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Move me to the

hmmm, is there a "waiting to reboot" list?

We are now not attempting to prevent a pregnancy. But I'm waiting to reboot for the actually "trying" to begin.

I cannot begin to tell you how scary this is.

Congrats to the July BFP's!
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I'm looking forward to seeing her! I'm off to see a friend who just had her baby 9 and is probably sucking back cocktail as we speak (god I sound like an ass, eh... it's just my jealous nature... I deserve a baby tooooooo)
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Sweet teach!! Congratulations on "not preventing pregnancy" I'll keep you in my thoughts that all will be perfect!
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I am on visiting the in-laws in TN, so not much time, but wanted to tell y'all (I'm feeling the TN twang!) that this month's Organic Style magazine has an article about alternative fertility treatments, like accupuncture, mind/body healing, etc. Decent article. Discusses my favorite book - The Infertility Cure.

Be back next week!
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Ok, I'm all caught up I think... muse - congrats on the new - new job, LOL! That's fantastic!

I just finished my very first website as a website designer. It was so flippin' easy, too since he wanted something plain and simple. But now I just need to do more sites to establish a portfolio. Anyone need a website? I'll do it for free and all you need to pay is about $20 for a domain. If anyone's interested you can PM me. And btw, this isn't a plug... I just need to practice and experience.

I am so wet. LMAO Literally. Gotta GIO tonight. However, my temps are concerning me a bit. My temp dipped yesterday and that usually means I O'd - but it's so early! And there's no way I'd catch that egg since I'm only going to be able to GIO later tonight.

Anyhoo.... I'm off to work more and I'll try to keep up with everything.
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7dpo - u/s bad, chart good

Katy - sorry about your reboot! And your thermometer, camping at least sounds good!

Muse - Wow that is such good news on the job front, I was trying to suggest you work out somethign like a one day a week project with them but didn't come out and say it cause really I know nothing about the situation! That sounds so cool!

Chiromama - hiking sounds great, it would be great to get a positive for your Dads b-day, I hope this is your month!

Jodi - I reckon FF will give you cd 26, and I probably agree (not that I know much, only been charting a few months)

SweetTeach - congrats on no longer preventing! My your "trying" time be short and sweet

Erika - I hope that low temp is just a one off freak... I usually have a biggr dip 4 days pre O than my O dip but you don't seem to have that pattern on last months chart....

Me - thanks for your support everyone. it is much appreciated. I feel confused this morning, the info I did about my cyst last night (what scanty info I have so far) was not too worrying, but still a bit of a concern, on the other hand my temps are good, my cervix is HARD and CLOSED (more closed that I expected it to get having had a vaginal birth already) and this cycle have first had these tiny crumbs of hard CM that I don't remember from previous cycles and today great big globs of creamy CM which I dont' recall having ever in the 4 months of charting so far and I know I had a lot of CM when pregnant... so I don't know whether to feel down about my u/s or hopeful about my chart.
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I'd say you o'd on cd26. Just because your pattern looks like mine this month and based on where ff put my hairlines. I bet if you have another high temp tomorrow you'll get a coverline. ff is probably confused because you had some failry high temps last week cd20-22. I bet if those had been lower you'd have a cover line already. You can "cheat" and change/discard those to see what happens. Make sure you write them down so you can re-enter them after.
Or you can be more patient and less obsessive than me and just wait a few days!

Korin, I hope you have good news by the end of the week. I cant believe how many pregnant women and babies there are around you. Something like that happened to me before my dh finally proposed...everyone I knew talked about engagements, weddings, and kept asking when he and I were tying the knot. It was driving me nuts, but it was just that energy building up!

Now I have the same thing with babies. I just found out one more woman at my school is pregnant, and she m/c'ed in Jan and is due end of dec. It makes me even more mad that I waited three cycles after my m/c based on my dr's advice and found out months later that mother nature "makes up" for m/c's by increasing fertility for 3 months after.

ok, sorry, rant rant rant

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Congrats to JO & maya!!

Adina- I am : for ya - how many times have you done IUI?

Shannon- I have horrible veins too! I hope you get healthy and you get better soon. Shame on DH for not doing the dishes!!!!

Well for me I think I am close to O , we GIo friday night and it is in the books for tonight...
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I'm sooo tired. I swear, if I'm not pregnant, I will just shoot something, because I don't deserve 3+ days of breast pain and fatigue - not when, if I'm not pg, I'll have PMS to deal with too.

Don't know yet when I'm going to test... I'm contemplating testing Friday, which would be 10 dpo, but... I just don't know. I have a dear friend coming to visit next week - she's the one who will be my doula and everything - and I'd so love to tell her in person if I am; but keeping it from her from Friday until Tuesday would be hard!! So I'd probably not tell as many people as I would if I waited to test on Monday. (My entire friendslist on lj will know by Monday afternoon if it's positive, lol!) Ah, decisions, decisions...
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CD 59 w/some spotting

Congratulations Jo and Maya!!

I just did a quick scan, but I'm not nearly caught up yet, but I've got : for some nice BFP's this week!

DH and I had a raging fight earlier today - probably the worst we've ever had. I feel like I'm in a daze right now. Then just after, I discovered some spotting. So I'm pretty sure this is the reboot for me which I'm actually pretty satisfied with since it will put an end to this cycle from hell. I'm waiting until tomorrow to decide if AF is here for sure. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to catch up then! to all!
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phoebekate, about your u/s.... it's still very controversial, but resent research suggests that women may sometimes ovulate more than once per cycle.

Take a look at this article at MSNBC.com: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3076995/
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DR thinks its still hopeful for this cycle

gristastic - I have seen that research, and I absolutely believe it, and i have always thought I o'd twice and been laughed at. You should have heard the gyn i once told I o'd twice when I was 19!! Funnily enough i wouldn't say I did this cycle.

So I am just back from the DR and the cyst is just over 5cm*5cm*5cm "complex" and looks to be either "haemorrhagic cyst or an endometrioma" with follow up study recommended and laperoscopic visualisation may be needed (presumably if it gets worse at the next scan). My uterine lining is 9mm. The DRs assesment of all this was that 9mm was a bit thinner than she would like (11-12 mm better), which could indicate lowish progesterone so she took blood as I am 7dpo. But she was adamantly confident that the lining while lowish was adequate to support a pregnancy if I have conceived and also said the cyst was no reason I might not conceive this cycle.

So back to feeling hopeful I guess... and to worrying about whether this CM that has appeared today is a sign of pregnancy or pending further ovulation as per gristastic's article.
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gristastic- of course some people ovulate twice, how do you think you get fraternal twins (sp?). My auntie actually ovulated twice a month.

in my world today... Man, I can't help but wonder at the possibility of pregnancy. I don't *think* I ovulated but either the dong quai is working overtime or there is a chance. My boobies are all tingly and slightly swollen. Of course if this is just me getting ready to bleed I welcome that as well! A reboot is definately needed! The 10th the hubby gets paid so I need to save out $15 to go to the doctor's anyhow. I keep attempting to materialize money that just isn't there. hehe
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new song.. Two Lines

You all remember the 80's hit... "white lines" about cocaine? well here is the htp addiction song

Fun, baby

Pee! Wait - wait - wait- wait -wait -wait -wait!
(sigh... Sigh... Sigh... Sigh...) Rrrrrrrrruh!

Verse One:

(Ooooh...Two Lines) Vision dreams of babies
(crawling through my mind) And all the while I think of two
(babe cries) A very strange situation
(For us to unwind) The more I pee the more I do
(Something like a phenomenon) Baby
(Tellin your body to come along, but two lines...don't go away)
(Pee! Wait! Pee!)

Ticket to ride two line highway
Tell all your friends, they can go my way
Buy the bait, pee and wait
minute by minute, you wish you were late
The more times you play the more you pay
My two lines don't go away
Either I'm pregnant or I'm gonna reboot
With nothin to gain except spending some loot

(pee! wait!) 4X

(one ...) Higher, baby
(two...) Get pregnant, baby!
(two???...) Get pregnant, baby!
And don't ever disappear! (knocked up!!)

Verse Two:

Orang dang diggedy dang di-dang
Orang dang diggedy dang di-dang
Orang dang diggedy dang di-dang
Diggedy dang di-dang diggedy dang di-dang

(two lines...) Sure as you can be
(Connected to my mind) And now I'm havin fun, baby!
(babe cries) I'm feeling kinda low
(Cause it makes you feel so nice) I need to see two lines, baby
(Don't let it make you crazy) Baby
(And go into your little hideaway cause two lines... don't go away)
(pee! Wait!)

A million magic pee sticks, painted pure and white
A multi-million dollars almost over night (for the HTP company)
Twice as sweet as sugar, twice as bitter as salt
And if you get hooked, baby, it's nobody else's fault, so don't do it!

(Pee! Wait!) 4X
Rrrrah! (Wait!)

(Lines...) Higher, baby
(one...) Get pregnant, baby!
(two...) Get pregnant, baby!
And don't ever come down! (Knocked up!)
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Hello everyone and hope you had a wonderful holiday (for those in the States) or a beautiful weekend!! CD8 and temps still waaaaay down!!

Maya and Jo - Yeah and congratulations!!! Wishing you a wonderful and easy nine months!!

Adina - Good luck on the three eggies - very, very exciting!!!

Shannon - Hoping you feel better soon. Drink, drink, drink!! I've heard that pregnant women can sometimes get down lemonaid - my friend LOVED strawberry. And eat those popsicles girly!!

Jess - lovely wedding and engagement pictures! Your dh looks very sweet!

Boy, there is a lot of "boobie" talk going on!! Johanna, mine get bigger and more sore every single month just after O, so I don't know what to tell you. I'm hoping it's a very good sign!! :

Dh and I had a lovely weekend - went to see "Farenheit 911" yesterday and it made me feel very patriotic. It also made me sad and angry, but I think it's great that people like Micheal Moore are out there, reminding us that there's more to American politics than meets the eye!! We need those political gadflies - kind of reminded me of the Federalist Papers and how our country was formed. I think our founding fathers (and mothers) would be proud to see that Americans still feel free to criticize our government and to take action when they believe things are wrong!!

Whew - off of my soapbox now. Hope everyone has a good morning!!
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Chiromama - : You are hysterical!!!
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CD 11, getting closer......

Korin :

I wish I could O twice!!!

I am following everyone's journey, but don't have much to say right now....and by the way, I've decided to sit the swimming out this time. Its just one day, I'll swim next time!
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Brown spotting today. The day Af would be due, if not yesterday.
I know spotting can be ok, but for me it has *always* led to m/c.

Am I allowed to curse here? F*** F***ety F***
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muse -

Here's to positive thinking.. it is nothing! I spotted. I even had pain. I had my son... From time to time I hear about spotting, especially around the time AF is due. Just kick back and relax. No need to get negative stressful toxin stuff going through you. this WILL STICK!!!!

Maybe you could call your doc? Would a certain herb or something help? I don't know.


..... but whatever happens, we're here for you
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