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Congratulations Jo and Maya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina, hope you and hubby can talk it out. He is processing things differently than you, and ttc is hard anyway. I'm not much help, but I sympathise.

Annakiss and Alexis, please stop by when you can. I don't know exactly what you are going through, but I care.

Just waiting to O sometime in the next few days
My monitor usually reads 'high' this time of the month, and I am not there yet. Wonder what's up with that??

Oh, did anyone have some swimming pool advice for me? Would YOU swim in a chlorinated pool if you were about to O??
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Velvet, I'm so sleepy (just got back from an amzing fireworks show) but I thought I'd let you know MHO about swimming. I think that during bathing and swimming not much water actually enters the vagina. So maybe if you swim and then shower afterwards to make sure you aren't chlorinated "externally" you would be okay. I think it is unlikely that enough water would get inside to affect your chances of concieving, esp if there is a long time period between swim and GIO.

Okay, must sleep. Congrats to Jo and Maya!!!!! Good luck tot hose of you in the 2ww.

Adina, I really hope with the three eggies this is your cycle.

Elena, don't think I'm not stalking you. Your chart, I mean (not trying to be creepy).

No mail tomorrow in the US? Well, hopefully my new (to me) sling comes Tuesday. I can't wait to try it!!!
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Congratulations Jo! Nice to have a pg buddy!

Thanks for all the congrats. I owe so much to the women here, even having not been around very long. I don't talk to hardly anyone about the whole thing except Dh and it's been so amazing to have this place to talk and hear other people's stories.
Thanks also for the v.helpful comments re my work situation and the UK. As Dh said when I gave the big news (he was so tearful!), "well that clarifies a few things!". We are here to stay for a while. And I will make sure to have something set up work wise as soon as possible. If I don't work for the next yr or so I'll go insane!
My mum is so wise (sometimes ). I'm not telling anyone for a little while. But i talked to hera bout my interview, and she said, "maybe you screwed it up because deep down you were ambivalent because you'd like to get pg soon". hmmm.

So, if anyone's interested, here's what I noticed was different this cycle:
I charted! First time ever, and we got pg. What it taught me was I've been thinking I'm O'ing when I get those o pains, so we'd often stop GIO after that, but I think I O'd a few days later. Noticing the EWCM was crucial in giving us an extra push for one more GIO. Dh and I almost always have fights when I'm O'ing (hormones are so intense), and this month we could just stop and say, look we need to get over this RIGHT now.

Symptoms: Almost nothing! I'm so surprised because every other month I'm sure I'm pg with sore breasts, nausea, etc, but none of that yet and I remember I didn't with DS either. Now I think in retrospect most of that was O symptoms, not PMS or pg.
What I do have is a ton of creamy CM ever since O'ing. Extremely emotional (as in crying most of the way through the concert I went to). Thirsty all the time. And the last few days a "bearing down" feeling that someone described, and a pulling and tugging in my belly.

So, all of you in the 2ww, and :

Oooh, lookie, new smilies! here's how I feel right now! :
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I know I know.. I really should just go to the doctor's office. Have to scrounge up the $15 to go. I know that's not much, but its just not there. Anyway, I'll call Tuesday. I need to get a check up as we might be moving soon....

Anyhow... Today I went to my brother's house and they had their friend over who just had twins. I got a baby, super tiny, plopped in my arms, much to my surprise. I lasted like *maybe* ten seconds. I had to turn around and cry. Luckily no one was looking at me. As soon as I gained a little composure I turned back around and handed the baby off on someone. Then I moved fairly quickly to the bathroom to have a good cry. I do good most days, but it just hit me hard today.

I don't want to think I might be pregnant, because I seem to do that all the time without even trying. And then I have no period. Messes with my brain. Eventually have to take my progesterone to make me have a period. Which I still haven't done. Money just ran out. I just wish I would bleed and get it over with.

Sorry for being a downer. Its been a LONG day.

Thanks for letting me rant. Its nice to just let it out somewhere where they have an idea how you're feeling. Most people I know get pregnant while trying to avoid it. Yeah, can't say I have that *problem*.

Much love for you guys
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ultrasound not terrible, but nothing good either

I don't get the full report till tomorrow when i see my dr but what the technician did tell me:

I have a complex cyst on the right ovary and its heamorahging (not comfy)

My uterus lining looks to be "mid cycle" ie just about to O or only just O'd (bad for 7 dpo in terms of hoping to support a pregnancy)

Looking only at my left ovary she would say I was post ovulation (as per my chart) but with no recent u/s to go by there is no way of knowing if the cyst on the right just released an egg or is just about to, or if the cyst is just there cycle after cycle and means nothing with regard to ovulation.

So basically either my chart is right and I O'd 6 days ago from a different folicle and my progesterone is not adequate to grow a good lining, and I have a special bonus cyst on the right


my chart is wrong, I haven't O'd and who knows what this means for my progesterone but there short ain't any sperm hanging around right now....

I guess the third possibility (which I will discuss with my DR) is that I ovulated from the cyst on the right 6 days ago and it was actually much bigger than it is now (my pain is much less today than it has been). which is still no good lining wise - anyway none of it seems very hopefull for this cycle and I feel miserable about it.

my chart btw is here: http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/44ee2

does anyone know if you can get a decent sustained rise like that without ovulating?
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Originally Posted by Johanna
I know I know.. I really should just go to the doctor's office. Have to scrounge up the $15 to go. I know that's not much, but its just not there.
Johanna, it is a lot of money if you don't have it, right?
I still can't believe the US system. you pay a ton of $ for insurance, and you *still* have to pay co-pays. Here I can just walk into a dr's office and be seen for free. No insurance card, nothing. I can't quite adjust to it.
I hope you are able to get a test, maybe it will help you to know one way or another.

phoebekate, sounds really rough. no wisdom here, just
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Johanna, sorry this is so unclear and uncomfortable. There are herbs you can take to build the endometrium, I dont remember which, but women's herbals should point you in the right direction.

Alexis and Jess, I will miss your regular posts but I understand the need to step back...I have been thinking of doing the same and very well may if this is not my cycle...

cd 24, 10 dpo...some times of the day I could swear I'm pregnant. Right now, nothing other than a little tugging but that could be from yoga yesterday...testing on wed. before dh leaves for 3 weeks. Hoping to see a little line together.

love to all

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Cd 30 14 Dpo

And my temp keeps dropping. I am expecting AF to arrive soon. I really am not all that disappointed, after all it was my first month trying. There is always next month right?

's to all that have rebooted.

: for every body waiting to O or in 2ww.
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cd 16 - waiting to O ?

checking in !

BIG Congrats to the BFP's
WOOHOO !!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Raggedy - my adult DD's name is Shelby
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Originally Posted by polka123
Raggedy - my adult DD's name is Shelby
I hear the name more and more after I named my dd that. :-)
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Okay now I am on the 2ww................... ohhhh I hope I am pg this time.
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Help everyone! I need some help with a fertility mystery... Checked TCOYF and found no info about this. My cycles are pretty predictable at this point, with o symptoms similiar every time. This cycle, I had all the familiar O symptoms, but WITHOUT much of a temp change. Temps are generally higher, but not by much. Hmmm. Maybe I didn't O at the last possible moment? Very weird... I'm a little worried it might be a ovarian cyst, but according to TCOYF, the symptoms would be different. Any insight?

Congrats to our early July BFPs! Hope lots more of us join in!
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phoebekate- I'm sorry to hear about your cyst. What an awful cycle. Hopefully next cycle proves to be both less painful and more productive

muse- Yeah, I can't believe our healthcare system (or lack thereof) sucks so bad. I won't even go into maternity leave. 12 weeks IF you've been there at least a year and you're full time. Unpaid. I had been at my job for *just* under a year so they demanded me back when my ds was only 5.5 weeks old. Horrible. I needed the job too. ANYWAY, I keep trying to convince my husband he needs to apply for dual citizenship with Canada. He should be able to get it. His mother is a Canadian citizen (born in BC, I do believe).

katy - sorry your vacation sucked. It seems to always rain here. In fact we have 2 seasons RAIN and ROAD CONSTRUCTION.
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5 DPO the long wait begins!

Bamboogrrl... we haven't seen you in a while... have we? back! could you post your chart? it's possible that you didn't O at all, or that it was delayed....

Angst... I'm bringing you my TCOYF tonight.. (it's hard to part with it... even though I haven't opened it in months since my cycle never varies!) and I'm bringing you a knitting book. BTW - when do you plan on testing? I'm thinking I may test this friday (10 DPO) because we're going to my dad's 60th bday this weekend. It would be a nice present... since he keeps harassing us to "give" him another grandchild.

Katy.. sorry you had a crappy camp, the reboot... and bummer about the thermometer! you should check the TP and see if anyone is getting rid of theirs!

Adina... 3 eggs! woo hoo!!! :

Johanna - I wish healthcare was better here too!!! maybe you can call your Doc, and ask if you can pay your copay later... i do that all the time for my patients. I looked at your pix yesterday ( I think yours were the only new ones to me!) and you and hubby are so cute! Nice piercing! and.. we're practically neighbors... do you ever come down to portland??

Raggedy... the diving temp is always a bummer... but at least the reboot won't catch you by surprise, right :::grabbing at straws:::

Des... hope the egg pops soon! (your boy is a cutie too!!)

Marie... : here's hoping that you get 2 lines on wednesday.. oh.. that reminds me.. I have another song to write!

Phoebe... sorry about the ambiguous US.... hope you get some answers from your doc. I'm sure what ever it is.. it's just a werid month, and next month you'll be back on track.. and

Velvet.. about the pool.. I have no clue.. have you checked TCOYF? Leslely's advice sounds pretty good to me too (she should know.. she's pregnant!)

Lexie and Anna.. I've considered backing away from the daily TTC also.. but I never can.. and honestly, it keeps me sane.. I'll still be stalking you both on your blogs and i'll miss you here!!

Kash.. my boobs were sore 1-3 DPO and then nothing. weird.. doubt it means anything. but I'm KHA for you!! When are you testing??

Well.. I'm 5 DPO and just hanging.. we have the day off, and I'm being very lazy, as I'm sunburned and sore from our backpack. We hiked in 5 miles ( in the dark, on snow) on friday evening.. and just lazed around with a little exploring sat. Hiked out sunday. it was great.. I'll write more in my LJ.
I had another friend have her baby this past weekend... 4 weeks early... 5lbs 4 oz. I'm ambivalent about it. I'm excited for her.. but all she talked about through the whole pregnancy was when she could have her next cocktail. I''m trying not to be judgemental.. but it's hard. I'm only human!! Anyway.. so today we'll go visit 3 friends and their new babies. 4 weeks, 2 weeks and 5 days old. Boy, I'm gonna be a wreck! Then I'm off to a stich n bitch with Joi.
I may test on friday (10 DPO) if my chart looks good.. only because this weekend is my dad's big 60th bday party.. and I may tell him as a present.. we shall see. but I may chicken out and not test. The good thing is that my tests are free.. my best friend gave me the 2 left in the box she bought when she was trying to get pregnant ( took 2 months) so hopefully they are lucky tests! ::: grabbing at straws again:::
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Welcome back Katy, and sorry about the reboot, but glad youre back is better. Hey you were not too far from us in S wales! We're hoping to get to the Gower soon for some camping.

I just heard back from the interview I thought I'd screwed up. I was terrified of getting the call because I was ambivalent already, then found out I was pg. Anyway, I was second choice; unfortunately (or fortunately for them) they found someone who has a lot of experience with refugees. So, I thought, that's that. Then he said...but we were so impressed with you we would like to offer you 1 day a week for a 6 month project running creative arts therapy groups. : Woohoo! Perfect! I feel like I'm in a surreal dream right now! It must be the planets cos it's my b.day very soon and everything's going well at last...

(that said I am having that panic about going to the loo or every little twinge)
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maya - WOO HOO : Could that have worked out anymore perfect? Pregnant and a job offer for part time that ends before your due to deliver??? Congratulations! I am SO happy for you!

joi, korin, marie and anyone else in 2ww :


as for me....i'm CD29 and i think i might have finally O'd : i don't want to jinx myself but my chart looks promising. i am bit worried that i O'd so late in my cycle, but at least i O'd. now i'm curious to see if i have a longer than normal cycle with a decent LP or if i have a normal 30-34 day cycle with a short LP. we shall see....

as this is my first cycle charting, does anyone want to give their opinion on if and when i O'd?
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Jodi, my guess is that you Oed on CD 25. But what the heck do I know :
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Korin~ Thank you for the books in advance! I am not sure when I am going to test. I did go to the dollar store and drop $10 on tests so I don't feel as bad about wasting them. I feel good about this month but I am not getting my hopes too far up. But I have been entertaining thoughts about just how rad it would be if we were pregnant at the same time. (dorky, I know )
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I love the use of the word "rad". I miss this word and have been trying to re-incorporate it into my life. Thanks!! Don't worry about being a dork.. I've already decided we will be pregnant together.. along with another friend of mine who just got a she will be there tonight.. but I can't tell you who she is, since it's still a secret. we will have belly parties, and knit cute baby stuff ( not baby scarves ) it will be super rad.
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Oh thank you for the no more scarves............ I am going to go off my nut after I am finished with my 435! River wants to come in and say hello again tonight so prepare thyself.
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