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moodiness and third trimester

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Has anyone else noticed that they are increasingly moody and irritable as the third trimester progresses? This is my first pregnancy and I have become increasingly cranky and short tempered. Unfortunately, my husband is the target of much of this behaviour - he can officially do nothing right at this point in time. Anyone else going through this?
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I never get moody around my period. I never got moody in my first pregnancy. But geeze I sure am this last trimester. I have days where I just want to stay away from myself. Poor DS and DH! I try very, very hard not to let it bleed through to them.

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i was a geyser last night. i think dh is wondering who took his wife and left the alien in her place...

he chalks it up to the "hormone salsa" running through my veins nowadays. should be cured in a few weeks!

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My dh isn't so understanding... he can say the smallest thing to me and i will go off crying and sobing... think it could be my PPD kicking in already. I really really hope it's not though. I don't want to be on any other meds then what i already am...
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Oh yeah...the other day I was trying to pull a big load of laundry out of our front loader and it got stuck and I started bawling. I think the physical limitations of my pregnancy are getting to me now. So I called my dh in from his workshop and asked him to help me and then go to the public pool with me because I was so hot and uncomfortable. When he said, "maybe in an hour," I completely broke down again. Geezle! So yeah, the tears have been flowin' since week 34 for me.
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Just keep thinking just a little longer!!!
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So glad I'm not the only one...

Super horrible to my husband... super edgey....

Not as much cry-ish until of late....
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I feel horrible because I don't really want to be touched!! Poor ds still sleeps with me and likes to have skin contact at night and it drives me CRAZY!!!! Plus the crying I can relate to. Dh looks at me like I'm nuts and just laughs, which makes me cry more!! I don't remember being this bad the first time.
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First pregnancy here, so not so sure if it's normal or not, but definetly aren't alone. Yesterday DH found me standing in front of my closet with a big pile of shorts at my feet crying. "What's wrong?" he asked, alarmed. "I can't fit into any of my summer clothes!" I whined. He looked at me as if I was crazy before replying puzzled like "Honey, your pregnant."
Gee, never would have guessed. lol
I guess he thought that the pregnancy absent-mindedness affected my memory to the point that I forgot I was pregnant. Gotta love 'em.
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