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Anyone obsessing about names, like me?

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For the last two weeks this is all I can think about. Partly because I have a feeling we are having a boy and we cannot find one that we LOVE. There are plenty that we like, but there hasn't been one that has hit us. Anyone want to share?

Iris *

Boys...with hesitation...
Jackson (or Jack)

Opinions welcome!

Edited to remove Raven and Aslin from the boys names...
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I like Audrey for a girl, but I'm biased. My dd is Isabelle Audrey! teehee!

I'm finding the second boy name to be harder to come up with, too. We liked more girl names, and still had some on the short list after Isabelle.

On your list, I like Asher and Jude. Depends on last name, too, and middle. Our last name starts with a SCH, so Asher was ruled out.
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Sadie is what all of the 4th grade girls want me to name a daughter!

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I personally love Nicolas Christian, tee hee... And our next boy will be named for the grandfathers, William Douglas.

But from your list, I like Asher, Jude and Jackson best.

Sadie and Ivy are my favorites of your girl names... We're doing family names there, too.
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Ugh! I had this nice long post typed out and my computer just decided to spontaneously restart. : :

We haven't really discussed names but in passing. Guess it's something we really need to start doing.

We of course have a girl's name all picked out, have since we were pregnant with Jackson. Of course we are having a boy. I'm really protective about the girl's name, everyone that I've ever mentioned it too has said "oooh I love that name" and I don't really want a popularity surge on it. When we found out that Radish is a boy, David said right then "well maybe we will have four..." That's the first time he's really considered more than 3 children. He worries about being able to afford college and the finacials with having a really large family. We want to be able to travel.

We had a long list with Jack. The biggest problem we were having wasn't a name that we both liked, it was too many names that we both liked!

I was about as far along with Jack as I am right now when I suddenly started thinking of him in my head as Jack. Before that we'd been referring to him as "Peanut". :LOL For about a week, I didn't say anything to David then I finally mentioned to him that for some reason I kept thinking of him as "Jack". He said he really liked that name. We decided on the more formal Jackson because we wanted a formal name and not a nickname. It was more "southern gentleman" sounding which David really liked and it's a family name on my side (General Stonewall Jackson is my great great great great uncle... doesn't get more "southern" than that. It was about a week before he was born that we decided on the middle name of Grey (suggested by a friend actually). David didn't want to use any of the names off of our boy list because he wanted to still use them as "first" name of another child since the middle name doesn't get use much.

He also has this weird quirk about middle names that are "too long", this coming from a guy with a middle name Ray. The names can't be to "repetitive" sounding. Like a middle name can't end in -er because our last name is Hunter. :

Of course off your list I'm partial to Jackson.

Our list from Jackson:
Calvin (I'd love to have a little blond menace like Calvin :LOL)
James (David's grandfather's name but also we have 3 friends that are named James so they would all think its because of them. : I liked the nickname Jamie but David wasn't sure about that.)
Lyle (my grandfather's name, as a middle name)
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Not obsessing yet, but sure it will happen soon!

From your lists I love the names Iris and Ivy for girls. Jackson and Asher for boys.

We havent even really started talking about names yet for some reason. Its so hard to choose!
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Wow thanks for all the replies! Asher is a popular one!!! I like it too.

Plantmommy, I like Audrey too, just trying to convince my dh that is as wonderful as I think it is. Audrey and Isabelle sound nice together...

Jen, that is funny! I should ask more kids!

msrog, I like the idea of family names too. Jack was my dh's dad and that is a big contender (or Jackson). Unfortunately all the other names are just really boring or too french... But we are considering Nikolai too.

Mum2tori, Jackson Grey is a great name. Names are tough!

Mom2baldie, I think I started picking out names before I even tested positive! It's probably good to wait this long though, I'm waiting for a *sign*...teehe...
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I never got too obsessive this time but my husband did. I think we've decided now so I can give you some of our rejects if you like.

I love Jude- it was my number one but dh said no way


hmmm...that's all I can come up with now, I know there were more

My son's name is Boaz Jackson. Jackson is my FIL's middle name too. Our children all have family names for middle names.

For a boy we have chosen Elias James and for a girl it will be Willa Blithe
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I'm fine with boys names, but am starting to obsess about girls names. We can't think of ANYTHING that we really love. Ds name is Jack Edwin, and I just love it. All we can come up with for a girl's name is just something that we don't hate. We decided not to think about it for a couple of months, since we weren't getting anywhere, but know I'm starting to get worried as time passes. I would like to have at least a couple of options before this baby is born, otherwise if it is a girl, I fear it will take weeks for her to get a name!
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dithering near the end

We have had 4 complete names picked out for months and now, near the end I am questioning them!!!

I haven't broken down and looked through the name book lately, but have thought about it.
We have 2 girls names.. first and middle and 2 boys names... first and middle. One of the things i have tried to do lately is to ask the baby what names it likes.... I sit and touch my tummy and think or say the names out loud and try to gauge if I get more / less kicks for any names. It's kinda fun, but probably totally random.

There seems to be one name in particular i have gotten more reaction to than any other. There's also a particular song that has this same name in it, which i get stuck in my head ALL THE TIME! The name itself is pretty common, (and a family name), but we want to spell it really weird.

On a side note, my friend Kristi named her son Korbin Travis. It is a nice name and all, but they got the name from the movie "The Fifth Element" The main character's name is Corbin Dallas. Hummmm. Not sure what i think about it, but hey, he's not my kid, is he!

Anna Banana
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From your list, I like Sadie and Jackson (one of my picks, but not my DH)

We'll never have a girl, since we are stopping with three, but our favorite name was Lainey. It is usually short for Elaine, but we were going to have it short for Eliane. Oh well!

We're still stuck on a boy name which scares me since my second had no name for three days, then a different name for three days, and finally his own name. We're very indecisive!!
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I find it very interesting that no one wants to divulge their names...Not that that is a problem, I just find it kind of funny, and curious.

I am liking Jude more and more too. Although the history of the name throws me off... I still like it.

One really good book I have found for names is the "Cool names for Babies" book. Great names in there.
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David and I honestly have only really discussed actual names twice. He said we should start a "new" list. Start from scratch with no preconceived notions. Okay, sounds fair...

His first suggestion... Christopher. (psst honey that was on Jack's list too and it was his suggestion that time). That conversation was just before memorial weekend we were driving.

Second conversation: David mentions he really likes the name Nicholas ( psst guess what... that's right on the list before, but my suggestion that time). We also discussed James again. I really like the nickname Jamie for a boy (must be my scottish heritage coming out ). This was about 2 weeks ago.

We haven't really sat down and talked about it again. : :
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Well, I have had my names picked out for a while...I don't mind telling them here because I don't think it will matter! My kids names were all "original" when I named them, but became super popular that next year! I know my boy name is popular now, but I have been saving it for 6 years, and back then it was not as common.
For a boy, we are using Jackson Henry. Jackson because we like the name jack, and my favorite to place to go when I was pregnant with Lilly was Stone Mt in Georgia. We went every weekend....there is a huge carving on the side of the mountain and one of the generals depicted is Stonewall Jackson...Henry is my DH grandfathers middle name.
For a girl, I was going to use Amelia Joanne. Amelia because I love it, and Joanne was my moms sister who died when they were little kids.

Okay, I revealed!! Maybe more would want to reveal on the yahoo board where there is limited views??

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If this is a boy, we are naming him Eli. It is my great-grandfather's name and I have always loved it. We were going to use my mil maiden name of Cole for a middle name, but we overheard my bil and sil saying that they want to use it for a first name, so we're going to think up something else. I don't want to use up all the "good" family names! If Jack had been a girl, we would have used Maya Isabel, but now I know about 4 Mayas under the age of 3, so I don't want to use it now.

If I was sure that I wasn't having any more babies, I would use Ellen for a girl's name this time, but I can't give up the name Eli for the theoretical third child!
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Well, Ellen is a lovely name, and should be used as frequently as possible.
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I am ready to divulge, heh heh...

(Like Caroline, our names were picked out 6+ years ago, and weren't at all common, so it has been VERY AGGRAVATING to watch them become more and more popular. Grrrr. But don't worry, I won't be upset with any of you for deciding to use them... They really are pretty!)

Twin girls: (That's what I'm assuming we're having, though we aren't peeking

McKenna Rose, and Michela (pronounced Mikayla) Alana (pronounced aLAAHna)

McKenna is the last name of my four half siblings. Rose is my father's mother's name (died about 4 years ago). McKenna was going to have Rhoda as a middle name: My mom's dad has a little sister he loves named Rhoda, and he used to call my mom Rhoda all the time accidentally, to where it's now kindof a pet name for her. (Mom and her mom are named Dorothy. Sorry. Not gonna happen. And my mom's middle name is Louise.) But Rhoda was too old fashioned for dh, and I kept singing the Roto-Rooter song every time I said "Rhoda Rogers." Also, Rhoda means Rose anyway, so there you go...

Michela is my dh's mom's name (still living). She's Italian, from Venice. It also sounds incredibly cute with McKenna, as far as twin names go. Alana is a name I thought I invented (though have since seen in name books), a variation of my dh's middle name Alan. (He wouldn't let me name any of the kids Matthew or Alan. Weirdo. Didn't even like the boy name I also invented, Matson. Get it, son of Matt? Harumph.)

Our next boy will be William Douglas, but I already said that in an earlier post.

Right now, McKenna is my Baby A, on my left side, and Michela is Baby B, on the right. Cute, eh?
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From your list, I like Iris and Jude. Jude was one of my choices for a boy, but I guess it reminded dh of a kid in school he wasn't too fond of. Someone else mentioned Silas, I like that one too!

We're thinking this baby will be Miles Xavier (Zavier). If the baby turns out to be a girl, she'll be Cecelia Soleil ( after my great grandmother). both of these names will be used only if baby likes them of course
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Boys names are harder, aren't they?!

If we have a girl, she'll be Elizabeth Ann, after both of our moms and we'll probably call her Libby.

For a boy we have a list about 11 names long but none that really feels just right. Noah is sure we're having a boy and wants to name him Bodhi. Other boy possibilities include: Alexander, Theodore, Gabriel, Miller, Miles, Tobias, and more that I can't think of right now.
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I love the name Jude, too!

My MIL had three boys, then a girl, and then she was pg with her 5th. When she was pg w/ the 5th, her father was dying of cancer, and his name is Charles. She desparately wanted another boy so she could name him Charles after her dad. So, being a strict Catholic obsessed with Saints, she prayed to St. Jude (who is the patron Saint of lost causes, or desparate hope), and promised St. Jude that if he would bless her with a boy, she would also give him the namesake Jude.
Of course, she had a boy, named Charles Jude! And that boy is my husband.

Donny is also named Donald Jude.

I think we discussed this AGES ago, but in early pregnancy, my husband was dead set on naming this baby Rex if it was a boy.
I would not have it!
So I had to come up with something really good that would change his mind, and Finn did the trick!
Finley James as a formal name.
Though now, we are thinking that Finley sounds "off" with our last name, Bethke. Finley Bethke. Though we know we will call him Finn.

What do you think.....should we name him:
*Finlay(pronounced the same as Finley)

As a side note, he would have been Bridget if he were a girl!
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