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I was a bit disappointed that birth didn't take more weight off me. I was hoping the 60 lb weight gain was warrented...ah well, I guess nursing 40 lbs off isn't soo bad...
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Thanks for updating the stats Rynna...we sure have gotten quiet around here though! :LOL

I was at the chiro's office last Tuesday, which also is where my midwife is, so we weighed Landen. He was 11lb 2oz, and that was at one month. I measured him at home and he is 24 inches....I had to measure him 3 times, because I couldn't believe it.....he grew 3 inches in a month. I honestly have no idea of what is typical for the first month. My other babies have grown a pound a week for the first two months, so I am very glad the Landen isn't packing on the pounds like that. It makes it very difficult to carry and sling a baby that big.

Next Wednesday I am meeting with a surgeon to discuss my thyroid surgery. I am bringing my midwife, who is going to be my surgery doula. She will help out with Landen, and run interference with the staff when it comes time for me to nurse my baby after surgery.
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DOnna- Good luck w/ your surgeon appointment. I got lucky my surgeon knew my ob and midwife and they are are very breastfeeding suppotive. The anestheologist was also very breastfeeding friendly. The only problem I had was with the nurse who did my pre-surgery blood work for the anestheologist. She told me that I was endangering the wellfare of my child. After that I marched up to the lactation consultants on the maternity floor who in turn spoke to the anestheologist for me!

Good Luck!
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