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OMG, Shannon! I woke up with a cold this morning and was feeling sorry for myself! You poor thing. Your baby must be royalty!
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Shannon! I think you have definately set a new record. Hopefully in just a few weeks, you will be able to take a deep breath of relief and say, "I'm glad all that is over!" We are all thinking of you.

Well the mysterious (round ligament?) pain went away, so that is making me feel better. Thans for reassuring me that it was normal everyone.

Ekblad, sorry about that cold. I know they stink when you can't take anything for symptoms. The neti pot helps like crazy.

Jorie, My daughter was born at 36 weeks, and I honestly believe it was the stress of my job too. I blame my evil principal to this day! She did my 45 minute evaluation (only time she was in my classroom ALL YEAR) on November 1st, the morning after Halloween. The kids were hyper and I was exhausted. I was scheduled for another evaluation a week later, and I knew I would have to nail it. Excpet that I went into labor the night of November 3rd, and she was born Nov. 4. I didn't even have lesson plans ready or a sub picked out!

How evil was my principal? Well, I returned to work on December 21st so that I could get paid for the winter break. My daughter was 7 weeks old (and 4 weeks early). That was the day she chose to tell me that I would be non-continued (not rehired) for the following school year. She literally fired me the day I returned to work. Four days before Christmas (which fortunately I don't celebrate, or I would have really been depessed.)

Okay, enough of my saga. nedless to say, I'm so worried about telling my new boss that I'm pregnant before I have tenure.

weesj, good luck finding a great doc or midwife. Have you tried looking in the forum for midwives here?

Okay, off to try and make myself eat something and read the ttc board. feel better all of you!
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Holy Shannon. Glad you can (sort of) maintain your sense of humour...yeah, (s)he had better be cute...!

Wow. So perhaps you should speak with Val on a daily basis - she's aware of today's events? HUGE hugs.

Lesley, jorie - how horrid! I hope the Feb 2005 births go much better - they WILL go much better! I will transfer one of our sayings from ttc...Keep your eye on the prize!
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Shannon, my GOD! Not only is your child going to be fabulously adorable, but I'm sure he/she will be easy-going and agreeable in every way.

I'm feeling much better the past couple of days and even went hiking this morning. It was really nice; I haven't hiked in about 3 weeks so it was good to get back out in the greenery and see the river.

Heather, I was thinking about you last night regarding your vitamin worries. I actually took over-the-counter prenatals for the 3 months prior to conception. I checked the CVS brand against a listing of vitamin recommendations for pregnancy, and it had everything I needed. It was about $10 for a 60 (or 90?) day supply. I think you can feel pretty confident that pharmacy brands will give you everything you need until you get a prescription.

Have a great Friday, everyone, and feel better to those who are illin'.
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Heve, unfortunately I have been speaking to Val everyday--last night when I called her at 10 I said it was a bad sign that I no longer had to look up her cell phone #.
I like her alot and all, but I could be happy not seeing her face or hearing her voice for a couple weeks.
Feeling a little better right now, inhalers are helping and actually ate a bowl of cereal and it's still down.
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Shannon - Glad somethign is staying down for a while....
I just want to say HOORAY for the weekend.
and i'm going to go take my nap now.
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Ha! Looks like I'm about the last one to check in for the week. All is going well. Just funny things about this preg from the first. With a 25 month old dd, you now find cracker crumbs IN THE BED. Since I've decided to keep a package near the bed to eat one (or 2, or 3...) in the morning, she thinks she needs one too. Oh boy, crunchy sheets. She also pats my belly and says "tummy hurts" and "Mommy's baby in there"... I didn't expect her to really REMEMBER what I told her!

Still got the woozies most of the day. Dug out my "sea band" that we used on a cruise last year. Seems to dull the woozies somewhat.

Wuz up with the belly pooch at 7.5 weeks? Let's just call it gas, right? Still keeping it under wraps and sucked in til' ready to tell the world.

Going to m/w next week for a little check. My m/w is a doll and spends over an hour with me each time just shooting the breeze about nothing.

Jorie--we have a lot in common. My dd was born at 32 weeks, May 2002 (PROM also, at 29 weeks). She stayed 2 weeks in NICU (3 lbs. 14 oz.). I was determined to bf and by the time she was 36 weeks, we lost the pump! I latched on (no pun intended) to the lac/consult in the hospital for lots of help and asked for practice sessions more than the docs recommended. Worked like a charm. Now she's of course still BF, but we got it down to 3X/day! That just happened two weeks ago and the transition has been vedddy smooth! Not to mention a relief for the "eee-ow" that I feel when she latches on. Whew! But, once she starts, it's fine. Just, please...., don't slip off!!! ouch! No more asking out in public...I'm enjoying the break. I guess perfect timing for both of us. Well, I kind of went off my point there, but you know how this preggo brain is beginning to work...

Here's encouragement to everyone! We're all dealing with a little something, so let's keep positive, right?

#1 dd, 5/2002 and expecting 2/19/2005
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Just a quick note. I'm a chaperone for my church youth conference, so not a lot of time. I had an appointment with my midwife today and she was very shocked taht she could feel my uterus. It's pretty high. Higher than it should be. She didn't use a measuring tape, but said I was basically measuring bigger than I should be at this point. We shall wait and see what this means!!!
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seren- is there any chance you are off on your dates? Was your last period normal? Be patient

Our practice is experiencing a HUGE number of twins this year! 2 sets born already- 4 more confirmed due and 2 others highly sucpicous. We do about 120 births a year and statistically should see and usually do see 1-2 sets a year. All of these women drink raw milk and are considering the possibility that a hormone that many local farmers recently started using is causing it. (Makes me nervous since I just started drinking raw milk and then got pregnant LOL!)
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weesej OMG what a nightmare! Another reason I'm glad we buy organic! Stuff like this totally freaks me out.

My OB had no clue I was having twins until around 10-12 weeks, when he suspected it because I started measuring a little big. So he did a sono at 14 weeks, and sure enough there were my two babies!

The funny thing is I'm MUCH "bigger" (meaning, I feel my uterus/hardenening in the lower abdomen more) than I was with twins, but we got it confirmed via sono that it's "just one". I suppose to that one can say, "welcome to a second pregnancy" :LOL I think my poor stomach muscles are shot from having twins!
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Weesej, nope not off on dates. My last period was very very heavy. It was only my second since my ds was born. I had my yearly exam last month and was pregnant, but didn't know it. It was too early for them to tell.
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Hi everyone, well, the nausea is getting better and like the goof I am, this of course has me worried :
I have the dumbest/stupidest/ugliest/most obnoxious dog boarding with me right now and he's lucky I don't have a gun. He's now been howling/whining for the past 9 hours, non stop, inside, outside, in the kennels, in my living room, doesnt' matter the stupid thing just keeps yowling. I finally resorted to going into town to buy batteries for the bark collar and he yowls then yelps then bites at his neck--he's not real smart with the whole cause and effect thing, if he doesn't figure it out soon I think he's going to be crated in my truck overnight cause I can't take much more of this crap.
The pnuemonia is still bad and I'm done the antibiotics, I just wish the chest pain would go away, I feel like I have an elephant sitting on my chest right now and it's worse when I lay down.
Oh well, will I ever be happy again??????
How is everyone else doing???
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I'm glad you're feeling a little better, Shannon. Sorry about the dog.

I'm still feeling pretty crappy. Trying to get through each day as best I can. I'm trying to remember when the m/s peaked before. I'm thinking it was around 8 wks and that it SLOWLY improves after that. I hope so. I can't take much more of this and I know my dh and kids are really sick of me being in bed!

to all
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Hi you guys! I'm finally checking in! What a horrible week, but after reading about Shannon's ordeal, I am not complaining! to you girl!

Things are crazy - I have a conference in Atlanta from the 25th to Aug 1 and I have soooooo much to do to get ready, with no energy! Several things I have to do involve really strong scents, and I can't stand the smell! Thank goodness for my wonderful DH - I couldn't handle this without him.

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I'm doing pretty well, compared to most.

I've got definite nausea in the morning, but no heaves or actual pukeage. I'm catching up on sleep this weekend, along with a few of the chores.

On Thursday I had to be outside in the heat and humidity for a few hours, promoting my company. I'm dreading this week, which may entail TWO DAYS of outdoor work. The second day with about 3000 school age children. YIKES! I can't wait to tell my coworkers that I'm pg, so they can cut me some slack.
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Shannon, I forgot to ask you about the yogurt suppositories. The midwife I saw (not my usual, but don't want to talk about that right now) said she didn't think it was that serious. She told me to make garlic tampons, garlic crushed and wrapped in gauze. I think I would rather do the yogurt. Cause nothing else I've done has hleped. Do I just put it in a latex glove in the freezer? Oh, that's gonna be so dang cold!!!!
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Not trying to ignore everyone, hoping you all feel better, but a quick question. For those of you interested in hypnobirthing, what are your plans? Take a class? Buy a home study course? Where do I begin my search?
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Serenity, I fill each finger up with about 1" of yogurt and pop it in the freezer. They're cold but if you have a burning yeast infection, it feels SO good.
Lesley, I plan on buying the hypnobabies home course (or hypbirth--just looking at that one) and doing some "classes" with my girlfriend who is certified in it, also I'll likely have my friend at the birth as she has a very calming effect on me and Steve.
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Good morning, everyone! I hope this week brings dry weather, renewed energy and NO m/s!!

Shannon - s to you especially - we're going to have to award you some kind of prize once you're feeling better (aside from the THE prize, of course! )!! You've reminded me - I've just placed a hold on a hypnobirthing book at the library!

Seren - another thing (although those yogourt pops sound very relieving!!) is to get a tampon wet with tea tree oil - don't know if once the infection is full-blown painful, it would aggravate it, but when I used to get them, it did a great job at killing the yeastie beasties!

I've had an odd burst of energy this morning. You'd think I'd have used it to catch up on laundry or the like, but instead, I've prepped the makings of eggs florentine...I now have my Mornay sauce and creamed spinach waiting for when dh wakes up...was even thinking of baking some cupcakes or something...

Although I must say that I have not been into sweets (strange for me!)...old habits die hard, though, but afterwards, I feel gross...

mendhi - have you been offline because you really are living outside these days?

hmmm...going to check if dh is anywhere near rousing...I want my breakfast! !

OT - picked up Heidi (complete and unabridged - with the Beverly Cleary illustrations) - what a great children's classic! I was recently reminded of it due to its confirmation/support of what I consider good eating (mendhi might like it!), and it's just such an endearing story!
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My God Hevea, I can't believe you are considering eating eggs florentine in the first tri-mester--even reading creamed spinach made me wanna puke--and I love eggs florentine!!!
I'm just waiting on the nurse to show up, then I am going over to my friends to have some hypnosis to see if it helps the nausea and also just to relax all my chest muscles--I woke up gagging around 6 this morning and thought I was going to tear up my entire chest--not pleasant.
I have this client who was one of my first clients and also one of the few that I would consider "friends", we really like these folks, they think alot like us. Anyway, I have their dog just for last night and today and they left us a wedding gift--a $350.00 gift certificate for Home Hardware!!! Can you believe that ??? I mean we got $50 and $100 from a number of clients--which I found surprising in itself, but that was a big surprise.
So who would like to handle the thread this week--who hasn't done it yet???
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