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Well everyone, my doctor is trying to get things set up to put a central line in me. It has been admitted that this isn't going to get any better until at least 12 weeks and I am completely out of veins. They tried for over an hour and can't even feel any--so I have no idea where the hell they are going to site a central, but I suppose I'll let them worry about that. So by the sounds of things I will spend the next 4 weeks of my life on IV meds and fluids. Oh the wonderous joys of pregnancy.
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Ellie'smom, I am so sad for you! I am still a little bit scared myself as I miscarried in Jan. Good luck to you!

I had my first appt. almost two weeks ago now. I decided to go ahead and see my NP before I moved. She pulled in the portable ultrasound and I got to see the baby and heart beat!!!!: Feeling much more reassured but, see above. I am now in a quantry(sp) over finding a ob or family dr. My NP said I should see an ob since I had gd and went early. Ugh. I just don't want this preg turned into a "thing"--I fear the intervention that might come from being classified "high risk". Oh, and I have epilepsy which just makes everything more fun! Sigh. I so wanted a midwife this time--not in the cards though. The ones in my area either only do homebirth or are not covered by my insurance.

The wedding was fine except for ms kicked in on the plane to PA and I came down with pnuemonia! I thought I wasn't going to make it through the wedding actually. Esp, as I had to carry ds down the aisle since he refused to walk or be carried by dh (ds was the ring bearer and dh and I both stood up in wedding) I'm pretty well now, but still coughing a bit. I thought the ms would get better when I got well, but apparently, I'm just having a girl! My explanation for why I'm having ms, as didn't have any with ds. I haven't actually thrown up more than a couple times, but I have this almost constant low-grade nausea--partly blood sugar related, but as nothing tastes good, it has been difficult to overcome. Anyway, I've written a book. So glad to be back on the board! I tried to back read the stuff I missed and finally gave up--two weeks gone it just too much!
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Shannon - i'm glad they're going to put a permanent IV in so that you don't have to remain a pincushion with collapsed veins. It, however, Sucks. I hope that the IV fluids, etc, make you feel tolerable

Jorie - Welcome back

My hair is falling out, too. Whats up with that. I noticed it this morning. Normally this only happens when my thyroid is acting up, but we're monitering that pretty closely.

and i'm exceptionally sleepy. the last couple of days off work, i've napped from 12:30 - 2:30, and man can i feel it today that i'm not napping.
i'll be sleeping when i get home from work in a couple of hours.

my queasiness is mostly gone. I am also very jealous of all ya'll that have seen the heartbeat... My midwife appt is July 20 - so only 2 more weeks til I get to hear my baby... or see, haven't decided yet on an ultrasound. Anyone NOT doing ultrasounds?
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Well, the bullshit continues....
The pic line can't be put in at my hospital adn the hospital who does them can't see me until Thursday morning--course they didn't feel the need to call with that until 3:30 adn actually we called them. My doc is very mad and will try and get me in somewhere else tomorrow morning. The anesthesioligist tried three times to get a line in to tide me over with no luck, there are NO veins left he said, unless he does the bottom of my foot, which would place me on bed rest, which I'd really like to avoid obviously. So for now I will go in three times a day for IM injections of gravol and see if that holds me until thursday--this of course screws up my U/S that is booked for Thursday morning at 9:30--since I'm supposed to be at a different hospital by 10:10. Yeah, Right....
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Shannon! I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of this. I know you must be miserable. Hang in there.

I shouldn't complain at all b/c compared to Shannon I have no problems but I'm so overwhelmed. I feel so guilty b/c I just lay around all day long. I feel crappy, I don't cook, we need groceries, I just sleep on and off until it's finally time to put the kids to bed. I'm wasting their whole summer. I feel really bad about it. I just don't have the energy to do anything else.
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I feel so bad for all of you with such horrible symptoms! I hope you feel better very soon.

I've been worrying because I barely have symptoms. I'm definitely more tired than usual, but that's about it. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks, saw the baby and heartbeat, and felt better for about a week. Then I started worrying again. Today I had an appointment with a midwife in a different practice (I'm trying to find someone I like), and I had her give me another quick ultrasound! I feel so guilty! But it was so wonderful and reassuring to see the baby kicking and jumping around! After my miscarriage and all the complications with my son, it's hard for me to believe that things can go normally with this one.

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Hi all, well great to see you all and catch up on what has been happening around here.
Elliesmom - sending you big hugs and even bigger baby making vibes too xx
Shannon - you are my due date buddy! Just hang in there, it must be so difficult to be patient, but just think of it as good practice for the next couple of years! I can't imagine how you are feeling, and how your life must already be completely different, but I think of you every morning when I wake up and hope that today will be better for you

At the moment I am really tired all the time. My dd has been sick all weekend with a double ear infection, very sore throat and and terrible cold, so no sleep for me!!
Those are about the only symptoms that I am having, other than the feeling of breathlessness and my heart feeling fluttery. Oh yes and the dreaded heartburn has reared its ugly head yet again, but much earlier, so I am off to get some papaya tablets. They are supposed to work really well.

I am glad to see that some of you other ladies are kind of feeling very unmotivated like me. It just seems so hard to get goingI just feel so lazy and slug like YUck!! But better than feeling pukey.
Have a great day xx
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morning everybody -

i don't remember being this tired for my first...i guess it was because i could go home and nap (i am sooo jealous, witchyhlr! ) now i go home and chase the little one around 'til bed time. and, like you ella-makes-3, my ds has been sick and up all night for three nights in a row. last night, he was really restless and would wake up and shout and then go back to sleep -- very odd.

anyway, hope everybody has an ok day and not too much pukiness and sleepiness. get lots of rest and take care of yourselves!
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Hey everyone. After a couple of weeks of this I feel like everything is unraveling. We're out of all food, don't even have milk for cereal. The house is out of control and my mom just lectured me about how ungrateful I am. Apparently I should be jumping for joy that I feel like garbage and my household has fallen apart. Of course I'm happy to be pregnant. Of course I'm happy to have five healthy children. Does that mean I can't be overwhelmed? Argh : Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.
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ok, so now I have a horrible cold or some sinus thing on top of all else. So my evening goes, cough...puke....puking makes my nose stuffed, blow my nose...puke, etc, etc, etc.
I tell dh to get me sudefed as apparently you can take that without concern, he decides high power is best and brings me one with ibuprofen--which of course I can't take.
So tell me about these neti pots, and Heve, where can I get one around here???
I can't take much more of this, I haven't kept anything down since loosing my IV, I'm not coping in any way any more and if things don't get better I think I'm going to have to think about terminating this pregnancy. Sorry if that upsets anyone, I just can't cope anymore, I looked in the mirror this morning and my skin is literally grey--add that to the hair I can't colour and I look like shit.
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Shannon, hang in there.

Neti pot - just about any health food store. And they work well. Try sniffing a tissue w/eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil on it. that'll unplug you.
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I can call around for the neti pot in local stores if you'd like. Also, OLBAS oil is awesome - in steam tents, on your pillowcase, or on a kleenex, even rubbed straight on your chest. OLBAS also has lozenges that are wonderfully powerful. Do you have a vaporizor? Send Steve out for all of the above!!
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Just subscribing, but also want to send my sympathy to Shannon. I hope you start feeling better and life starts to look up for you...

For the records, I'm due 2/17/05.

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Oh SHannon, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I really hope you start feeling better.

Ekblad, my house is pretty awful, so don't feel bad. And I only have two children.

How early is too early for movement? I am almost positive I felt movement yesterday. It was kinda like a drum beat. I felt it 3 times yesterday and once this morning. I'm only 8 weeks. THe earliest I felt before was with ds, he gave a big 'ol kick at 12 weeks. Also, my stomach is already starting to get hard. I'm a big girl, I have a huge overhang belly, but I can feel it. I'm really starting to get freaked out that my dd might be right. Have I told ya'll about her? She's almost three. She told me awhile back that her sister was with Jesus and it was almost time for her to be in my tummy. I told her soon, but not yet. She then turned to dh and told him she wanted her sister, BOTH of them. That was within days of me getting pregnant. Then on Monday she asked us where our twins are. Can I just say EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OK I have a cute story
Yesterday I lied down on my ds bed while he was playing. He said "What are you doing?" I told him "Mamas baby is making me tired" He picked up my shirt and said " baby you don't make mama tired" " mama you can play now" If only it were that easy!
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I just went to the grocery store and bought everything under the sun. All non organic, processed crap too! I even bought pickles which I've never craved in pregnancy before! I can't believe how much money you save when you buy mainstream food! Anyway, my kids are in heavan right now. :LOL

Hang in there Shannon. I wish I lived closer so I could help in some way.
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LOL! I'm about to go to the store myself and the prospect is less than pleasant. *Nothing* sounds good to me today. I ate Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast and it immediately made me feel like I was about to lose it. I had to lie down for about 10 minutes to keep it from coming back up.

This whole morning sickness thing seems so counter-evolutionary. How can it be good for the growing fetus for the mama to be so ill? It doesn't make sense.
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Oh Shannon, That sounds terrible! When is it that you get your IV back? Tomorrow? You can make it that long, right? And even though the IV limits you so much, you feel less sick with it. You're going to make it through this. Is there anything we can do to help other than the healing vibes we are all sending you?

Hugs to all who are feeling pukey and tired. I'm mostly tired, just a little nausea.

I'm with the pp who said that the u/s was reassuring for a while, but that they are nervous again after a week or so. Even though I have a ton of symptoms, I have those same worries. I was thinking about renting a doppler, but I don't know. It seems silly. I wasn't this worried when pregnant with my first, and that went fine. I think I was scared from the get-go when my HCG was so low and then I started spotting.

I'm so glad that I'm vacation, because I can lay around and do nothing pretty much as much as I need to, but then I feel guilty that I'm not helping dh with my dd, or clean our house, which is not just a mess, it is a total and complete pigsty. Neither dh or I are very good at cleaning or organizing, and as a result, my house is always in a state where it is embarassing to have people over.

Seren, when do you have an ultrasound or an appointment that would allow you to find out if there are two? That would be scary but exciting!
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I have an appointment on Friday, but the midwife doesn't have an u/s machine. Plus, if she diagnosis, I can still see her for care and she can deliver in the hospital. But if it's diagnosed somewhere else, I have to switch providers. I WANT MY MIDWIFE!!!!! Waah!!!!
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UG! My OB called and cancelled my appointment today. We were all going to go and hear the heartbeat for the first time. I am soooo upset. Now I have to see the PA on Monday. I'll be 11 weeks and still have not talked to my OB, just nurses! The practice is really far from my house but I stay with them because they give such good care - ususally.

I had heard that 2nd time moms get overlooked because we are suppose to know what we are doing. UGGGGGGGGGG! I really want to hear my baby!

Feeling okay as long as I take the Zofran and get a nap everyday. I am still eating crap and not enough of it, but I guess it is better than eating nothing.

Really upset today. At a loss for how to entertain two kids - ds and niece. Want to hide in bed!
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