could you switch me to waiting to know??

Korin, I am really KHA for you this cycle!!!!!!!
Adina, same for you girl!

Joanna, I would really get thee to a Dr. You need to know, we need to know !

I am sooo happy because I got my computer back,,,,,,,,dh has jazzed it up supreme. It is so screaming fast now.

I feel very positive about the cycle so far, I just hate the 2ww!
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heather, take good care of yourself
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12 dpo, another BFN

Heather I am so very very sorry, I have nothing useful to say other than how sad I am for you.

Johanna, so glad you have a Drs appointment coming!

My temps are good, my cervix is good, my symptoms could mean anything, I am (so far taking) the BFNs gracefully, I don't know if I will cope so well if AF comes but I guess there won't be any choice.

We went to see a new baby today, 4 weeks today infact. I thought "DD was never that small" convinced myself it was just the fact that they grow so much, but turns out she was never that small :-). DD wasn't even that big but I keep seeing weeks old babes smaller than she was a birth and freaking out at how tiny they are and wondering how I will cope....
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phoebekate, You know, its funny you mention it... I just saw a baby about 7.5# and I was like "Marshall was never that small"... he was around a full pound smaller than that when he was born. Its amazing to think about!
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Good morning, ladies...

The new thread is right over here!
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I'm so very sorry for your loss
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Megan, wayyyyy to early to test, even with sensitive tests. I only had an hcg of 4 at 10 DPO. Didin't get a + until the night of 11 DPO, and it was so faint I didn't believe it. 12 DPO, also faint. 13 DPO I got two negatives before I got a positive. So keep holding out hope, you might not get a + for a week!
Megan, if you implant at 7 DPO (which is typical) or later (which can certainly happen) then there is NO way those tests would work so early . . .they'd be trying to detect a hormone that isn't even there! I'm still KHA for you!!! (And BOOOOOO to your "D"H!)
Oh, that makes me feel so much better.
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Originally Posted by angstmommy

Welcome welcome Annie, where are you list wise?
I have no idea where I am list wise. Thanks for the welcome.
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Annie -- I think you're still waiting to O. :

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