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Johanna - maybe you already know this but the traditional wisdom is that women who O twice per cycle (producing fraternal twins) do it within 24 hours of each other. This new research suggests that the multiple Oing could be at different times in the cycle and may not even have much bearing on what blood tests would say the hormones are doing. It also suggests that the reason some womens fraternal twins appear to be of different gestational age is that they actually are - ie mum conceived, then ovulated a second time 1 or 2 weeks later and conceived again, resulting in one twin seeming to be a week or so more cooked at birth. Pretty freaky stuff.

I think that I sometimes ovulate once and then again a week or so later....
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Originally Posted by Johanna
Maybe you could call your doc? Would a certain herb or something help? I don't know.
Thanks Johanna
So much for the NHS. I spoke to my dr and he said they don't even DO blood tests on the NHS. he told me to wait a day then come in tomorrow for a pg test, and "go from there". I asked about progesterone, and he said it's controversial and the general consensus is it doesn't help much.

I swear I've *never* had a useful interaction with a doctor.

But I researched herbs and Dh is off to get wild yam root, false unicorn root, and black haw root bark and I'm taking 2,000 iu Vit E.

Susan weed recommends all of these for threatened m/c. Anybody know anything about them/ever used them?

I'm resting and focusing on preparing work stuff. Big family gathering this afternoon with my dad and his sister who's visiting from PA and her grandchildren, so I hope things don't get worse.
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Muse, I cross posted with you before - STICKY STICKY baby vibes for you!

You know when I was pregnant the first time my Dr, who is GREAT and extremely up to date on pregnancy care (and is an IBCLC) asked if i had a possitive hpt (yes) did I feel pregnant (yes) well I was pregnant and a blood test would only show what we already knew. I didn't realise at the time anyone did blood tests anymore if there was a ++ hpt... really its just un-necessary path work unless there is a reason to suspect there is a problem.

the progesterone thing on the other hand sounds a bit frustrating, though I get the impression it is less popular here in australia than it is in the US too...

Are our Drs (generally) using evidence based practice? not likely as far as I can tell :-).
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Congratulations, Jo!!!

Still trying to get caught up!

As for me ... I'm cd39 of a normally 28 day cycle and testing We are (were?) waiting to try until Dec. I have had nausea the past few mornings (pg symptom for me) but have also felt as if af is coming any second. Aaarrgh! I'm so frustrated. I just wish I had a definitive answer. Dh isn't being very supportive ... his comments that it will be a disaster if I am pg right now are really eating at me. It would be rough financially for a while (we need to get a new vehicle by the time the baby's born to fit all 4 kids!), but we'd manage ... and we were a lot worse off financially before having our first!!! So I wait.....
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Muse 's sending you tons of vibes your way. Remember every pregnancy is different and usually brown spotting is a sign of old blood and can be implantation blood.
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Muse, the research on progesterone is still controvertial, however, I'm on it and the baby is now further than ever before and this is my first pregnancy without cramping and spotting. Also while it's controversial as to wether or not it helps, there is no question that the only "bad" things it does are hormonal to the mom, ie, headaches, increased morning sickness, etc. There is actually evidence of higher intelligence in babies who's mothers took supplemental progesterone.
If you're worried, go in and insist today, ask him if he's willing to shoulder the blame if you do miscarry when he can't give you firm evidence that progesterone hurts.
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FF gave me a coverline. Highly unlikely that I did O.

Gotta go read to catch up!
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Muse..hang in there...sorry I cant help with the herbs. Try to rest. Either way, you need to rest. I'm sending you sticky sticky vibes.

Johanna, I hope things get better with dh (it was you who had the fight right? I'm awful at keeping track)

Korin, that song was intense. I wish I knew the original. Lots of american pop culture made it across the atlantic, but lots did not! And my musical knowledge has crucial gaps.

11dpo...no sign of af but nothing to interpret as a pregnancy sign. Oh well, it's early yet!

hugs to all
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muse -sticky sticky baby thoughts headed your way!

Hi SweetTeach - nice to see ya!

so, we are not officially ttc but we're not stopping it either. it has been a long couple of months and wondering if anyone has a little info on estrogen to regulate periods.
a little background -I was having some bleeding that wouldn't stop so the doc had me start 1 month of a birth control pill. well, my body always has hated the pill and this time was no different - headaches, mood all over the place. I called and after 10 days it was determined my cycle should be back on track and it was ok to stop the pill though I should expect a period. Well, I stopped taking it last Thursday and no period. Anyone have experience or info about this?
well, wouldn't you know i've poas 3x now and all negative. :
i don't have PMS feelings but I'm nauseous and have some twangy feelings pretty low and sore breasts and the idea in my head of what if? oh joyous of joys what if we are!
So, this is all most likely my body getting back on track after the m/c and D&C but, oh my the stress. And dh, oh wonderful wonderful man that he is, just doesn't go through this part. As women, we are so aware of our bodies and what's the (insert any random possible pregnancy/pms symptom here) I'm feeling? None of it leaves my mind for too long.
There are just so many current life stressors - the major one a very unwelcome, at this point, housemate renting a few rooms from us. He has been here through the whole we're pregnant! we m/c. process and just doesn't get that he can't keep extending the leaving. all of this is putting huge stress on dh. And I just want to start really trying again.
My what a long rant...thanks for listening.
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amanda, the situation with your Dh sounds tough. I don't know him, but i do think men often get over the panic about being able to support more kids once it's positive that you're pg. Maybe because it's the last chance they have to panic, and then there's no point. This month I *knew* that i was pg because I had such strong feelings one day that it would be a disaster right now, and was the last thing I wanted. Of course once I poas all those feelings were out the window! Either way, it's tough for you not to get the support you need.

Sounds like lots of people here need a

As for me, thanks for all the support. The spotting has stopped for now and I'm resting. dh has been great, cooking and cleaning for our visitors and he's taken Ds to the park. there are benefits to being mostly unemployed!
I've got the herbs but I'm not touching them unless it starts again. I thought I could at least enjoy a few days of enjoying being pg without stress but I think this will be an unnerving next couple of months. I think i'll hang out with you all for a while, if you don't mind, you've been so great.
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cd 1

which for me is great news! As I think we will be ready to start trying once again this month. It's also excellent timing as my doc is out of town from the 9th to the 19th of July, so any earlier and we wouldn't have been able to try.

a big to Muse... and lots of vibes to.

And all around to those going through doc stress, partner stress.

Korin! fab song , of course!

interesting reflections... I had the most intense PMS this time for the last 5 days...sore breasts...nauseous...moody....dizzy.... but of course I KNEW that there was no way I could be pg (I haven't even looked at a syringe in about 5 months :LOL) and it was still kinda crazy making...but good info for future reference that my PMS symptoms are virtualy identical to early pg!

feeling very positive about this cycle. My last cycle was a bit out of whack (36 days) not surprising after a m/c though...
But this time the doc has promised to start us on progesterone right away & to continue until we get a -ve test or the end of the first trimester..whatever comes first. Shannon, your words about prog. are very encouraging & jive with what I've heard... my last pg my HCG levels were super high but my prog. never really got high...
Muse honey, not trying to freak you out at all! As Shannon says, prog. is controversial. You can try natural prog. cream which you can order on-line ...Lucysmama a TTC grad who had two m/c and is expecting a baby soon swears by it!

Gotta go to work! Excited to be back here & ready to try again!
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You also may be able to buy natural progesterone cream at your local health food store. They sell it here at Whole Foods. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask your doc to write you a prescription for progesterone. If your OB won't do it, maybe your general care provider will.

Hugs and babydust to the rest of you!
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Oh Muse

Korin~ Great song! And thanks again for everything you are totally rad.

I resisted testing this morning. I am very proud of myself. 10 more days. I don't know if I will make it.
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Well, I'm back! Sorry I couldn't post much this weekend. Matt and I are sharing a computer at home and he was a total computer hog all three days. He was working from home the whole time (and he went in to work EACH DAY!! : ). We both have the capability to log into work from home but our companies are so security-freaked that you have to have alternate hard drives and special networking protocols -- so no mothering.com whilst logged into work.

If any of you are tempted to buy paint from Home Depot DON'T DO IT! It's awful, hateful stuff. We normally buy paint from Lowe's but this weekend we were lazy and just went to Home Depot (Lowe's is a 40 min drive so it's better to go there on your way to or from somewhere else). We bought their Behr "Premium" paint.

We were painting our bedroom a nice sky blue. It took two HEAVY coats to get even coverage -- on white paint! The room is only 12x12 but it took 1 1/2 gallons! : It took THREE coats of white on the trim! White on white --> shouldn't take THREE coats! In all truthfulness, the baseboards could do with another coat but I REFUSE to put four coats!

So, instead of painting THREE rooms this weekend we spent the entire time painting and repainting ONE room!!

STUPID HOME DEPOT!! Bite me bucko.

Luckily we have good American Traditions paint from Lowe's for the rest of the house. That paint is the bomb.

Matt's at the radiology center right now getting his tests. Last night was our last night without rubbers during fertile times. I guess there's still a shot for this cycle, assuming I don't O later than normal. My chances are so slim that I don't really want to be moved from Waiting to be Ready. I don't want to get my hopes up too much. I won't test unless AF is late by a couple days.

There is WAY too much going on for personals so I'll send out some generics and pick whatever fits your particular situation :


: : :

Later taters,

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PS -- I updated my chart on Fertility Friend if anyone is interested. I still haven't got my computer up and running (waiting to paint the office first) so I'm sticking with FF until I can get my Ovusoft chart back up.

mi gráfico
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PPS -- I got an e-mail from Serena (I Love my Boy). She's all settled in at a friend's in Tucson. She's still looking for a place to live but has hopefully found a really great house to rent. She's on dialup so is unable to log in here. She sends her best and she, Jackson, and the new baby bean are doing well. So far no morning sickness!!
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Jess! Thank you!

It never occured to me that our 'issues' when painting dd's room were not, in fact, the paint that was on there previously, but the paint that we had bought. : We had to put on three coats of red over white baseboard, and two coats of white over v. pale yellow. In the living room... well, the trim went all right in there, because it was that metallic paint, but we had to put FOUR coats in some places - going from a very light green to a dark forest green (for those of you that read HP, think Slytherin green. ). All that time we kept thinking it was just the paint that was already on the wall.

Er, back on topic...
I am so obsessing over 'symptoms' here. I was crampy this morning for a bit (but then, I could've been dehydrated?) and then I fell asleep at 10:15 am. I had been up for all of 2 hours and 45 minutes at that point. I know I had a virus last week, but this is just ridiculous. I'm afraid I'm letting some people down with the RPG I'm organising, but it's impossible to be organised and communicative when you're falling asleep!
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PPPS -- That's a lot of P's!

I love the new smilies!!!

: :yawning: :trollicon : : :

Though these two are a little, uh, different: & :

This one in particular seems a bit dirty to me:
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Muse Hopefully this is all normal and everything will be fine. And remember your doc works for you - not the other way around. You can insist on things.

to everyone!!! Back to rehearsal I go....
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phoebekate- Sorry, I didn't mean to sound ignorant. I never heard any doctor's take on it. I assumed it was always known that wome can ovulate at completely different times in a month's span. The aunt I was referring to would ovulate 2 weeks apart. And I knew twins that were several weeks apart in conception. Here is one link I found not that long ago about one theory... http://www.yoni.com/wombmoon/wmlunarfertile.shtml
Its all CRAZY stuff. pretty cool, huh?

Muse, just take care of yourself.. I'm so glad the spotting stopped!

Amanda, you know my auntie (that I mentioned above) had 7 kids and I've heard from her (as well as other people) that after 3 kids it doesn't matter one way or another how many you have, financially or otherwise.

Marie, nope me and my hubby aren't fighting.. in fact things have been completely wonderful!!!

Jess, I should buy stock in Lowes. I LOVE that place! And I was thinking the exact same thing about the "thumb" smiley

As for me, My boobies were getting all tingly and I was getting a little too optimistic but then I read some more about dong quai (which can be reccomended to help get pg, to stay pg, OR, in LARGE doses to abort) and it said that would happen. So, my boobies are bigger for no reason.. now some of you may LIKE that idea but a year a go I got a reduction. Last thing I want right now is my boobs to be BIGGER!
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