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Wow, this is a record for me, posting two days in a row!!!!

Thanks for talking me off the wall Shannon, Tug, KateSt. and AMy!!! I just get so overwhelmed just thinking about the reality of it all!!!

So, glad that you didnt puke this morning Shannon....that is so awesome and must have been a welcome change for you!!!

lasofia - so cool to hear the heartbeat so early....or is that just right? im not sure about these things. When is a heartbeat usually first detected just using a regular doppler and not a u/s??? You'd think I'd know these things, but Im clueless.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys my OB mess. Well, it feels like a mess to me. I haven't seen an OB since I had ds two years ago. My old OB/gyn told me that it was pointless to come in for a check-up because since I was bfing that the Pap wouldn't be accurate and she couldnt really do a breast exam either, so she said when ds weaned, to give her a call. Well, we have since moved AND changed insurances ( we have Blue Cross HMO now) and I guess I can only go to one place for prenatal care - North COunty WOmen's Care. I try to make my first appt. and they set it for July 27th and I ask who it is, and they say some male dr. THen I ask what will happen at the first appt and the receptionist says a pelvic exam, breast exam, u/s, and blood test. SO, I say, well, I want a female dr. ( just my preference) and she says, well, the dr. is backed up till August 3rd. I tell her that's fine, but I will be over 3 months along without seeing a doctor, does the dr. have any vitamin reccomendations? She says, "You can get prenatals at any drug store" umm okay. SO, now Im feeling, well, not confident. Heck, not only do I NOT want a U/S and pelvic exam at all But certainly not by someone I just met!!!! Thats just a little too personal for me. If it was an emergency, I would say okay, but it isnt. Im thinking of calling and talking with the receptionist about my concerns and asking to set up an appt pre- my existing appt to just talk with the doctor and possibly just confirm the pregnancy. I'm having a vbac, and while I've already been told that the doctor is very supportive of vbacs, I want to explain my other concerns like minimal pelvic exams, and ultrasounds. Am I too over bearing?????
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Lesley, where would you find the panel pants? In the maternity section?
Kate, those nachos and cheese tasted so good, that I wish that dh wasn't here as I would go out and get more for dinner. Now that would be really gross eh?
I am kind of in the same eating habits as you. I used to eat very healthly, NO SUGAR at all, with only whole grains , meat, fish and loads of fruit and veg, but now, put broccolli and steak on my plate and I wish that I was back at Taco Bell. It actually makes me feel nauseuos to eat it? Wierd eh? Same with my last pg too.
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Ok, well I'm home, what a friggin ordeal!!! Turns out my small shitty veins are all over my body! Took 4 tries to get the picc in--for those who don't know what one is, it's a long catheter (there is 50cm--so almost 2') inserted in at the bicep and it goes up through the shoulder and basically stops just before the heart. It shouldn't get clogged up like a regular IV and can stay in for months. Anyway, I had to lay flat with aobut a 40 lbs of lead surrounding me for over an hour--at a particularily bad time I had to throw up but they couldnt' move my arm, so they rolled me a bit and held a basin for me. All in all they were very good and supportive, but it was still kinda hellish for me. My bicep adn shoulder are just killing right now, I"m hoping that passes soon.
Well gotta go, client coming in an hour and this place is a mess.
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Ohhhh Gawd, Shannon! How horrendous!!! My m/w couldn't find a vein after 2 tries and I got so lightheaded and nauseous, I had to lay down. I wouldn't let her go for a third. And that was only a needle!!! Ugh...I can't imagine what your experience must have been like.

Parkersmommy -- I would feel the exact same way!! I do think a first appt (without exams) is perfectly acceptable and appropriate -- that's exactly what I would want. I hope it turns out okay for you. (And I've never had a man do a pelvic exam -- I know they're professional, but I just couldn't handle the thought.)

Elliemakes3 -- seriously, I am drooling. I can't believe the unhealthy crap I'm craving (and it's definitely different from non-pregnant cravings.) Right now, dare I say? I'm craving a Burger King cheeseburger and onion rings! But I won't give in!!! (At least, I don't think I will...)

Wtchyhlr -- what a wonderful, beautiful surprise this must have been! You know, my dh and I had decided to "take a break" after my 2nd m/c. I gave up charting, checking cm, everything. We even avoided gio when I thought it might be time to o. Lo and behold 8 weeks later I'm pregnant. I am SO happy it happened this way. We tried so hard for 6 months after my first m/c ...and I was an obsessive/compulsive mess. Anyway, I loved your story.
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Oh Shannon, UGHHHH!! That just made my heart hurt for you, but I really hope your IV helps you get through the next period of time. God, you are a strong girl! I'd probably pass out if they tried to do that to me.

Heather, I used to live in North County too! I graduated from Vista High and then moved to Oceanside for a few years before moving to New Orleans (hi Tug!). I definitely think you should see your OB before your visit - that isn't too pushy AT ALL! No one can advocate for you better than you!

Joy, that is so cool how it happened for you. The same thing happened to my sister; she was trying for about 2 years, even went to a fertility clinic to begin looking into other options. She was told she may never get pregnant, and it took her several months to come to terms with that. Once she stopped worrying, though, it happened! After her first child, she thought she would go through the same thing again, but got pregnant with her second child almost right away.

Anyhoo, I am officially insane. DH suggested today that we start thinking about getting a king sized bed because he's 6 feet tall and sharing the queen with me AND baby probably isn't going to work for him (especially since I'm a sprawler and tend to sleep diagonally if I can get away with it). This seems like a reasonable suggestion to any normal person, of course, but I got totally stressed out about the fact that our bedroom is SO small, and if we get a King, we literally may not have room for the bed and a night table and a bassinet. And then we'd have to buy all new linens, which we JUST got because of recent wedding gifts (which included a duvet that I just love and don't want to replace already!). I mean, really, just stupid stuff, but GOD it's so absurd how little things just get me so upset and stressed!!! DH just looked at me and said, "It's all going to be OK, honey...really." LOL.

Also, I made an appointment to cut my hair off next week because it's driving me INSANE. Oh and my skin looks like crap, so that's depressing too.

OK enough complaining from me. I mean I know some of you have *actual* stuff to worry and complain about. to all of you!!
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Parker'smommy - NO NO NO that's not overbearing! It's your body, yours and your baby's, and you get to make the decisions. Though given your very limited list of possible providers - I suppose you have to be extra gentle when you explain what you want and why.

shannon - *wince* *ow ow* You say you have a client coming - are you actually managing to WORK through this?

amy - It's all "actual stuff." Our bodies sometimes take over and it's very disconcerting and sometimes uncomfortable. You're allowed to complain! Last time I had extreme vomiting/nausea and bad acne.... and the acne sometimes bothered me just as much. "oooh, I'm so bloated and swollen and broken out and ugly!" It was pretty sad. I mean my self pity level.
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Originally Posted by tug
tracie- i have a pregnant veg/vegan question. i've been trying to eat the protein bars ("organic food bar" is the brand) but lately they've been turning my stomach. have you tried them or do you do something else for protein? i also eat lots of pb (yeah, i know, all the allergy stuff) and tofu. maybe those are enough for protein? just thought i'd get your thoughts.


also, grrrr, to the np. i hate when people do that. we got lots of it when i was pregnant before. so far this time, i haven't gotten it 'cause i've only told our closest friends.
I honestly believe in the idea that most of us eat way too much protein. Eating a balanced diet will take care of it. We really don't need tons of protein. I eat tofu and pb and homemade energy bars and beans and all that stuff, but not specifically because they are high in protein. Your body will tell you if you really are needing something. For me, if I start craving a cheeseburger or steak (which I would never eat), I know my body must be low on protein and I'll eat a bean burrito or something.
I checked out a great book from the library called "Your Vegetarian Pregnancy". I don't remember the author but I really thought it was great.
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Well Amy, if you do get a king size bed, I'll gladly scoop your queen size sheets and duvet---cause we didn't get any for wedding gifts--inspite of registering for them.
My skin sucks too, I have an unbelievable pizza forehead.
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My forehead is gross too! I don't remember this. Seems like my skin cleared up last time I was pregnant.
I have been neglecting it a little bit though cause I'm too lazy to wash my makeup off every night.
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My mw appt went great. I just love her. It's such a different experience for me. Anyway, too early to hear the heartbeat or anything like that.

I felt so horrible this afternoon. Poor ds1 (12 1/2) had to watch the little kids. He even changed a poopy diaper! He put a sugar peas snap in into a wool cover all on his own. I was very proud of him. I napped for like 3 hours uninterupted. He's been paid well!

I've been craving orange juice today. And anything else that is crappy and bad for me. I forced some blueberries down so I could at least feel OK about what I'm eating. My brother's birthday was yesterday and my mom brought the left over cake here. I've been chowing on that on and off.

to everyone. Take care!
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shannon--ow ow

Good news is I actually managed to find the box of clothes I was looking for Bad news is, it only had jeans in it! I apparently didn't save more than the one pair of shorts in the bigger size. So, I am going to need some transition clothes. . . course, the way things are going, give me a month and I'll fit into the maternity shorts I bought at a garage sale "just in case"! I showed early with ds (~3 months) so with this 2nd preg, I figured I'd show the day after the stick turned:LOL

Many and much sympathy to all with ob prob. I am still in quest of one. I am trying for a family doctor but might not be able to because I am technically "high risk". Grrr . . . I know having past prob statistically raises my risk for future prob but I wish they could just treat this preg in isolation. The ob practices all do the rotating dr for prenatal care and whoever is on call for delivery. Apparently, they've never heard of continuity of care! It will be Monday before find out if I can see the fam dr. So send lots of good vibes!

I keep thinking that if I could just eat better, I would feel better, but when the thought of eating anything but Ruffles potato chips makes me queasy . . . its hard to force myself to eat steamed broccoli instead. I try to tell myself that every meal/snack is a new chance to eat well and not get upset at the junk I consumed at the last meal. Something is better than nothing!
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Oh Shannon - HUGE hugs to you!

So tired - have stayed up way past my bedtime...

hugs to everyone feeling wretched...

Was given advice this evening by my TCM practitioner to breathe deeply in and out on 4-counts when feeling winded or shaky (which I did - sadly - after walking up 2 flights of stairs to her office). 25 % of our hearts' work is going towards our sweet beans! Also, showed me an acccupressure point on the wrist that's good for nausea. About two fingers' away from the wrist.

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Shannon - will try the sandbox in the kiddie pool idea. thats a good idea. anything to get the dog out of the comfrey. I'm going to need the comfrey this year.

Kate and all - yes, I was completely suprised and beautifully, wonderfully so to get my BFP. I had actually been told by my Shamanic healer that probably the only way i'd catch would be IVF, so definately suprised....

We went for italian food tonight. Buca di Beppo. and man oh man did I grub. i'm in a food coma now.
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Many and much sympathy to all with ob prob. I am still in quest of one. I am trying for a family doctor but might not be able to because I am technically "high risk". Grrr . . . I know having past prob statistically raises my risk for future prob but I wish they could just treat this preg in isolation. The ob practices all do the rotating dr for prenatal care and whoever is on call for delivery. Apparently, they've never heard of continuity of care! It will be Monday before find out if I can see the fam dr. So send lots of good vibes!

May I ask what happened during your last pregnancy??? Curious now. Wish you luck in finding a care provider.
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Well ladies I think this pregnancy is going down in the record books as the worst one ever. I now have pneumonia. I thought something was very wrong with the picc line last night, I had terrible pain in my shoulder and chest, went into ER as I also was having trouble breathing. I get there and my O2 sats are only at 67--they should be between 95 & 100, got hooked up to every monitor in the book which had me genuinely fearing I was having a heart attack, when they listened to my lungs the doctor asked me if I have a cold, I say, yes, head cold, he says no I think you have pneumonia. After about 15 min on the oxegen I felt much better, they did a quick x-ray and indeed I do have pneumonia. He figures the cold fluids being dropped off so close to my heart made the pain kick into overdrive and the steroids I'm already on are why I really wasn't coughing. So I've been put on an IV antibiotic that only needs 3 doses, I'll give him credit, he brought me all the literature he did read to say it is safe in pregnancy.
Can I just say this better be one very cute kid??
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I truly hope your second trimester is as magical and rejuvenating as it should be. You deserve it...
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omg shannon - your kid is gonig to be frigging adorable
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Shannon- My prayers are with you for healing and a calm remainder to your pregnancy.
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shannon--just got over pneumonia myself--much empathy to you

weesej--I have epilepsy (totally under control, not really a problem just a "problem"). With first preg, I had gd and premature rupture of membranes at ~34wks. They never did figure out why prm. Ds was in NICU 2.5 wks, first 48hrs for lung stuff, the rest for weight gain ("You might have to face the possibility that bottle feeding is just going to be best for your baby" bite me! sorry, a little residual bitterness Ds did finally start bf well and gained fine, once we came home, and still is at 25month). I've wondered if prm because I was working this job I hated more than anything and was about to start training my replacement which I was severely dreading. Ds was born on Monday and I was suppose to start training on Wednesday! I'm not beating myself up or anything (no "its all my fault, sob"), just wonder if my body couldn't handle both the stress of my job and the stress of preg anymore. I have a much nicer boss now (ds ) and if he gets too demanding, I only have to make it until daddy comes home!

heveasoul--going to try the breathing. been getting winded with all the "hold you" from ds, esp up and down the stairs.
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